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Trivia Quiz Week 25 (2010)

Here is the first posting of a Mike Prince Quiz. I’ll be posting the answers a week from today. Keep your eye on the website for more goodies!

Remember, this quiz was compiled in week 25 of 2010, so some of the questions and answers are now out of date. It means you will have to think back to that time to get the right answers – an added twist of skill required! Enjoy!  🙂

1. Which British medical drama was first shown on 12th January 1999 on BBC1?
2. Which British film director has been selected as the artistic director for the Olympics opening ceremony when it comes to London in 2012?
3. Who became the first evictee from the last ever Big Brother last week?
4. Si King & Dave Myers are more commonly known as which TV duo?
5. Which common British first name is France’s most common surname? David, John or Martin?
6. Which actor connects the films Public Enemies, Sleepy Hollow & Sweeny Todd?
7. On a mediaeval suit of armour, which part of the body was covered by the Beaver?
8. Who was the winner of TV’s Dancing On Ice 2009?
9. Which cricketer became the first man in the history of the game to score a century and take eight wickets in one innings of a Test match in 1978?
10. What is the fruit ingredient of the wine cassis?
11. What is a banana, a fruit or vegetable?
12. What colour is a 100 Euro note?
13. How many active players did the England manager take to the World Cup in South Africa?
14. A miller’s thumb is what type of British wild creature?
15. What is your hobby if you use a Bungee Launch?
16. If the people of Manchester are called Mancunians, what are the people of Shrewsbury called?
17. Model Abbey Clancy is currently engaged to which England footballer?
18. Which Comic was published first, the Dandy or the Beano?
19. In which African country was the battle of Rorke’s Drift take place in 1897?
20. According to the bible, Eve was created from which bone of Adam?

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