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Denise Thompson

PLEASE READ THIS………I’m usually one of those cynical people when it comes to things being put on websites like this when it comes to giving money to total strangers no matter how genuine they appear…..well I’ve got to say something now which has changed my way of thinking because someone very very close to me passed away through cancer, for those of you that know me also probably know that I had this horrible disease a while ago but I was one of the lucky ones because I survived and now have the all-clear.

My best friend Denise wasn’t so lucky, she had pancriatic cancer which was diagnosed only 9 weeks before she died, it was very advanced. Her 2 sons and daughter have been so strong about it that even before her funeral they created a website to raise money and more importantly awareness of how important a hospice is,  typing this cut me up as I wrote it so please read on and thank you for those that read it to the end…………….

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  • Our just giving page is now live…anyone wanting to make donations for mum please visit, were you can view mums full story of her battle, we have set a rather large target of £5,000 on the just give website that we will carry on doing fund raisers for.
    Thank you to everyone for all your support and kindness

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