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Trivia Quiz Week 36 2012

TriviaQuiz      Week 36     2012

1. What emotion is known as the ‘green eyed monster’ ?                                 (JEALOUSY)


2. Singer Stephani Germanotta is better known as who ?                              (LADY GAGA)


3. Which 2 counties fought in the war of the roses ?                 (LANCASHIRE & YORKSHIRE)


4. On a painted surface, what dull finish is the opposite of gloss ?                 (MATT)


5. Which company developed the kindle e-book reader ?                                (AMAZON)


6. Which Eastenders character had a breakdown after being wrongfully imprisoned in 1995 ?


7. What football club is nicknamed the ‘Potters’ ?                                          (STOKE)


8. How many pips are there in the Greenwich time signal broadcast by the BBC ?    (8)


9. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel are the first names of which political figure ? (BORIS JOHNSON)


10. With which animal is the English hamlet Hickstead most associated ?       (HORSES) equestrian.


11. In Greek mythology, who did Narcissus fall in love with ?                          (HIMSELF)

12. Jewish girls have their ‘bat mitzvah’ at what age ?                                  (12)


13. In American folklore Custer’s last stand was also called ‘ the battle of Little Big Horn’, what

exactly is the Little Big Horn ?                                                               (A RIVER) in Montana.

14. Captain Haddock is the friend of which fictional reporter ?                     (TIN TIN)


15. What type of transport is Pricilla in the film ‘Pricilla Queen of the desert ? (BUS)


16. Which 2 animals are featured on the Australian coat of arms ?                 (KANGAROO & EMU)


17. Which sport was contested at Lords cricket ground during the London 2012 Olympics ?


18. Which pop group from the X Factor has had 5 number 1 singles between 2009 & 2011 ? (JLS)


19. A ‘dorgi’ is a cross between a corgi and which other dog ?                        (DACHSUND)

20. Which famous ship got its name from the Robert Burns poem, ‘Tam O’Shanter’ ?


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