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Trivia Quiz Week 35 2012

TriviaQuiz      Week 35     2012

1. What is the name given to a bee that makes honey ?                                 (HONEYBEE)


2. Why can’t a man living in York be buried west of the Trent river ?  (BECAUSE HE’S NOT DEAD)


3. In 2003, which Hollywood actor was elected governor of California ?


4. Which dead singer’s personal bible went on sale at an auction in Stockport last week ?


5. The original Ryvita crispbread is made from what grain ?                          (RYE)


6. The Cheviot hills separate which 2 countries ?                                (SCOTLAND & ENGLAND)


7. In the film The Sound of Music, how many of the Von Trapp children were girls ?              (5)


8. How many signs of the zodiac live in water ?                                              (2)

[Pisces the fish, cancer the crab]

9. If a surgeon wanted to operate on your hippocampus, what part of your body would he open up ?

(HEAD) it’spart of your brain.

10. In Cockney rhyming slang, what is a Canary Wharf ?                                 (DWARF)


11. Which actor played Granville in ‘Open All Hours’ ?                                     (DAVID JASON)

12. The Guinness company lost its contract in 2008 to publish future editions of the book of

British Hit Singles, which company has taken over ?                                (VIRGIN)

13. Which country is shared in a song title by Neil Diamond, Razorlight and Simon & Garfunkel ?


14. What star sign is the queen ?                                                           (TAURUS) born 21st April.


15. Which former ‘dragon’ on Dragons Den shares his name with a Hollywood film star ?


16. The sayings of which Prophet is the source of Islamic law, values & traditions ?  (MUHAMMAD)


17. What single ingredient is added to milk to turn it into condensed milk ?   (SUGAR)


18. What is the last commonwealth country alphabetically ?                           (ZAMBIA)


19. How many Grand National races have there been since & including 1990 ? (22) no race in 1993.


20. How many monarchs of England were there in the 20th century ?              (6)

[Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI, Elizabeth II]

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