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Trivia Quiz  Week 49     2011

This is just a small sample of questions I set for my weelky pub quiz, if you would like any more then just contact me through my website.

please remember that these questions were compiled several weeks ago so some topical questions may be a little out of date.

1. Which Top Gear presenter was in hot water recently after remarks on the One Show saying that public sector workers who went on strike should be shot ? (JEREMY CLARKSON)

2. Which businessman has recently bought Northern Rock from the Government ?    (RICHARD BRANSON) £747 million

3. 3 hanging balls is the traditional sign for what type of shop ?         (PAWN SHOP) pawnbrokers.

4. Which member of the Spice Girls wrote an autobiography called ‘Learning To Fly’ ?     (VICTORIA BECKHAM)

5. Which Englishman directed the horror films Psycho & The Birds ?  (ALFRED HITCHCOCK)

6. Which country is known as the Rainbow Nation ?  (SOUTH AFRICA)

7. Which Grand Slam tournament did Ivan Lendl never win ?  (WIMBLEDON) [he won French, US & Australian]

8. Which vegetable is used to make pasta Verdi its green colour ?  (SPINACH)

9. Which road connects the town of Walton & the city of Salford ?    (A580) East Lancs Rd.

10. Steinway & sons are world famous manufacturers of which musical instrument ?      (PIANO)

11. Which character died at the end of the TV series, Life On Mars ?  (SAM TYLER)

12. Which sport is played with a net 5 foot high at the center ?  (BADMINTON)

13. Which 2 precious stones are still used on record players ?      (DIAMOND & SAPPHIRE)          [diamond needles for magnetic, sapphire for ceramic cartridges]

14. In what year did Prince Charles & Diana get divorced ?  (1996) 28th August.

15. Thursday 1st December saw the 250th birthday of which famous Frenchwoman ?    (MADAME TUSSAUDE)

16. Which English footballer played for Glasgow Rangers between 1995 & 1998 ?     (PAUL GASCOIGNE) [74 apps, 30 goals]

17. The Bild is a national newspaper of which country ?  (GERMANY)

18. Which planet is closest in size to the earth ?  (VENUS)

19. In which country was jeweller Carl Faberge born ?  (RUSSIA) [St Petersburg 1846]

20. What is the connection between the vacuum flask, the Bank of England & triple distil Irish whiskey ?     (THEY WERE ALL INVENTED (or devised) BY SCOTSMEN)

[vacuum flask-James Dewar, Bank of England-William Paterson, Irish Whiskey-John Jameson]


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