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Trivia Quiz Week 45 2012

Trivia Quiz Week 45 2012

1. What word goes after ‘royal’ and before ‘beans’ & ‘babies’ ? (JELLY)

2. If a couple going on a date pays for their own meal, they are said to be going what ? (DUTCH)

3. What shade of green is associated with Robin Hood ? (LINCOLN GREEN)

4. What name can be the name of a 70s glam rock band or an extinct reptile ? (T REX)
[or Terri Dactyl & the Dinosaurs]
5. ‘Great’ and ‘blue’ are 2 varieties of which British garden bird ? (TIT)

6. How many feet in a fathom ? (6)

7. According to the Irish song, who sold cockles & mussels on the streets of Dublin ?
8. Fred Bassett is a cartoon strip in which daily newspaper ? (DAILY MAIL)

9. Which former Coronation Street actor was born William Piddlington in Ardwick, Manchester in
1941 ? (BILL TARMEY)
10. A drunk recently climbed over the perimeter fence in an Australian zoo to try to ride which wild
animal before it took a chunk out of his leg ? (CROCODILE)
11. What do you have too much of if you have a condition called narcolepsy ? (TOO MUCH SLEEP)

12. What animal related name describes someone who was given the blame by others ?
13. On which well known London street did Dangermouse live ? (BAKER STREET)

14. After water, what is the main ingredient of Japanese sake` ? (RICE)

15. Which English actor played John Hammond, the owner of Jurassic Park ?
16. Which Englishman is currently the IBF world super-middleweight boxing champion ?
(CARL FROCH) from Nottingham.
17. By swapping the letters around of a pantomime character you can get the name of which cheese ?
(EDAM) dame.
18. The new BBC drama ‘the Secret of Crickley Hall’ was a originally a novel by which horror writer ?
19. Which Middleton born comedian starred in the films Tropic Thunder, Night at the Museum &
Around the World in 80 Days ? (STEVE COOGAN)
20. How many countries have a land border with Germany ? (9)
[Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland,]

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. England was the host country of the 2011 FIFA women’s World Cup, true or false ? (FALSE)
[was Germany]
2. The acrobatic troupe ‘Cirque du Soleil’ comes from which country ?, is it Canada, USA or France ?
3. Only 2 British prime ministers have been assassinated, true or false ? (FALSE) only one.
[Spencer Percival]
4. What type of creature is a ‘hoopoe’ ?, is it a whale, an monkey or a bird ? (BIRD)

5. John Lennon was George Harrison’s best man at his first wedding, true or false ? (TRUE)

6. What is the new slang term for American banknotes ?, is it dead presidents or dead donkeys ?
7. The name of the Spanish holiday camps devised in the 70s by Fred Ponting was called ‘Pontinental’
true or false ? (TRUE)
8. In which century were the last prosecutions under the ‘witchcraft act’ in the UK ?, 16th, 18th or
20th century ? (20th CENTURY) Helen Duncan (Hellish Nell) jailed in 1944.
9. Barack Obama has been the tallest US president, true or false ? (FALSE)
[Abraham Lincoln – 6’ 4”……Obama – 6’ 1”]
10. What was the name of John Cleese’s character in the James Bond film
‘The World Is Not Enough’ ?….was it Q or R ? (R)
[he was only promoted to Q in the next film ‘Die Another Day’]

Tie-Break:- How much has Sharon Osbourne spent on plastic/cosmetic surgery ? (£120,000)

SOUL AMIGOS, For One Night Only !!!

2012-12-07 22.58.21

2012-12-07 22.58.41

2012-12-07 22.58.56

2012-12-07 22.59.03

2012-12-07 22.59.16

2012-12-07 22.59.34

2012-12-07 23.31.34

2012-12-07 23.40.31

2012-12-07 23.40.36

2012-12-07 23.40.51

2012-12-07 23.41.00Friday 7th December

For One Night Only


Walkden Legion

Wilfred Rd


M28 3AJ


Soul Amigos comprises of three members of the famous  “Sax Of Soul” band, that finally split at the end of  2011 after 27 years, and includes most importantly,  the effervescent front man and lead vocalist  “Memphis Soul Stu”. Don (one of the founders of “Sax  of Soul”), and the guitarist Darren are the other  two Sax musicians, along with bass player, Pete from  functions band “Seven Days” that split in 2010. Stu, Don and Darren did not want to stop playing  after their band’s split, so formed Soul Amigos  along with Pete to continue playing some of the  greatest music of all time…..Soul, Motown, Sax,  Northern Soul, Disco and much more.

The Soul Amigos – Manchester Soul Music at its Best

Sound Clips

1.  Medley

2.  Get Ready

3. My  Girl


Soul Amigos are a 4 piece functions and party band  based in the North West of England, playing Soul,  Motown, Sax, Northern Soul, Disco and much more. Featuring lead vocals & 3 part backing vocals,  guitar, bass, and keyboards/drum tracks, we perform  an extensive range of music from the era of soul,  Motown & Sax

Former members of the legendary STAX OF SOUL, have formed a new band THE SOUL AMIGOS, what a way to start off December !!! advance tickets £6 or £7 pay on the door, come join us for what can only be the “soul event of the year”….Happy Christmas

My 60th birthday party












IMG_6547[1]Just a quick, but very big thank you for celebrating my birthday with me and for all the birthday wishes, cards and presents, I had a ‘do’ at Walkden Legion on the 16th November (the week after my actual birthday) it was a very emotional night because my friend Denise promised me that she “wouldn’t miss it for the world”…..unfortunately she lost her battle against cancer 2 months before so I decided to have a really big picture of her on stage with me so I made sure she didn’t miss it.

I was overwhelmed with the amount of people there and all the bottles of whiskey that was given to me (about 20 bottles altogether) and I’m sure they’ll last a week or two !!!!

Anyway I must say a big thank you to the 3 DJ’s that turned up, Stan James for starting off the evening and playing great stuff from the 70s, Steve Sale for being a total ‘cheesey jock’, which is just what was needed with my family & friends and of course not forgetting my good friend DJ Trev for playing great soul music and generally holding the night together for me and Collette for that fantastic Beatles birthday cake…..THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!

Thanks also to Carr’s in Bolton, for delivering 200 pasties with mushy peas, red cabbage & beetroot and didn’t get any myself but I was told I must order them again for my 70th !

If anyone took photos of the evening, please send them to me via facebook or email and I’ll post them here as soon as I get them.


Trivia Quiz Week 44 2012

Trivia Quiz Week 44 2012

1. In the 1980’s, what was the name of Philip Schofield’s squeaky puppet friend on children’s TV ?
2. What colour is the rose on the official England Rugby Union shirt ? (RED)

3. How many feet are on the legs of a telescopic observatory tripod ? (3)
(the clue is in the word ‘tri’)
4. The name of what edible substance can also be an animated girlfriend ? (OLIVE OIL) Oyle.

5. Which X Factor ‘judge’ was recently accused by Gary Barlow as having ‘fag ash breath’ ?
(TULISA) Contostavios
6. In which decade of the 20th century was the film Mary Poppins first released in cinemas ?
(60s) 1964.
7. What day of the week is also the name of a character in the Addams family ? (WEDNESDAY)

8. On which holiday island did Coronation Street actor Bill Tarmey recently die ? (TENERIFE)

9. Which major sporting event is held annually at the Stade Roland Garros ?
10. The slogan for which confectionery when it was first advertised on TV was ‘sweetest, treatest,
best to eatest, made by Rowntree’ ? (SMARTIES)
11. How often does a bi-annual plant flower ? (TWICE A YEAR)
[biennial is every 2 years]
12. What is the main emergency phone number in Spain ? (112)
[902 and 102 are non-emergency numbers but for reporting a crime]
13. What is the first name of Barak Obama’s recent presidential challenger ? (MITT)
[full name, Willard Mitt Romney]
14. What is the US president’s country retreat called ? (CAMP DAVID)

15. Which comedian has just released a book titled ‘Camp David’ ? (DAVID WALLIAMS)

16. 34yr old Sally Humphries has announced she’s going to marry which 65yr old musician ?
(RONNIE WOOD) Rolling Stones.
17. After a 6-month sabbatical, which Englishman and former World snooker champion has decided
to hang up his cue and retire aged just 37 ? (RONNIE O’SULLIVAN)
18. A suspended member of which political party is taking part in this year’s I’m A Celebrity’ ?
(CONSERVATIVE) Nadine Dorries.
19. How many countries end with the letter ‘L’ ? (5)
[Portugal (Europe), Brazil (South America), Senegal (Africa), Israel (Asia), and Nepal (Asia)]
20. Which TV presenter was forced to apologise recently after complaints from viewers when he
gave a list of alleged paedophiles to the prime minister live on TV ? (PHILIP SCHOFIELD)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory author, Roald Dahl was an official chocolate taste tester for
Cadbury’s as a schoolboy, true or false ? (TRUE)
2. What giant electronics company was founded in Hull in 1933 selling batteries ?, was it Curry’s or
Comet ? (COMET)
3. In 2010, Dutch pop group the Vengaboys once recorded a song called ‘Rocket To Uranus’,
true or false ? (TRUE)
4. Rock star Alice Cooper was the 1st to support the giant Hollywood sign in L.A. by funding which one
of the letters ?, was it the H, one of the L’s or one of the O’s ? (ONE OF THE O’s)
5. Not only Paul McCartney, but Ringo Starr is also left-handed, true or false ? (TRUE)
[Ringo is left-handed although he plays the drums right-handed]
6. Which British newspaper was the first to publish a crossword puzzle ?, was it the Sunday Times
or the Sunday Express ? (EXPRESS) 1924.
7. A new survey by the AA has revealed that twice as many women as men admit they cannot park
cars, true or false ? (TRUE)
8. Louise Redknapp & Heidi Klum have launched a campaign to encourage women to go without what
for a day for Children in Need ?, is it their handbag, their make-up or talking ? (MAKE-UP)
9. There were 8 US presidents that were born British, true or false ? (TRUE) [see list below]

10. What is the collective noun for a group of ferrets ?, is it a business, a firm or a company ?
(BUSINESS) spelt ‘busyness’

Tie-Break:- How many windmills are there in Holland ? (1,180)

Eight of the first nine Presidents were born before the United States even existed.
They were born in British America, the area that would later make up parts of the United States and Canada. Therefore, these men were technically British subjects at birth.
Name Birthday Birthplace
George Washington 2/22/1732 Westmoreland, Virginia
John Adams 10/30/1735 Quincy, Massachusetts
Thomas Jefferson 4/13/1743 Shadwell, Virginia
James Madison 3/16/1751 Port Conway, Virginia
James Monroe 4/28/1758 Westmoreland, Virginia
John Quincy Adams 7/11/1767 Quincy, Massachusetts
Andrew Jackson 3/15/1767 Waxhaws Area (NC/SC)
William Henry Harrison 2/9/1773 Charles City County, Virginia
*Some of the birthplaces mentioned above were not known by these same names at the time of their birth.

Trivia Quiz Week 43 2012

Trivia Quiz      Week 43    2012

1. How many strings has a 12-string guitar ?                                                 (12)

2. In the nursery rhyme, what did Little Jack Horner pull out ?                     (A PLUM)

3. In 2011, Jonathan Ross started his new chat show on which channel ?         (ITV1)

4. In which city was Top Of The Pops first broadcast ?                                (MANCHESTER)

[was an old church on Dickenson Rd in Rusholme in 1964, 1st DJ was Jimmy Savile]

5. In June 2011, which Chelsea football player announced his engagement to TV presenter

Christine Bleakley ?                                                                                 (FRANK LAMPARD)

6. Which dessert shares part of its name with a US state ?                         (BAKED ALASKA)

7. In pharmacy, what does OTC stand for ?                                              (OVER THE COUNTER)

8. How many bank holidays are there in England & Wales in 2012 ?                 (9) see list below.

9. What is a protractor used to measure ?                                                    (ANGLES)

10. In German, what animal is ‘die fledermaus’ ?                                             (BAT)

11. Which children’s TV character was created by the Duchess of York (Sarah Ferguson) ?


12. In which country is the Horseshoe Falls ?                                                      (CANADA) Niagara Falls.

13. In 2001 & 2010 Brian Dowling was the winner of which reality TV show ? (BIG BROTHER)

14. Which James Bond actor starred in the 1990s TV series ‘Our Friends in the North’ ?


15. Since the start of the 1960s, how many Manchester United managers were English ? (3)

[Wilf McGuinness, Dave Sexton, Ron Atkinson]……………see list below.

16. How many American states have North or South in their name ?              (4)

[North/South Carolina, North/South Dakota]

17. Which Radio 2 DJ shares his name with the actor that played Captain America ?


18. Which 6-letter word means to perform a piece of music in a brisk, lively way ?    (VIVACE)       [ve-va-cha]

19. Which historical figure became mayor of Plymouth in 1581 ?           (SIR FRANCIS DRAKE)

20. In Greek mythology, which sign of the zodiac killed the hunter Orion ? (SCORPIO) scorpius.

Killer Round

(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)

 you must answer at least 3 questions. 

1. What is the last letter of the American spelling of theatre ?                    (R) theater.

2. If you asked for ‘psari’ in a Greek restaurant, what would you get ?, fish, lamb or the bill ? (FISH)

3. The average human uses 17 muscles in order to smile, and 43 to frown, true or false ? (TRUE)

4. The bedtime drink Horlicks was invented in the 19th century by brothers James & William

Horlick, true or false ?                                                                            (TRUE)

5. Which of the 3 Beatles films was released in 1970 ?, A Hard Day’s Night, Help or Let It Be ?                                                                                                                             (LET IT BE)

6. The US president’s briefcase that holds nuclear codes is nicknamed the fun bag, true or false ?

(FALSE) it’s called football.

7. Anna Mae Bullock is better known as who ?, is it Cher, Tina Turner or Sandra Bullock ?


8. Which has more, the strings of an orchestral harp or keys on a grand piano ? (PIANO)

[a piano has 88 keys, 52 white & 36 black….a harp has 47 strings]

9. In which decade of the 20th century did Portugal become a democracy ?, was it the 50s, 60s or  70s ?                           (1970s) 1974.

10. Which national coffee chain has pulled out of a Devon town because the locals pride themselves

on having independent shops ?, is it Costa or Starbucks ?                        (COSTA)


Tie-Break:-  In which year of the 20th century did the first Costa coffee shop open ?

(1971) London.

 Jimmy Murphy                                                                       Wales 01958-02-01February   1958 01958-06-01June   1958
McGuinness, WilfWilf   McGuinness      England 01969-06-044   June 1969 01970-12-2929   December 1970
Busby, MattMatt   Busby      Scotland 01970-12-2929   December 1970 01971-06-088   June 1971
OFarrell, FrankFrank   O’Farrell      Ireland 01971-06-088   June 1971 01972-12-1919   December 1972
Docherty, TommyTommy   Docherty      Scotland 01972-12-2222   December 1972 01977-07-044   July 1977
Sexton, DaveDave   Sexton      England 01977-07-1414   July 1977 01981-04-3030   April 1981
Atkinson, RonRon   Atkinson      England 01981-06-099   June 1981 01986-11-066   November 1986


  Bank holidays in England & Wales

New   Year’s Day Holiday January   2
Good   Friday April   6
Easter   Monday April   9
Early   May Bank Holiday May   7
Spring   Bank Holiday June
Diamond   Jubilee Holiday June   5
Summer   Bank Holiday August   27
Christmas   Day December   25
Boxing   Day December   26

Trivia Quiz Week 42

TriviaQuiz      Week 42     2012

1. Which American soccer club does David Beckham play for ?                       (LA GALAXY)

2. Which British chocolate bar is called ‘dove’ in most other countries ?        (GALAXY)

3. Which Korean electronics giant makes the Galaxy smart phone ?               (SAMSUNG)

4. The name of what small creature can also mean to eavesdrop ?                   (EARWIG)

5. How many captains appeared at the recent Star Trek convention in London ?       (5)

[William Shatner, Sir Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Scott Bakula]

6. What alphabetical list usually comes at the end of a book ?                       (INDEX)

7. Which TV comedy series was set on the Irish coast of Craggy Island ?     (FATHER TED)

8. The piccolo belongs to which section of an orchestra ?                     (WOODWIND) not wind.

9. What is the largest planet in our solar system ?                                       (JUPITER)

10. Craig & Charlie Reid are better known as which singing duo ?                             (PROCLAIMERS)

11. What word goes after French, fog & car ?                                               (HORN)

12. Who wrote the children’s story, James & the Giant Peach ?                     (ROALD DAHL)

13. Who was the American president when Marilyn Monroe died ?                  (JOHN F KENNEDY)

[JFK 1961 – 63…..Monroe died in 1962]

14. What type of bread is also a palindrome ?                                               (NAAN)

15. Which 1990s pop group featured twins Fred & Richard Fairbrass & Rob Manzoli ?


16. The sinking of the British ship the Lusitania, helped bring what country into WW1 ?   (USA)

[sunk in 1915]

17. Pendragon was the surname of which great mythical leader ?                    (KING ARTHUR)

18. Which DJ known as the Rochdale Cowboy was recently sacked by the BBC ?  (MIKE HARDING)

19. In American pool, what stroke do the English call what the Americans call an ‘English’ ?


20. Which 2000 song title include the lyrics…..’met her on Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday

we were making love by Wednesday’ ?                                           (7 DAYS) Craig David.

Killer Round

(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)

 you must answer at least 3 questions. 

1. Which TV presenter hit the headlines in 2008 over his dissatisfaction with a brand of underwear ?

was it Jeremy Paxman or Jeremy Clarkson ?   (JEREMY PAXMAN) complained to M&S about the quality.

2. Movie icon Marilyn Monroe had 6 toes on one of her feet, true or false ?   (FALSE)

3. 58yr old Simon Hopkinson from Bury is famous in his field for what ? is he photographer, a food

critic or a sports journalist ?                                                                   (FOOD CRITIC)

4. Actor Omar Sharif played an Arab & rode a camel in the epic film Lawrence of Arabia, true or

false ?                                                                                            (TRUE)

5. Paul McCartney’s first solo single was about which type of woman ?, a divorcee, a traffic warden

or a prostitute ?                                                                                      (PROSTITUTE) Another Day.

6. The town of Burton-on-Trent is historically associated with brewing beer, true or false ? (TRUE)

7. Which singer played the part of Australia’s most famous outlaw Ned Kelly ? was it David Essex,

David Bowie or Mick Jagger ?                                                                  (MICK JAGGER) 1970.

8. The jive is a dance craze that originated in Brazil, true or false ?   (FALSE) USA

[introduced in 1934 by Cab Calloway (Minnie the moocher)]

9. The surface area of the small intestine in the human body is the size of a tennis court, true or

false ?                                                                                           (TRUE) 2,700 sq feet.

10. The most expensive caviar comes from the fish of which sea ?, is it the Baltic, Black or Caspian ?

                           (CASPIAN SEA) the world’s largest saltwater lake. (sturgeon)


Tie-Break:-  How many tons of food does an average human eat in a lifetime ?         (50 TONS)

Trivia Quiz Week 41 2012

TriviaQuiz Week 41    2012

1. What number between 1 & 10 comes first alphabetically ?                         (8)

2. What day of the week is Pancake Day ?                                                     (TUESDAY)

3. The musical ‘Buddy’ is about the life of which Rock & Roll legend ?             (BUDDY HOLLY)

4. In the Goldilocks story, whose bed was she found sleeping in ?                  (BABY BEAR’S BED)

5. In which decade did the United Kingdom win its last Eurovision Song Contest ?   (90s) 1997.

[Katrina & The Waves – Love Shine A Light]

6. Which comedienne is the voice of the fairy godmother in the Shrek films ?


7. In which decade was Cliff Richard born ?                                        (1940s) 14th Oct 1940 (72)

8. In the TV panel show QI hosted by Stephen Fry, what do the initials QI stand for ?


9. Danny, Sandy, Betty & Doody are characters in which musical ?                  (GREASE)

10. The Grampians are a range of mountains in which European country ?        (SCOTLAND)

11. What sport is the American NFL ?                                                 (FOOTBALL) American.

[National Football League]

12. What do we call what the Americans call a Chinese egg roll ?          (SPRING ROLL)

13. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire winner Judith Keppel is the second cousin (once removed) of

which member of the royal family ?                                      (DUCHESS OF CORNWALL) Camilla.

14. What nationality is Felix Baumgartner, the first skydiver to break the speed of sound ?


15. Flittermouse is another name for which small British mammal ?                (BAT)

16. Who was British prime minister when the Spice Girls had their 1st Number 1 ? (JOHN MAJOR)

[Wannabe – 1996. John Major – 1990-97]

17. Which country joined the 5 Nations Rugby Union tournaments in 2000 to make it the 6 Nations ?

(ITALY)  [England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Wales]

18. Who succeeded Lloyd Grossman as presenter of TVs Masterchef ?          (GARY RHODES)

[Greg Wallace & John Torode succeeded him]

19. In the monarchy, Regina is the Latin for what ?                                       (QUEEN)

[the Latin for king is Rex]

20. What is the common term for the human joint with a rounded end that lies in a concave cup ?

                                                                                  (BALL & SOCKET)

Killer Round

(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)

 you must answer at least 3 questions. 

1. In 2011 the electrical stores Comet was sold for £2, true or false ?                    (TRUE)

[it was sold to a private equity firm]

2. What special day do the Americans eat the most food ?, is it Christmas Day, Thanksgiving or

Super bowl Sunday ?                                                                                 (THANKSGIVING)

3. The chow chow is the only dog that has a natural blue tongue, true or false ?       (FALSE)

[there are several breeds with black tongues including the Chinese Shar Pei]

4. In the night sky, what makes up the belt of the constellation Orion ? is it 3 stars or 3 planets ?

(3 STARS) Alnitak, Alnilam & Mintaka.

5. Who was the first to leave the Beatles which ultimately led to the band’s split ?(JOHN LENNON)

6. Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien was born in South Africa, true or false ?   (TRUE)

7. What breed of domesticated animal is the African basenji ?, is it a cat, a dog or rabbit ? (DOG)

[it’s unique because it can’t bark]

8. What is the largest species of penguin ?, the emperor or the king ?                             (EMPEROR)

9. Who left S Club 7 in 2002 which made the band change its name to S Club ?, was it Rachel

Stevens or Paul Cattermole ?                                                                   (PAUL CATTERMOLE)

10. Irish singer Johnny Logan is the only singer to have won the Eurovision Song Contest 3 times,

true or false ? (TRUE) [What’s Another Year-80, Hold Me Now-87 & he wrote ‘Why Me’ for

      Linda Martin which won in 1992]


Tie-Break:-  What speed did Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner reach when he recently broke the speed of sound ?                                                               (833.9mph)

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