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SWEET SOUL MUSIC Friday 14th September 2012

It’s all happening again this month at Little Hulton Conservative club where I’ll be playing all that is good and great in soul music from the Northern Soul, Motown, Stax  & Philadelphia labels, from James Brown to Barry White………..just get yourself down for a great night plus cheap drinks and a free raffle.
Real vinyl, real turntables, real music for real music lovers.
8pm till midnight
£4 on the door
see you there



Walkden Legion

Wilfred Road


M28 3AJ

Here comes another great afternoon of classic soul, Motown, Northern & modern

with Mike Prince & guest DJ’s

from 2pm till 8pm (so it gives you plenty of time to recover for work on Monday morning)

The last Sunday of every month

£3 entry on the door

free raffle

Trivia Quiz Week 31 2012

TriviaQuiz      Week 31     2012

1. Hollyoaks & Footballer’s Wives actor Gary Lucy is to join which TV soap ?  (EASTENDERS)


2. Gatwick airport has how many terminals ?                                                 (2)


3.  How many balls are used in the game of billiards ?                                    (3)


4. What was the name of the only English ruler to be known as ‘the great’ ?   (ALFRED)


5. How many members are in the pop group Steps ?                                                (5)


6. What was the 1st name of the English painter Constable ?                         (JOHN)


7. Which form of martial arts has a name meaning ‘empty hand’ ?                   (KARATE)


8. Which current singer played Breathless Mahoney in the 1990 film Dick Tracy ? (MADONNA)


9. In 2011, India hosted which major sporting event for the very first time ?                   (FORMULA 1)


10. Selma & Patty are the sisters of which fictional TV wife ?                       (MARGE SIMPSON)


11. In which English county is Clacton on Sea ?                                               (ESSEX)


12. Which Scottish singer topped the UK charts in 2010 with an album called ‘The Gift’ ?


13. Which actor connects Batman, Austin Powers & the actress Julie Walters ? (MICHAEL CAINE)

[Alfred, Nigel Powers, Educating Rita]

14. Which supermarket recently announced that they will soon be offering mortgages ? (TESCO)


15. Clive Everton is a famous commentator of which non-Olympic sport ?        (SNOOKER)


16. John Hinckley attempted to assassinate which US president ?                 (RONALD REAGAN)


17. Which singer connects the 60s pop group the Monkees, the reggae group UB40 & the singer

Barbara Streisand ? (NEIL DIAMOND) he wrote I’m a believer, Red Red Wine & sang with B.S.

18. How many toes in total does a squirrel have ?                                           (18) 10 back, 8 front.


19. Greg Rutherford became a GB gold medallist at which sport last week ?   (LONG JUMP)


20. Other than the hurdles, what 2 events do the women do in the heptathlon that the men don’t do

in the decathlon ?                                                                                   (200m & 800m) 

Trivia Quiz week 37 2012

TriviaQuiz      Week 37     2012

1. In which European country is the French Riviera ?                                       (FRENCH)


2. What colour is crushed strawberry ?                                                         (RED)


3. In which city is Westminster Abbey ?                                                        (LONDON)


4. How many stars are on the national flag of Vietnam ?                                  (ONE)


5. Where in the home would you usually find hospital corners ?        (IN THE BEDROOM) or on a bed.

[they are the corners of the bottom sheet when they are tucked in]

6. What number are three M’s in Roman numerals ? (MMM)                             (3000)


7. What is the heaviest animal in the world ?                                                  (BLUE WHALE)

[can weigh up to 200 tons]

8. In which decade did the Falklands conflict start ?                                      (1980s) 1982.


9. 127 Hours was the last film (to date) by which film director ?                     (DANNY BOYLE)


10. Who led Iraq in the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 ?                                       (SADDAM HUSSAIN)


11. Who was the first person to host The Price Is Right ?                                (LESLIE CROWTHER)


12. Margaret Roberts was the maiden name of which politician ?                 (MARGARET THATCHER)


13. What type of alcoholic drink is Frascati ?                                                (WINE) Italian.


14. How many sides does a hendecagon have ?                                        (11)


15. Corium is the inner layer of what human organ ?                                         (SKIN)


16. Who was the last Scotsman to win the Formula 1 World Championship title ?

         (JACKIE STEWART) 1971.

17. La grippe is French for what illness ?                                                       (FLU)


18. The Maid of the Mist is a tourist boat found on which famous stretch of water ?


19. How many dragons are there on the new series of Dragons Den ?                 (FIVE)

[Duncan Bannatyne, Hilary Devey, Theo Paphitis, Deborah Meaden & Peter Jones]

20. On a German wine label, what does ‘trocken’ mean ?                                   (DRY)








Killer Round

(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)

 you must answer at least 3 questions. 

1. What colour is a Bombay cat ?, black or white ?                                          (BLACK)


2. How many hearts does an octopus have ?                                                     (THREE)


3. What colour is an unripe lemon ?                                                                (GREEN)


4. There are four chambers in a normal adult human heart, true or false ?        (TRUE)


5. How many members were in the original Beatles ?                              (FOUR) always was.


6. Who or what is Joe Cornish ?, is he the world’s best ice cream maker, a BBC radio DJ or a U.S.

warship ?                                                                                                 (RADIO DJ) radio 6

7. The drink Ribena takes its name from the Latin for blackcurrant, true or false ? (TRUE)


8. Dingle, Orchard Cottage & Fivemiletown are 3 types of which Irish foodstuff ?, bread, cheese or

honey ?                                                                                                    (CHEESE)

9. Adrian IV (4th) is the only Pope that was English, true or false ?                  (TRUE)

[bornNicholas Breakspear]

10. What is a matryoshka ?, a Japanese wedding ceremony or a set of Russian dolls ?  (DOLLS)

                                                                     [the ones that fit inside each other]




Tie-Break:-What is the British record weight for a rod caught common carp ? (in lbs)


                                                                                         (67lbs, 8ozs)

White Horse Swinton Saturday 18th August

A Night of Seventies MusicWhite Horse
Worsley Road
M27 0FH
Great music from arguably the best and craziest decade….ever !!!
8.30 till 11.15pm
come join us for a laugh and a dance



Walkden Legion

Wilfred Road


M28 3AJ

Here comes another great afternoon of classic soul, Motown, Northern & modern

with DJ’s Northern George, Dave Stabler & Mike Prince.

from 2pm till 8pm (so it gives you plenty of time to recover for work on Monday morning)

The last Sunday of every month

£3 entry on the door

free raffle

Trivia Quiz week 36 2012

TriviaQuiz      Week 36     2012

1. What emotion is known as the ‘green eyed monster’ ?                                    (JEALOUSY)


2. Singer Stephani Germanotta is better known as who ?                                 (LADY GAGA)


3. Which 2 counties fought in the war of the roses ?          (LANCASHIRE & YORKSHIRE)


4. On a painted surface, what dull finish is the opposite of gloss ?                   (MATT)


5. Which company developed the kindle e-book reader ?                                  (AMAZON)


6. Which Eastenders character had a breakdown after being wrongfully imprisoned in 1995 ?


7. What football club is nicknamed the ‘Potters’ ?                                           (STOKE)


8. How many pips are there in the Greenwich time signal broadcast by the BBC ?        (8)


9. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel are the first names of which political figure ? (BORIS JOHNSON)


10. With which animal is the English hamlet Hickstead most associated ? (HORSES) equestrian.


11. In Greek mythology, who did Narcissus fall in love with ?                           (HIMSELF)

12. Jewish girls have their ‘bat mitzvah’ at what age ?                                     (12)


13. In American folklore Custer’s last stand was also called ‘ the battle of Little Big Horn’, what

exactly is the Little Big Horn ?                                                                 (A RIVER) in Montana.

14. Captain Haddock is the friend of which fictional reporter ?                       (TIN TIN)


15. What type of transport is Pricilla in the film ‘Pricilla Queen of the desert ? (BUS)


16. Which 2 animals are featured on the Australian coat of arms ?                   (KANGAROO & EMU)


17. Which sport was contested at Lords cricket ground during the London 2012 Olympics ?


18. Which pop group from the X Factor has had 5 number 1 singles between 2009 & 2011 ? (JLS)


19. A ‘dorgi’ is a cross between a corgi and which other dog ?                           (DACHSUND)

20. Which famous ship got its name from the Robert Burns poem, ‘Tam O’Shanter’ ?








Killer Round

(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)

 you must answer at least 3 questions. 

1. Ditto is the Iranian letter for ‘D’, true or false ?                                        (FALSE)

                                                                               [Iranian for ‘D’ is dal]

2. The name of which African animal means ‘earthpig’ ?, rhinoceros, warthog or aardvark ?


3. The USA is the only country to have hosted the Summer Olympics on more occasions than the UK,

   true or false ?                                                                                          (TRUE) see list below.

4. What is the more common name for ‘mastication’ ?, is it snoring, burping, or chewing ? (CHEWING)


5. Which Beatle directed the T Rex film, ‘Born To Boogie’ ?                             (RINGO STARR)

6. Who is the head of state of New Zealand ?, the Governor General or the Queen ?  (QUEEN)


7. Adolf Hitler became the first Chancellor of Germany in 1933, true or false ?        (FALSE)

                                         [the 1st chancellor of Germany was Otto Von Bismarck in 1867]

8. Which former Radio 1 DJ created a character called Mr Angry ?, was it…Steve Wright,

Noel Edmunds or Kenny Everett ?                                                              (STEVE WRIGHT)

9. The macadamia nut is named after the Scottish chemist John Macadam, true or false ? (TRUE)


10. In what season does a snowdrop usually bloom ?                                         (SPRING)



Tie-Break:-  How many corgis does the queen currently own ?                          (2)

she has 4 because 1 died recently and the other 2 are ‘dorgies’

Trivia Quiz Week 33 2012

TriviaQuiz      Week 33     2012

1. Which Coronation Street character was known as the Weatherfield One ? (DIERDRE)


2. What creatures were featured in the 2006 film ‘Snakes on a Plane’ ?        (SNAKES)


3. What type of weapon is a blunderbuss ?                                                    (GUN)


4. What do the Americans call what we call the ground floor of a building ?    (FIRST FLOOR)


5. What 3-number prefix is used for fictitious telephone numbers in American TV shows ? (555)


6. Which Dutch football club shares its name with a mythical Greek god ?     (AJAX)


7. What is the full name of the hospital in Eastenders ?            (WALFORD GENERAL) hospital.


8. Which actor played the main character in the 2002 film Spiderman ?        (TOBEY MAGUIRE)

[alias Peter Parker]

9. What is the name of the dog in Punch & Judy ?                                         (TOBY)


10. Which Hollywood actor is the nephew of Film director Francis Ford Coppola ?


11. Which country is nearest to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus ?            (TURKEY)


12. What is currently the UK’s longest continuous running game show ?                   (COUNTDOWN)


13. How many men have managed the England football club on a permanent basis since 1966 ? (13)


14. Englishman Alexander McQueen was a leading name in the world of what ? (FASHION)

15. What is the lowest number on a standard dartboard that cannot be scored with one dart ? (23)

16. Which blind musician was played by Jamie Foxx in a 2004 film ?               (RAY CHARLES) Ray.


17. Hundreds of cyclists recently joined which Olympic cyclist on a 99-mile (160km) bike ride on the

routes he trains on in Lancashire ?                                                                   (BRADLEY WIGGINS)

18. What letter do you always find on a snooker table ?                                 (D) (not a Q)


19. Who are the 2 permanent female judges (full names) on the new series of the X Factor ?


20. How many American presidents are still alive ?                                        (5)

[Carter, Bush snr, Clinton, Bush jnr, Obama ]

Trivia Quiz week 35 2012

TriviaQuiz      Week 35     2012

1. What is the name given to a bee that makes honey ?                                 (HONEYBEE)


2. Why can’t a man living in York be buried west of the Trent river ?  (BECAUSE HE’S NOT DEAD)


3. In 2003, which Hollywood actor was elected governor of California ?


4. Which dead singer’s personal bible went on sale at an auction in Stockport last week ?


5. The original Ryvita crispbread is made from what grain ?                          (RYE)


6. The Cheviot hills separate which 2 countries ?                                (SCOTLAND & ENGLAND)


7. In the film The Sound of Music, how many of the Von Trapp children were girls ?              (5)


8. How many signs of the zodiac live in water ?                                              (2)

[Pisces the fish, cancer the crab]

9. If a surgeon wanted to operate on your hippocampus, what part of your body would he open up ?

(HEAD) it’spart of your brain.

10. In Cockney rhyming slang, what is a Canary Wharf ?                                 (DWARF)


11. Which actor played Granville in ‘Open All Hours’ ?                                     (DAVID JASON)

12. The Guinness company lost its contract in 2008 to publish future editions of the book of

British Hit Singles, which company has taken over ?                                (VIRGIN)

13. Which country is shared in a song title by Neil Diamond, Razorlight and Simon & Garfunkel ?


14. What star sign is the queen ?                                                           (TAURUS) born 21st April.


15. Which former ‘dragon’ on Dragons Den shares his name with a Hollywood film star ?


16. The sayings of which Prophet is the source of Islamic law, values & traditions ?  (MUHAMMAD)


17. What single ingredient is added to milk to turn it into condensed milk ?   (SUGAR)


18. What is the last commonwealth country alphabetically ?                           (ZAMBIA)


19. How many Grand National races have there been since & including 1990 ? (22) no race in 1993.


20. How many monarchs of England were there in the 20th century ?              (6)

[Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI, Elizabeth II]







Killer Round

(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)

 you must answer at least 3 questions. 

1. What colour are the petals of a cornflower ?, blue or yellow ?                    (BLUE)


2. In 1996, Cliff Richard played the part of Heathcliff in the West End musical Wuthering Heights,

true or false ?                                                                                         (FALSE)

3. In which country was the film Mamma Mia set ?, was it Italy, Australia or Greece ? (GREECE)


4. The origins of the self-defence martial art Judo originally started in India, true or false ?

                                                                                  (FALSE) was Japan.

5. What is the official title of the Beatles ‘double white’ album ?, is it the double white album or

the Beatles ?                                                                                           (THE BEATLES)

6. A 1983 survey claimed that 9 out of 10 women had what…..that were too small ?, shoes or bras ?


7. Which instrument produces a sound known as a ‘skirl’ ?, is it a tuning fork, a Geiger counter or

a set of bagpipes ?                                                                                  (BAGPIPES)

8. In medicine, an EEG measures activity in what human organ ?, is it lungs, brain or heart ? (BRAIN)

9. Which Irish actor plays Jerry the vampire in the remake of Fright Night ?, is it Daniel Day-Lewis,

Colin Farrell or Liam Neeson ?                                                                  (COLIN FARRELL)

10. Which has the most calories ?, a medium size boiled egg, 1 teaspoon of butter or half a

grapefruit ?                                                                                           (EGG)



Tie-Break:-  How much did the 1939 film ‘Gone With The Wind’ cost to make ? (in dollars)

                                                                                  ($4 MILLION)


Unfortunately I’ve been unable to publish the quizzes every week over the last few weeks due to a couple of gremlins in my pc, so my apologies for that and now I’ve got my pc back from the menders, I’ll be up and running again next week, sorry if you’ve been relying on it but you know what computers are like, they have a mind of their own at times.

Thanks for being patient.


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