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Please note, as these questions were compiled a few weeks ago some questions may be a little out of date so please bare this in mind if you are using them for a quiz.

Trivia Quiz      Week 42     2011

1. Which race has the official distance of 42.95 kilometres ?

2. Which river flows through Stoke on Trent ?

3. Which food company’s mascot is called Bertie ?

4. Which English village recently took on the prestigious and rare title of ‘Royal’ before its name ?

5. How many American states have a border with the Pacific Ocean ?

6. In the classic novel, what was the name of the white whale that killed Ahab ?

7. 11 yr old Rocco is the oldest son of which singer ?

8. What is the name of the close friend of former defence secretary Liam Fox ?

9. Which football team’s ground is nearest to the River Mersey ?

10. Anglers use bait called ‘feeders’, what exactly are feeders ?

11. Alex the lion, Marty the zebra & Gloria the hippo are characters in which animated film ?

12. The Watergate scandal was a political scandal which led to the resignation of which US president ?

13. Which word connects a town in Germany and a cake covered with marzipan ?

14. Which Hollywood actor turned down the parts of Indiana Jones & Mitch Buchannan in Baywatch ?

15. How many people are chosen for a Scottish jury ?

16. The top part of which vegetable is called a spear ?

17. Which is the only baseball team outside the USA that has won the World Series ?

18. Which town provides the setting for the TV sit-com ‘Two Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps’ ?

19. The Mexican red knee, Chilean Rose & Brazilian Black are 3 types of which creature ?

20. Which former shadow education spokesperson in 1968 went on to become prime minister ?


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