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Georgia’s Fun Raiser


A long-time friend of mine Steve Murray organised a ‘fun day’ and an evening of music to raise loads of dosh for 3 charities,

1. The Children’s Heart Foundation (his daughter died almost 12 months ago aged just 19 years old)

2. Orphans of Cambodia

3. Just Giving

Steve is a solo singer and also lead singer with the Fast Cars, he’s asked some of his friends to come along and help so that’s what we did.

Rock Radio’s Mike Sweeney and his band the Salford Jets will be there to collaborate with the Fast Cars along with other singers and groups.

Also performing…….

Cheating Hearts

Natalie Joan

Flaming Riot

Linda Jennings

Emma & Pat

The Fingers

Urban Blitz

This was an all -day event with table tennis competition, a Penalty shoot-out, raffles and an auction also a bouncy castle and other stuff  to entertain the ‘little darlings’.

All the acts did this for absolutely nowt so on behalf of Steve, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved and to everyone that came and spent money for these 3 charities.

Here are some photos that I took.




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