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Trivia Quiz Week 27 (2010)

Another quiz for you all to ponder. Once again, you’ll have to think back to week 27 in 2010 to get the answers! Enjoy.  🙂

1. What is the last consonant of the English alphabet?
2. Who was British prime minister at the start of the 21st century?
3. What is the proper name for the 80s pop group OMD?
4. 55 yr old Christopher Mark Sievey died last week, who was he better known as?
5. What sort of creature is a Painted Lady?
6. The 2014 football World Cup will be held in which country?
7. Eric Wimp is the secret identity of which superhero?
8. First opened in 1934 by king George V, which road connects Salford and Liverpool?
9. It has been revealed that Land Rover have recruited  which celebrity to design the interior of the latest Range Rover?
10. Which member of the fantastically talented spice girls will be 38 on 6th August?
11. The Department of Health advises pregnant women to ensure they receive 10 micrograms of which vitamin per day because diet & the sun don’t provide enough?
12. In computer terms, what do the initials U.R.L. stand for?
13. Which planet is named after the Roman god of the Dead?
14. In which decade did Terry Venables becomes manager of Barcelona?
15. Who is so far the only manager who has achieved the league and cup double in three different countries?
16. What do the 13 stripes on the American national flag represent?
17. The 38th parallel is the dividing line between which two countries?
18. What is the RAF equivalent of a sergeant in the British army?
19. After playing 125 games in 20 years for his country, who is England’s most capped footballer of all time?
20. Which 2-worded phrase describes the existing state of affairs and is also the name of an English rock band?

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