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Take That (again) Walkden Legion 20th July 2012

 The best TT tribute act around are doing a one-night only live performance at Walkden Legion for the very first time, this is a show not to be missed.

plus DJ Mike Prince. advance tickets – £7. on the door – £8

Performing an outstanding tribute to the greatest hits of Take That and Robbie Williams they take you on a complete Take That journey from A Million Love Songs to Never Forget right up to 2010 with Hold Up A Light, as well as paying tribute to the UK’s most successful male solo artist Robbie Williams
This show comes with distinctive dance routines and original choreography, costume changes, live vocals with harmonies to fully recreate the Take That magic.
Take That Again have already stormed Europe and are now Back for Good and ready to Shine
Don’t miss out on the Ultimate Take That and Robbie Williams experience that you will Never Forget!

Sunday Afternoon Soul Session 29th July 2012

Here comes another great afternoon of classic soul & Motown, Northern & modern

from 2pm till 8pm (so it gives you plenty of time to recover for work on Monday morning)

The last Sunday of every month

£3 entry on the door

free raffle

REAL SOUL Friday 13th July


for real soul lovers

classic Soul, Motown, Northern & modern.

with DJ Mike Prince & friends

Friday 13th July

Little Hulton Conservative Club

1 Armatage Avenue

Little Hulton

M38 0EH

phone 07774 941293

£4 on the door

free raffle

Trivia Quiz Week 24 2012

Trivia Quiz      Week 24     2012

1. What colour are Mickey Mouse’s shorts ?                     (RED)

2. What word can go after ‘music’ and before ‘mark’ ?            (HALL)

3. What is the background colour of English road signs to tourist sites ?                  (BROWN)

4. Which British tennis star reached the Wimbledon semi finals in 1998 ?    (TIM HENMAN)

5. What type of fish connects James Bond & Steven Spielberg?                  (SHARK) Jaws.

6. In which nursery rhyme was the queen eating bread & honey ?     (SING A SONG OF SIXPENCE)                                                                                                              

7. The holiday islandof Ibizabelongs to which country ?                               (SPAIN)

8. What was Wallace & Gromit’s first 30 minute film ?                           (A GRAND DAY OUT) 1989.

9. Which ocean splashes onto the shores of County Cork?                             (ATLANTIC)

10. What musical instrument are you playing if you perform a rim shot ?        (DRUMS)

11. How many American states are made up of 2 words ?                                (10)

[New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, N. Carolina, S Carolina N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Rhode Island, West Virginia]

12. Painted Lady, Grayling & Brown-Hairstreak are 3 species of which British creature ?       (BUTTERFLY)

13. Los Lobos sang their No1 single La Bamba in what language ?                    (SPANISH)

14. Which former City boss from the 90s once said “Watching Man City is probably the best laxative you can take” ?     (PHIL NEAL) caretaker manager in 1996 taking over from Steve Coppell.

15. A smolt or smelt are names given to the young of which fish ?                  (SALMON)

16. In which decade was VAT introduced in the UK ?                                     (1970s) 1973.

17. Which London Street is famous for men’s tailoring ?                                (SAVILLE ROW)

18. In Neighbours, Erinsborough is a fictional suburb of which city ?             (MELBOURNE)

19. In which British city is the Halle orchestra based ?               (MANCHESTER)

20. Which country did the 70s pop group Boney M come from ?                     (GERMANY)


Tie-Break:-  A single garden snail can have how many babies in 1 year ?                             (430)

Sunday Afternoon Soul Session @ Walkden Legion 24th June 2012

Walkden Legion

Wilfred Road


M28 3AJ

This promises to be another successful afternoon of great Northern Soul & Motown plus a big helping of classic soul from the likes of the Philladelphia label, James Brown, Sam & Dave etc

DJ’s…Phil Broadhurst, George Hughes, Dave Stabler and me…..other guest DJ’s may also turn up

2pm till 8pm

Door £3 for 6 solid hours and a free raffle to boot !!!

Saturday 16th June 70s Night at the White Horse

This Saturday brings another good old party night with me playing all 70s music, what a decade that was ?…….from the cheesey pop, classic rock, glam rock, disco and punk all within 10 years,

the 70s had it all didn’t it ? so why not join me from 8.30pm for a night of dance and silliness ?

as usual free entry and 11pm bar

Friday 15th June 2012 REAL SOUL @ Little Hulton Conservative Club

If you like good soul music (‘real soul’) then I hope you can make it to my new venue this Friday at Little Hulton Conservative Club,

1a Armatage Avenue, Little Hulton, M38 0EH (virtually on the corner of the main traffic lights)

I’ll be playing all types of soul from the 60s up to modern stuff including a cocktail of Northern Soul, Motown, Philladelphia and a dash of funk.

8.30 till midnight

£4 on the door and a free raffle

I hope I see a few of you there and please bring your requests but just remember….

No Pop, No Pap, just Sweet Soul Music.


Trivia Quiz Week 23 2012

Trivia Quiz      Week 23     2012

1. Which city connects Ken Dodd, John Bishop & Ricky Tomlinson?                 (LIVERPOOL)

2. Which US world champion boxer has begun a three-month jail term for domestic violence ?      (FLOYD MAYWEATHER)

3. Tigers are native to which continent ?                                                      (ASIA)

4. Rock salmon are more commonly known as what type of shark ?                   (DOGFISH)

5. Formed in 1997, Ritchie Neville &Scott Robinson are members of which English boyband ?      (FIVE) [Abs Breen, Sean Conlon, Jason Brow)

6. What breed of dog was featured in the film Marley & me ?                       (LABRADOR)                                                                                                               

7. Mexican musician Carlos Santana plays which musical instrument ?       (GUITAR)

8. In which year was smoking banned in all public places in England?              (2007) 1st July

9. Ming the Merciless was the arch enemy of which fictional hero ?               (FLASH GORDON)

10. What colour is the spice turmeric ?                   (YELLOW)

11. In the bible, which sea did Moses part ?                  (RED SEA)

12. What is the 1st name of America’s first lady ?                                         (MICHELE) Obama.

13. Blue, grey, white & right are species of which mammal ?                          (WHALE)

14. Who won the fight when Mike Tyson & Evander Holyfield clashed for the world heavyweight title in 1997 ?       (EVANDER HOLYFIELD) Tyson disqualified due to biting off part of his ear.  

15. Long distance buses in the USA are named after what breed of dog ?      (GREYHOUND)

16. Who was the only person that played live at both the British & American Live Aid concerts in 1985 ?  (PHIL COLLINS) he travelled by Concorde to Philadelphia.

17. Which children’s toy is made up of calcium carbonate, petroleum jelly & stearic acid ?         (PLASTICINE)

18. What colour is the number 10 on the door of 10 downing street ?             (WHITE)

19. Unless otherwise stated, what is the UK national speed limit for cars on a dual carriageway  ?     (70 MPH)

20. The Queen arrived at which sporting event to kick off the first major event of her Diamond Jubilee weekend ?                   (EPSOM DERBY)

Tie-Break:-  In 1985 the Fayed brothers bought House of Fraser including Harrods Store for how much ?    (£615 million)

Trivia Quiz Week 22 2012

Trivia Quiz      Week 22     2012

1. In which stretch of water is the Loch Ness monster supposed to live ?      (LOCH NESS)

2. In the nursery rhyme, what did Little Jack Horner ‘put in’ ?                      (HIS THUMB)   [he put in his thumb and pulled out a plum]

3. Which American state was originally called the Sandwich Islands?            (HAWAII)

4. Which company owns the Wii video games console ?                                   (NINTENDO)

5. The men’s magazine FHM, what does FHM stand for ?                             (FOR HIM MAGAZINE)

6. Which football club south of Watford (southern softies) won the 2002 FA Cup ?  (ARSENAL)                                                                                                       

7. What colour of the rainbow comes second alphabetically ?                         (GREEN)     [blue, green, indigo, orange, violet, yellow]

8. The name of which animal when translated means ‘old man of the forest’ ?  (ORANGUTAN)

9. What colour connects Mick Jagger’s daughter and an ornamental stone ?   (JADE)     

10. Which cheese is known as the King of English cheeses ?                          (STILTON)

11. Which Japanese word when translated into English means ‘pocket monster’ ? (POKEMON)      

12. What insect performs a ‘waggle dance’ to indicate the location of its food source ? (BEES)

13. Which vegetable do we call what the Americans call ‘scallion’ ?                 (SPRING ONION)    [not to be confused with onion]

14. Which word connects the name of a space shuttle, Captain James Cook & inspector Morse?   (ENDEAVOUR) Cook’s ship, Morse’s middle name.

15. Leonardo Da Vinci airport serves which Italian city ?                               (ROME)

16. What is the specific type of meat used in the traditional Austrian food wiener schnitzel ?   [pronounced veener shnitzel]           (VEAL)

17. Which footballer’s wife launched a perfume called butterflies, just before her wedding in 2008 ?               (COLEEN ROONEY)

18. What Greek word is used for the shape of a 50 pence piece ?                 (HEPTAGON) 7-sided.

19. Actress Lois Maxwell played which character 14 times in the JamesBondfilms ?     (MISS MONEYPENNY)

20. How many hexagons are used on the game board for the new series of Blockbusters ? (20)


Trivia Quiz Week 18 2012

Trivia Quiz      Week 18     2012

1. What is the 10th word of the English national anthem ?                              (QUEEN)

2. How many actors have appeared in Eastenders with the surname ‘Kemp’ ?            (2) Ross &Martin.

3. How many films are in a trilogy ?        (3)

4. Which 90s pop group from Moss Side in Manchester had the same name as an Egyptian queen ? (CLEOPATRA)

5. Which celebrity currently has a biography in the bestsellers list titled ‘Sweet Revenge’ ?    (SIMON COWELL)

6. What would you be suffering from if you had myopia ?  (SHORT SIGHTEDNESS) near sighted.                                                                                                               

7. What type of nuts are used in pesto sauce ?                                             (PINE NUTS)

8. Which country governs the Canary Islands?                                             (SPAIN)                                                                                                              

9. Which American singer has just finished a concert in Seoul, Korea with an over 18s only policy ?  (LADY GAGA)

10. By seating capacity, what is the name of the UK’s largest football club stadium ?     (OLD TRAFFORD) 75,811

11. Which fictional character connects Gladys Knight, Tina Turner & Alicia Keys ?   (JAMES BOND) Licence to Kill –   Goldeneye – Quantum of Solace(withJackWhite)

12. Which member of Dragons Den made their fortune in wooden pallets ?    (HILARY DEVEY)

13. The soles of clogs are traditionally made of what material ?                     (WOOD)

14. Jessica Ellen Cornish is the real name of which current pop singer ?        (JESSIE J) 

15. English actor Martin Freeman plays which character inPeter Jackson’s new film The Hobbit ?    (BILBO BAGGINS)

16. From what European country does Retsina wine originate ?                      (GREECE)

17. Most Snooker cue tips nowadays are made from various types of what material ? (LEATHER)

18. What is the most southerly city of Great Britain?                                 (TRURO) Cornwall.

19. Which character is played by Jessica Alba in the Fantastic Four films ?            (SUSAN STORM)

20. What is the name given to the highest ranking diplomat at an embassy ?   (AMBASSADOR)


Killer Round

(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)

 you must answer at least 4 questions. 

1.Stefani Germanotta changed her name to Lady Gaga after listening to the Queen song ‘Radio Gaga’,   true or false ?          (TRUE)

2. Which waterfall is also known to have the largest sheet of falling water in the world ? is it Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls or the Angel Falls?                                        (VICTORIA FALLS)

3. The American bobtail is a breed of what pet ?, a cat or a rabbit ?            (CAT)

4. Cutis anserina is the medical term for what skin condition ?, is it dandruff or goose pimples ? (GOOSE PIMPLES)

5. What was the first song released on the Beatles Apple label ?, was it Get Back, Hey Jude or  Let It Be ?        (HEY JUDE) 1968.

6. JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texason Friday 22nd November 1963, true or false ? (TRUE)

7. How many members are in a water polo team ?            (7)      6 & a goalkeeper.

8. Which comedian made a guest appearance in the final episode of ‘The Young Ones’ in 1984 as The Postman ?, was it Alexei Sayle or Lenny Henry?         (LENNY HENRY)

9. Admiral Nelson lost his right arm shortly after landing on the island of Tenerife, true or false ?  (TRUE)

10. What type of creatures were featured in the 1950s horror film, ‘Them’ ?, ants, spiders or wasps ?  (ANTS)


Tie-Break:-  The Rungrado May Day stadium in North Korea, the world’s largest football stadium holds how many fans ?   (150,000)

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