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Trivia Quiz Week 39 2012

TriviaQuiz      Week 39     2012

1. What colour is an unripe lime ?                                                                  (YELLOW)

2. Which boxer has announced his return to the ring after retiring 3 years ago ?


3. Which is the only letter of the alphabet with 3 syllables ?                        (W)

4. Which TV presenter was sacked as editor of the Daily Mirror in 2004 ?, (PIERS MORGAN)

5. Which is the largest country on the American continents ?                       (CANADA)

6. Irish comedian Brendon O’Carroll is better known as who ?                        (MRS BROWN) Agnes.

7. In golf, how often is the Ryder Cup contested for ?                                  (EVERY 2 YEARS)  [Biennial]

8. David Cameron was subjected to a bizarre quiz on British culture & history as he appeared on

which US TV chat show last week ?                                            (THE LATE SHOW) David Letterman.

9. The Boston White Sox play which sport in North America ?                      (BASEBALL)

10. In which Merseyside town is the home of Royal Birkdale golf course ?      (SOUTHPORT)   [borough of Sefton]

11. What exactly was Thunderbird 5 ?                                                           (A SPACE STATION)

12. What is the colour of Super Mario’s dungarees ?                                     (BLUE)

13. Who succeeded John Major as British Prime Minister ?                           (TONY BLAIR)

14. On which TV show was the voice-recognition computer and the forerunner of the mobile phone

first used ?                                                                                            (STAR TREK)

15. In 2000, which golfer won the US Open for the first time ?                             (TIGER WOODS)

16. Who is the queen’s oldest grandchild ?                                                     (PETER PHILLIPS)     [son of Anne, born October 1977]

17. Which British freshwater fish and butterfly shares the same 8-letter name ? (GRAYLING)

18. According to the Guinness Book of Records, who is the world’s greatest living explorer ?


19. On which river is the Hoover Dam ?                                                        (COLORADO)

20. Didier Drogba left Chelsea last season to play in which country ? [extra point for the team name]

(CHINA) Shanghai Shenhua F.C.

Killer Round

(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)

 you must answer at least 3 questions. 

1. During the Roman Empire, the Roman soldiers were paid in salt, true or false ?    (TRUE)

[the Latin name for salt is ‘salary’]

2. In which year did Apple launch their first iPhone ?, was it 2007, 2008 or 2009 ?         (2007)

3. Scientists have discovered that the Australian wild dingo originated from the South American

continent, true or false ?                                                   (FALSE) its origins are from China.

4. A German sackbut is what type of musical instrument ?, organ trombone or bagpipes ?


5. In the early 60s, comedian Freddie Starr was once offered to join the Beatles as lead singer,

true or false ?                                                                                         (FALSE)

6. In the North-East of England, what type of food is a ‘stottie’ ?, is it sausage, bread or fish ?

(BREAD) like a big barm cake.

7. What type of creature is a ‘ling’ ? is it a fish, amphibian or mammal ?        (FISH)

8. How many female solo singers are featured in the UK top 10 best-selling CD’s of all time ?,

1, 3 or 5 ?                                                                                      (5) (see list below)

9. Which X Factor finalists were the 1st to win a Brit Award ?, was it One Direction, JLS or

Girls Aloud ?                                                                                    (JLS) 2010 for best single.

10. The most borrowed children’s fiction book in UK libraries is ‘Horrid Henry’, true or false ?


[7 out of the top 10 are Horrid Henry books by Francesca Simon)


Tie-Break:- How many times was the emergency number 999 dialled in the UK in 2011 ? (in millions)


                        Top 10 best selling CD’s of all time

  • 1.  Gold Greatest Hits – Abba: 4m (1992)
  • 2.  21 – Adele: 3.5m (2011)-­‐
  • 3.  What’s the Story Morning Glory – Oasis:      3.4m (1995)
  • 4.  Back to Black – Amy Winehouse: 3.225m (2006)
  • 5.  Back to Bedlam – James Blunt: 3.209m      (2004)
  • 6.  No Angel – Dido: 3.031m (2000)
  • 7.  Come on Over – Shania Twain: 3.02m (1997)
  • 8.  Spirit – Leona Lewis:2.95m (2007)
  • 9.  Urban Hymns – The Verve: 2.9m (1997)
  • 10.  White Ladder – David Grey 2.8m (2000)

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