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Hiya everyone

When I was working at Walkden labour club a few months ago I was approached by members and committee from the Walkden Legion to see if I could possibly do something there but at the time I couldn’t due to my loyalty with Karen at the Labour club, now the Labour club has closed (I’m not sure if this is temporary or permanent) but anyway I’ve been back in talks with the Walkden Legion committee and we’ve come to an agreement that Sunday afternoons once a month may be a good idea,

I’ve also spoken to Kevin Lane who does his monthly “Motown night” there and he seems ok with it too so my first gig is Sunday afternoon 30th October from 2pm till 7pm. £2 on the door and a free wine raffle to all who turn up.

The music will be all types of soul, funk, Motown, Northern, Phillidelphia sound, modern and oldies so let’s make it a success and as usual I don’t do this for profit, all the money raised goes back into paying for advertising, new vinyl (yes I play real records too) and new equipment.

If you fancy a good few hours on a Sunday afternoon listening or dancing to great music please come support us.

Many thanks



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