DJ / Quizmaster

Trivia Quiz      Week 35     2011

1. What is the name of the hurricane that was pounding New York last week ?

2. In Rugby League, how many points is a successful penalty kick worth ?

3. In a hospital, what do the initials ICU stand for ?

4. Generally, how many strings does a violin have ?

5. In English folklore, what type of birds deliver new born babies to human mothers ?

6. Using the words ‘A’ & ‘the’, how many official James Bond films have only 3 words in the title ?

7. Who did singer Lee Mead marry in the Seychelles last year ?(2010)

8. In Scotland, what do the initials S.P.C.A. stand for ?

9. To which group of islands does Ibiza belong ?

10. Apart from the fact that they are all dead, what is the other connection between George Best, John F Kennedy, Ronald Regan & John Lennon ?
11. The winter sport of biathlon combines which 2 disciplines ?

12. What name is given to the fluid that circulates water & nutrients through plants ?

13. In which decade did Stephen Hendry first become World Snooker Champion ?

14. What name connects a market town in Lancashire and a capital city in Australia ?

15. The Norwegians call it ‘kvels’, the Greeks call it algia, which basically means ‘uneasiness following
debauchery’ what word is used in English ?
16. What name is given to the tail of a fox ?

17. Arthur & Paul are the Christian names of which singing duo ?

18. What was the name of the Archbishop that christened Prince William ?

19. What name connects Jane, Peter, Bridget & Henry ?

20. In the RAF, which rank comes between wing commander and flight lieutenant ?

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