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Trivia Quiz week 32 2012

TriviaQuiz      Week 32     2012

1. What number do you get if you divide the letters of the alphabet by 2 ?   (13)

2. What shape are the 4 sides of a pyramid ?                                               (TRIANGLE)

3. What is the largest star in our solar system ?                                          (SUN)

4. What do the Americans call what we call candy floss ?                               (COTTON CANDY)

5. Which alcoholic drink it traditionally used in the Spanish drink, sangria ?   (RED WINE)

6. What type of mathematical chart shares its name with a pastry dish ?      (PIE)

7. The Aurora Borealis is more commonly known as what ?                              (NORTHERN LIGHTS)

8. Which Nobel prize winner wrote the book ‘The Satanic Verses’ ?              (SALMAN RUSHDIE)

9. What does a kleptomaniac do ?                                                                 (STEAL THINGS)

10. BMX racing, what do the initials BMX stand for ?                            (BICYCLE MOTOR CROSS)

11. How many different varieties of fruit are on the ‘Fruit Of The Loom’ designer label ? (4)

[white grapes, black grapes, gooseberries & an apple]

12. Which airline’s advertising motto it ‘to fly, to serve’ ?                                       (BRITISH AIRWAYS)

13. If a Mancunian comes from Manchester, then which English city does a ‘Cestrian’ come from ?


14. Who preceded Tony Blair as British prime minister ?                               (JOHN MAJOR)

15. What colour are the seeds of a kiwi fruit ?                                             (BLACK)

16. On which continent is Timbuktu ?                                                            (AFRICA)

17. Which item of British currency ceased to be legal tender in December 1984 ? (HALF PENNY)

18. In the signs of the zodiac, how many signs are represented by a horned animal ?             (3)

[Taurus the bull, Aries the ram, Capricorn the goat]

19. Which Olympic sport uses a ‘planting box’ ?                                             (POLE VAULT)

20. In which decade did Channel 5 start broadcasting ?                                (1990s) 1997.

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  1. Thanks Mike.

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