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Trivia Quiz week 49 2011 (with answers)

Trivia Quiz  Week 49     2011


1. Which Top Gear presenter was in hot water recently after remarks on the One Show saying that  public sector workers that went on strike should be shot ?                     (JEREMY CLARKSON)

2. Which businessman has recently bought Northern Rock from the Government ?   (RICHARD BRANSON) £747 million

3. 3 hanging balls is the traditional sign for what type of shop ?             (PAWN SHOP) pawnbrokers.

4. Which member of the Spice Girls wrote an autobiography called ‘Learning To Fly’ ?            (VICTORIA BECKHAM)

5. Which Englishman directed the horror films Psycho & The Birds ?             (ALFRED HITCHCOCK)

6. Which country is known as the Rainbow Nation ?                                       (SOUTH AFRICA)

7. Which Grand Slam tournament did Ivan Lendl never win ?                          (WIMBLEDON)  [he won French, US & Australian]

8. Which vegetable is used to make pasta Verdi its green colour ?                (SPINACH)

9. Which road connects the town of Walton & the city of Salford ?                (A580) East Lancs Rd.

10. Steinway & sons are world famous manufacturers of which musical instrument ?      (PIANO)

11. Which character died at the end of the TV series, Life On Mars ?           (SAM TYLER)

12. Which sport is played with a net 5 foot high at the center ?                   (BADMINTON)

13. Which 2 precious stones are still used on record players ?        (DIAMOND & SAPPHIRE) [diamond needles for magnetic, sapphire for ceramic cartridges]                                     

14. In what year did Prince Charles & Diana get divorced ?                            (1996) 28th August.

15. Thursday 1st December saw the 250th birthday of which famous Frenchwoman ?                (MADAME TUSSAUDE)

16. Which English footballer played for Glasgow Rangers between 1995 & 1998 ?           (PAUL GASCOIGNE) [74 apps, 30 goals]

17. The Bild is a national newspaper of which country ?                                  (GERMANY)

18. Which planet is closest in size to the earth ?                                         (VENUS)

19. In which country was jeweller Carl Faberge born ?                                  (RUSSIA)                 [St Petersburg 1846]

20. What is the connection between the vacuum flask, the Bank of England & triple distil Irish whiskey ?           (THEY WERE ALL INVENTED (or devised) BY SCOTSMEN)

[vacuum flask-James Dewar, Bank of England-William Paterson, Irish Whiskey-John Jameson]

29th January (Sunday Afternoon Soul Session)

Well it’s here again !

Phil, the two Daves and myself will be playing some REAL SOUL here at the Legion once again so come and join us for great music, great atmosphere and great beer.

2pm till 8pm

£2 entry & free raffle Walkden legion Wilfred Road, Worsley, M28 3AJ

Trivia Quiz week 48 2011 (with answers)

This is just a small sample of the quiz I use, if you would like a more comprehensive quiz, just contact me at

Trivia Quiz      Week 48     2011

1. According to most chefs, which herb goes best with tomatoes ?  (BASIL)

2. In the TV series Fawlty Towers, what was the first name of the male proprietor ? (BASIL)

3. Who was Elton John singing about when he wrote the song ‘Candle In The Wind’ ?         (MARILYN MONROE) written in 1973.

4. On which TV show is there a competition called the omelette challenge ? (SATURDAY KITCHEN)

5. Douglas is the capital city of which island ?  (ISLE OF MAN)

6. How many sides has a shape when it’s called a deltoid ?  (3) triangular.

7. Which famous sportsman comes from the Scottish town of Dunblane ?  (ANDY MURRAY)

8. Which vegetable is traditionally used in the making of the Ukrainian dish chicken Kiev ?       (GARLIC) [garlic is a member of the onion family hence a vegetable]

9. Who was the second person to be voted off the current series of I’m A Celebrity ? (SINITTA)        [Stefanie Powers was voted off 1st]

10. Which famous couple got married the day after the funeral of Pope John Paul II ?       (CHARLES & CAMILLA) 9th April 2005, funeral was 8th April.

11. A woman from Farnworth near Bolton has been sentenced with fraud for falsely claiming DLA  for her teenage son ?, what do the initials DLA stand for ?


12. How many countries have a land border with Greece ?  (4)    [Turkey, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria]

13. Andrew Ridgeley was George Michael’s singing partner in the 80s pop group Wham, which musical instrument did he play ?  (GUITAR)

14. ‘Saving You Money Every Day’ is the advertising slogan of which supermarket ? (ASDA)

15. Michael Cain, Peter Cook, John Cleese and Robert Downey Jr have all played which famous fictional character ? (SHERLOCK HOLMES)

16. In the UK, which is the only road sign to be used on an inverted triangle ? (GIVE WAY)

17. Which Beatles 1968 No1 hit single was written after John Lennon’s son ? (HEY JUDE)

18. We all know that Will Young won the 1st series of Pop Idol back in 2001 but who became the winner of the 2nd series ?      (MICHELLE McMANUS)

19. In the 4th century what ancient city was renamed Constantinople ?  (BYZANTIUM)           [then changed to Istanbul in the 20th century]

20. Usually on a motorway, how far from the exit is the first sign showing the junction number?               (1 MILE) ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Saturday 4th February, White Horse, Worsley

I’m doing a soul/Motown night at my regular pub, the White Horse on Worsley Road, Worsley… usual everybody welcome, Angela the landlady is a Wiganer (notice how I didn’t mention ‘pie-eater’ ?) oops I’ve said it now !!! well anyway, she obviously likes Northern Soul & Motown and there is no door charge.

Saturday 27th January, Carr Mill, St Helens

I’ve been asked to do a Northern Soul night on Friday 27th this month (January) at a place called Carr Mill, 18 East Lancs Road, St Helens WA11 9AD, as far as I know I’ll be supporting a soul band and I think it’s free entry so if you’ve nowt to do then please come down.

Saturday 21st January, Stax of Soul farewell show

Last Saturday (21st) I went to see my friends Stax of Soul at the Willows Variety Center in Salford for their last ever gig as they have now split up after a million years playing great soul together,

The first time I worked with ‘Stax’ was at St Herbert’s Parish Centre in Chadderton about 1989 and we worked with each other at loads of places like weddings, birthdays, corporate functions and best of all the legendary Pembroke Halls in Walkden, we even played in a massive barn for a couple of years (the generater kept breaking down). I had a great 10 years working with them until I became ill in 2000 and had to stop.

I with my friend and fellow DJ Steve Sale, his girlfriend Pam and my friend Nicky and met up with a few of other friends, DJ’s and musicians also David & Gill Heyes who used to run the Pembroke Halls. (now run the Garsdale Country House in Bury which is one of my regular quiz night pubs)

I’m sorry about some of the photos being a bit blurred, I’d had a few drinks !!!!!


Trivia Quiz Week 46 2011

This is just a sample of my weekly quiz, if you would like a more comprehensive quiz including a picture quiz & a word quiz/anagrams/mystery year quiz, please contact me.

Scroll down for answers

Trivia Quiz      Week 46     2011

1. What was the currency of Greece before the Euro ?

2. In the Disney film, what was the name of Dumbo’s mother ?

3. How many children has Angelina Jolie given birth to ?

4. How many couples compete at the beginning of the early evening TV quiz show Pointless ?

5. Which comedian currently advertises Premier Inn ?

6. How many pennies were in an old tanner ?

7. What is successful businessman Levi Roots best known for ?

8. What is the largest muscle in the human body ?

9. What food is produced from the Manuka bush of New Zealand ?

10. Actor Vinnie Jones played football for which national team ?

11. Which common drug is produced from the Willow tree ?

12. What boys name do anglers give for young pike ?

13. Kate Lawler was the 1st female winner of which TV programme ?

14. Ariel Sharon is the former Prime Minister & military leader of which Middle Eastern state  ?

15. Hussein is the middle name of which current political leader ?

16. What type of creature is a turnstone ?

17. In 1974, which English county was divided into East and West ?

18. The name of what Spanish holiday region means Golden Coast ?

19. Salford bass player of New Order Peter Hook was married to which actress ?

20. After all the evils of the world had been removed from it, what was left at the bottom of Pandora’s box ?    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..




3. 3

4. 4


6. 6






12. JACK




16. BIRD




20. HOPE

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