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Sponsored bike ride

 Just to let everyone know that Joe, Darren & myself did a sponsored 10-mile bike ride around the Upper Derwent Valley for charity last Wednesday (Wednesday 24th Aug) to raise monies for 2 charities, one is for equipment needed for the military wing at Sellyoak Hospital in Birmingham, where all the injured British troops come back to from all over the world for reabillitation and the other charity is for  the Salford branch of the Royal Fusileers Association ‘The Salford Lads’.Joe is 15, Darren has only got one leg and I’m 60 next year so all in all, I think the three of us did well and thanks for the support of Darren’s mum Sue (who’s idea it was) his family and Andy Evans & his friend Mike for marshelling us on their motorbikes.It was a great day out and a few of us agreed that we should do it again sometime.If I can get some photos from Darren’s mum then I’ll post them here soon.I’m not sure how much has been raised yet as it’s still coming in but I expect it’ll be aroung the £400 or £500 and if anyone wants to donate, it’s not too late, just contact me via my website, facebook-Mike Prince or ring me if you have my phone number to pledge anything.And finally a big thank you all if you sponsored us.    Mike


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