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Trivia Quiz      Week 31     2011

Please remember this quiz was created for my quiz nights a few weeks ago so please be aware that some of the topical questions may be a little out of date.

1. In the Tom & Jerry cartoons, what is the main colour of Jerry ?

2. The prancing horse is the iconic logo on which car manufacturer ?

3. Who was the British prime minister at the start of the 21st century ?

4. What colour is the letter ‘L’ in the Google logo ?

5. How many US cents in a nickel ?

6. Which member of the carp family is a common pet ?

7. How many of the 7 actors from the 1960 cowboy film The Magnificent Seven are still alive ?

8. The jaguar is a large wild cat native to which continent ?

9. Toffee, fossil & bastard are three types of which tool ?

10. The Bay of Bengal forms part of which ocean ?

11. Which fictional character has been played by Margot Kidder, Teri Hatcher & Erika Durance ?

12. In the film ‘A Grand Day Out’, Wallace & Gromit build a rocket because they have run out of what ?

13. In mythology, which mythical bird arose from the ashes ?

14. Which comedian played the part of Den Perry the nightclub owner in Phoenix Nights ?

15. What’s the connection between Vinnie Jones, Leo Sayer and Mark Owen ?

16. Canadian and European are names of which rodent ?

17. Which British coin weighs 9.50 grams (0.34 oz) & has a diameter of 22.50 millimeters (0.89 in.) ?

18. What house in Gloucestershire is the family home of the Prince of Wales ?

19. Which former British heavyweight boxing champion was killed on his bicycle in January 2011 ?

20. What 3-letter word does a Hell’s Angel call his motorbike ?

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