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Trivia Quiz Week 2 (2011)

1. The George Orwell classic novel 1984 was set in Oceania of which year ?
2. Who took over as temporary manager after the Roy Hodgson left Liverpool ?
3. Kerry Katona was once married to which member of Westlife ?
4. How many bank holidays did England have in 2010 ?
5. Company owner Omar, coffee shop assistant Precious and Tommy the burger bar assistant are characters in which current TV show ?
6. In which year did the British pound become one step nearer to becoming the euro by getting all decimalised ?
7. In which sport is the Hopman Cup contested ?
8. In which sci-fi film is Sigourney Weaver attempted to be turned into an alien on the planet Pandora ?
9. If you travelled due south from anywhere in Portugal, which country would you reach first ?
10. Which former World heavyweight boxing champion was featured on the front cover of the 1988 Status Quo single ‘Burning Bridges’ ?
11. Natalie, Dylan & Alex replaced Jill, Kelly & Sabrina as who ?
12. Starry night is a masterpiece painting by which Dutch painter ?
13. Which former England left-arm spin bowler is now a team captain on A Question Of Sport ?
14. In computer jargon, what does the M mean of the initials IBM ?
15. Which football club play their home games at a stadium that was built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games ?
16. Elton John wrote the music for the song ‘Circle of Life’ featured in the film the Lion King but who wrote the lyrics ?
17. Blues guitarist Peter Green was the founder member of which British rock band ?
18. Which 8-letter word describes a plant or animal that lives its entire life on another ?
19. The name of which popular Spanish drink when translated into English means Aunt Mary ?
20. The world famous German song ‘Die Moritat von Mackie Messer’ when translated in English is known as what ?

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