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Trivia Quiz Week 7 2012

Trivia Quiz      Week 7     2012

1. In the Thomas the tank engine stories, what colour is Thomas’s friend Gordon? (BLUE)

2. Inwhich ocean is the British Isles?                                                         (ATLANTIC)

3. Not including the singer, how many dancers appeared on Beyonce’s video ‘Single Ladies’ ? (2)

4. If a trumpet is in the brass section of an orchestra, what section would a triangle be in ?     (PERCUSSION)  

5. Which number connects a Roman numeral and flying geese ?                       (5) V.

6. Which country has the most stars on its flag ?, Australiaor New Zealand? (AUSTRALIA) 6.     [NZ-4]

7. Who was affectionately known as ‘the greatest manager Englandnever had’ ? (BRIAN CLOUGH)

8. Tenacious D was a fictional rock band in which 2003 film ?                      (SCHOOL OF ROCK)

9. What part of a pig do the Irish call the ‘crubeens’ ?                               (FEET) pigs trotters.

10. The name of which company connects a single by the Pogues, an Italian island resort & a unit of electrical current ?                (FORD CARS) Fiesta, Capri, Ka (kilo amps)

11. What name connects a cigar & an English village without a church ?           (HAMLET)

12. What fruit is the drink slivovitz made from ?                                          (PLUMS)

13. How many different prime ministers have served under the present queen ?      (12) [Churchill,Eden,MacMillan,Douglas-Home,Wilson, Heath,Callaghan, Thatcher, Major,Blair, Brown,Cameron]

14. What is the Russian word for a ‘treeless plain’ ?                                      (TUNDRA)

15. Which X Factor singer has recently described how online bullying almost ruined her life ?    (CHER LLOYD)

16. Which pop song is summarised like this: “A man stands in a severely dilapidated dwelling & realises  he won’t have the chance to do the necessary DIY before he dies”? (THIS OLE’ HOUSE)

17. Who invented denim jeans ?                                                                    (LEVI STRAUSS)

18. What are the 2 main alcoholic ingredients of the cocktail ‘rusty nail’ ? (WHISKEY & DRAMBUIE)

19. How many outer corners does a set square have ?                                    (THREE) triangle.

20. Which actor connects JohnnyDepp, Batman TV series & MichaelJackson?  (VINCENT PRICE)  Edward Scissorhands inventor, Egghead in Batman, narrator on Thriller.

Trivia Quiz week 6 2012

Trivia Quiz      Week 6     2012

1. What is the name if Mickey Mouse’s dog ?                                                 (PLUTO)

2. What was Daniel Craig’s first James Bond film ?                                       (CASINO ROYALE)

3. What type of dance is mentioned in the Wham song ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go ?  (JITTERBUG)

4. Statler & Waldorf were characters in which children’s TV show ?              (THE MUPPET SHOW)

5. Which country’s bobsleigh team was the subject for the film Cool Running’s ?     (JAMAICA)

6. Who played Compo in Last of the summer wine ?                                       (BILL OWEN)

7. In1 993, Czechoslovakias plit into 2 countries, one was th eCzech Republic, what was the other ?   (SLOVAKIA) Slovak Republic

8. How many toes has an emu ?                                                                      (6) 3 on each foot.

9. Which country of the British Isles is the Forth Road Bridge found ?         (SCOTLAND)

10. Which English pop group from the 50s & 60s was originally called the Drifters ?         (SHADOWS)

11. Which TV soap’s very first episode started with the discovery of the dead body of Reg Cox ?    (EASTENDERS)

12. Where in the body would you find your occipital lobe ?                             (BRAIN)

13. What creature would you be afraid of if you had hippo phobia ?               (HORSES)

14. The company Sally Hansen specialize in cosmetic products for which part of the body ?     (NAILS)

15. Which 2 other teams joined Wigan for promotion to the Premiership in the 2005-06 season ?   (SUNDERLAND & WEST HAM UTD)

16. Mia Wallace was a character played by Uma Thurman in which 1995 film ?            (PULP FICTION)

17. What is the one place in the whole ofGreat Britainthat the queen is not allowed to visit ?                            (HOUSE OF COMMONS) since 1642.

18. Which 4-letter noun describes the part of a boat where prisoners are kept ?   (BRIG)

19. How many black keys are on a standard piano ?                                         (36) 52 white keys.

20. Arctic king, Saladin & Tom Thumb are 3 varieties of which vegetable ?             (LETTUCE)


REAL SOUL, Little Hulton Conservative Club.

Friday 15th June.

8pm till midnight, door £3

Please keep checking in on this site of Facebook events for all future updates and as usual I’d appreciate your comments.

4th Wishing Well Reunion


Saturday 2nd June 2012

White Horse Worsley Road, Swinton


Rock & Roll Bingo Sunday 18th March

This Sunday at the White Horse I’ll be hosting a new concept which merges bingo and music, instead of numbers on your bingo ticket there are artists and titles, all you have to do is cross them off when you hear the song…….simple !

There are new and old songs so I’m catering for all ages.

So why not join me this Sunday (18th March) from 9pm and don’t worry about work in the morning because the games only last about an hour.

Trivia Quiz Week 5 2012

Trivia Quiz      Week 5   2012

1. Poly Implants Prostheses is a surgical procedure on which part of the body ?       (BREASTS)

2. What is a potato covered in , to make it a croquette potato ?                  (BREADCRUMBS)

3. Bella, Jake, Fiz & Miloare collectively known as which children’s group ?  (TWEENIES)

4. What numbers do the letters XL represent in Romannumerals ?             (40)

5. Up until the 20th century, which type of bird would be most commonly used in mines to detect poisonous gases ? (not a minerbird)                                                        (CANARY)

6. InFebruary 1971, what did the ‘D’ stand for in D Day ?              (15th)    (DECIMALIZATION)

7. What is the world’s largest marsupial ?                                                  (KANGAROO)

8. Sir Philip Hampton is the chairman of which bank ?                                 (RBS) [Philip Hester refused a £1 million bonus]

9. Inthe UK, which month has the longest day of the year ?                    (JUNE) on or around 21st

10. Inthe old days before CD’s, how many minutes long was a C60 cassette tape ?  (60 MINUTES)

11. Which fashion store first opened in 1969 inDublinunder the name ‘Penney’s’ ? (PRIMARK)

12. Where have you stolen from if the police prove that you’ve been ‘bilking’ ? (PETROL STATION)  [garage]

13. The Triumph hurdle and the Champion hurdles are raced at which racecourse ? (CHELTENHAM)

14. Which is the only creature that is able to live in the hottest deserts, withstand freezing cold… -30 degrees, live for 30 years and survive without eating for a year ?    (SCORPION)

15. What was the name of the captain’s boat in the 1975 film Jaws ?          (ORCA)

16. In Christianity, what name is given for the day before Lent ?                (SHROVE TUESDAY)  [pancake Tuesday]

17. What tradesman would use a tool called a bolster ?                                (BRICKLAYER) builder         [it’s used to carve or cut stone]

18. Which character did Ian Lavender play in Dad’s Army ?                       (PRIVATE FRANK PYKE) 

19. In 1981 which businessman bought the Times newspaper ?                     (RUPERT MURDOCH)

20. Actor Adrien Brody played the title role in which 2002 Oscarwinning film ? (THE PIANIST)


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