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Trivia Quiz Week 35 2012

TriviaQuiz      Week 35     2012

1. What is the name given to a bee that makes honey ?                                 (HONEYBEE)


2. Why can’t a man living in York be buried west of the Trent river ?  (BECAUSE HE’S NOT DEAD)


3. In 2003, which Hollywood actor was elected governor of California ?


4. Which dead singer’s personal bible went on sale at an auction in Stockport last week ?


5. The original Ryvita crispbread is made from what grain ?                          (RYE)


6. The Cheviot hills separate which 2 countries ?                                (SCOTLAND & ENGLAND)


7. In the film The Sound of Music, how many of the Von Trapp children were girls ?              (5)


8. How many signs of the zodiac live in water ?                                              (2)

[Pisces the fish, cancer the crab]

9. If a surgeon wanted to operate on your hippocampus, what part of your body would he open up ?

(HEAD) it’spart of your brain.

10. In Cockney rhyming slang, what is a Canary Wharf ?                                 (DWARF)


11. Which actor played Granville in ‘Open All Hours’ ?                                     (DAVID JASON)

12. The Guinness company lost its contract in 2008 to publish future editions of the book of

British Hit Singles, which company has taken over ?                                (VIRGIN)

13. Which country is shared in a song title by Neil Diamond, Razorlight and Simon & Garfunkel ?


14. What star sign is the queen ?                                                           (TAURUS) born 21st April.


15. Which former ‘dragon’ on Dragons Den shares his name with a Hollywood film star ?


16. The sayings of which Prophet is the source of Islamic law, values & traditions ?  (MUHAMMAD)


17. What single ingredient is added to milk to turn it into condensed milk ?   (SUGAR)


18. What is the last commonwealth country alphabetically ?                           (ZAMBIA)


19. How many Grand National races have there been since & including 1990 ? (22) no race in 1993.


20. How many monarchs of England were there in the 20th century ?              (6)

[Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI, Elizabeth II]

Trivia Quiz Week 34 2012

TriviaQuiz      Week 34    2012

1. Which singer recently said on twitter ”I absolutely deny having an affair with David Beckham” ?


2. ‘Gobble’ is the sound made by which bird ?                                                          (TURKEY)


3.  Bob Geldof’s 2nd daughter shares her name with which fruit ?                  (PEACH) Peaches.


4. ‘There’s no place like home’ is a line often used in which 1939 film ?           (WIZARD OF OZ)


5. How many South American countries does the equator pass through ?        (3)

[Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador]

6. Bedfordshire foundling, Bailey’s sweet & maiden’s blush are 3 varieties of which fruit ?


7. Which actor played Dave Lister in Red Dwarf ?                                        (CRAIG CHARLES)


8. The anniversary of 60 yrs of marriage is celebrated with which stone ?    (DIAMOND)


9. Which female pop star has a male alter-ego called Jo Calderone ?              (LADY GAGA)


10. Hydrophobia is the medical term for what disease ?                                (RABIES)


11. Which major British company was re-branded as Consignia in 2001 ?         (ROYAL MAIL)


12. Guantanamo Bay is situated on which island ?                                            (CUBA)


13. How many cities in Britain have a true underground railway system ?        (2) London & Glasgow.


14. Which North-East city stands where the rivers Ouse and Foss meet ?    (YORK)


15. Reports of a sighting of which wild creature was spotted in Essex last week ?  (LION)


16. Which actor connects H.B. Barnum circus, the Phantom of the Opera & the Wizard of Oz ?


17. In the human body, the Eustachian tube connects the throat to which organ ? (EAR)

                                                                                      [the ear is an organ]

18. How many times did American Lance Armstrong win the Tour De France before being stripped

of his titles ?                                                                         (7) 99, 2000, 01, 02,03, 04, 05.

19. Catherine the Great became empress of which country in 1762 ?             (RUSSIA)


20. With an area of 84,400 sq miles, which is the largest European island ?   (GREAT BRITAIN)

Killer Round

(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!) 

1. Who was born first Donny Osmond or Sharon Osbourne ?       (SHARON OSBOURNE) 1952.

                                                                           [Donny Osmond 1957]

2. In February 2009, which town hit the headlines for no kissing signs in its train station ?, was it…

Warrington, Widnes or Wigan ?                                                                (WARRINGTON)

3. The city of St Albans is named after Britain’s 1st Christian martyr, true or false ?   (TRUE)


4. A full set of adult teeth has how many incisors ?                                       (8)


5. Which TV cook and actress was once Paul McCartney’s girlfriend ?            (JANE ASHER)

6. What do you do if you are called ‘blatherskite’ ?, drink too much or talk too much ?


7. Which British city’s underground railway is nicknamed ‘the Clockwork Orange’ ?, Glasgow or

Belfast ?                                                                     (GLASGOW) Belfast doesn’t have one.

8. Prince Philip once appeared on the kids TV show Jakanory, true or false ?  (FALSE) it was Charles.

9. In British motoring, what came first ?, the roundabout or the motorway ? (ROUNDABOUT)

[first roundabout Letchworth in 1910…..M6 opened in 1958 the Preston by-pass]

10. An invertebrate is a creature that has no backbone, true or false ?                  (TRUE)



Tie-Break:-  How much (in dollars) did the Expendables II take at the US box office in the first 2

weeks of release ?                                                          ($13.5 MILLION)

Denise Thompson

PLEASE READ THIS………I’m usually one of those cynical people when it comes to things being put on websites like this when it comes to giving money to total strangers no matter how genuine they appear…..well I’ve got to say something now which has changed my way of thinking because someone very very close to me passed away through cancer, for those of you that know me also probably know that I had this horrible disease a while ago but I was one of the lucky ones because I survived and now have the all-clear.

My best friend Denise wasn’t so lucky, she had pancriatic cancer which was diagnosed only 9 weeks before she died, it was very advanced. Her 2 sons and daughter have been so strong about it that even before her funeral they created a website to raise money and more importantly awareness of how important a hospice is,  typing this cut me up as I wrote it so please read on and thank you for those that read it to the end…………….

Like · · 3 minutes ago·

  • Our just giving page is now live…anyone wanting to make donations for mum please visit, were you can view mums full story of her battle, we have set a rather large target of £5,000 on the just give website that we will carry on doing fund raisers for.
    Thank you to everyone for all your support and kindness

Trivia Quiz week 32 2012

TriviaQuiz      Week 32     2012

1. What number do you get if you divide the letters of the alphabet by 2 ?   (13)

2. What shape are the 4 sides of a pyramid ?                                               (TRIANGLE)

3. What is the largest star in our solar system ?                                          (SUN)

4. What do the Americans call what we call candy floss ?                               (COTTON CANDY)

5. Which alcoholic drink it traditionally used in the Spanish drink, sangria ?   (RED WINE)

6. What type of mathematical chart shares its name with a pastry dish ?      (PIE)

7. The Aurora Borealis is more commonly known as what ?                              (NORTHERN LIGHTS)

8. Which Nobel prize winner wrote the book ‘The Satanic Verses’ ?              (SALMAN RUSHDIE)

9. What does a kleptomaniac do ?                                                                 (STEAL THINGS)

10. BMX racing, what do the initials BMX stand for ?                            (BICYCLE MOTOR CROSS)

11. How many different varieties of fruit are on the ‘Fruit Of The Loom’ designer label ? (4)

[white grapes, black grapes, gooseberries & an apple]

12. Which airline’s advertising motto it ‘to fly, to serve’ ?                                       (BRITISH AIRWAYS)

13. If a Mancunian comes from Manchester, then which English city does a ‘Cestrian’ come from ?


14. Who preceded Tony Blair as British prime minister ?                               (JOHN MAJOR)

15. What colour are the seeds of a kiwi fruit ?                                             (BLACK)

16. On which continent is Timbuktu ?                                                            (AFRICA)

17. Which item of British currency ceased to be legal tender in December 1984 ? (HALF PENNY)

18. In the signs of the zodiac, how many signs are represented by a horned animal ?             (3)

[Taurus the bull, Aries the ram, Capricorn the goat]

19. Which Olympic sport uses a ‘planting box’ ?                                             (POLE VAULT)

20. In which decade did Channel 5 start broadcasting ?                                (1990s) 1997.

Soul & Motown Night at the White Horse

Saturday 1st September

The best music from the 60s, 70s, 80s soul & Motown era so come join me for all the classics and a few Northern tunes thrown in…… entry as usual and great beer too !

8.30 till 11.15pm

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