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Trivia Quiz Week 46 2012

Trivia Quiz Week 46 2012

1. Until November 2012, which actor played oil tycoon JR Ewing ? (LARRY HAGMAN)
[died last week aged 81]
2. Which singer/rapper holds the world record for the most visited video on You Tube ? (PSY)
[Gangnam Style, 808 million views since July 2012]
3. What is the main language of South Korea ? (KOREAN)

4. How many compartments does a cows stomach have ? (4)

5. Fawlty Towers character Manuel came from which Spanish city ? (BARCELONA)
[played by Andrew Sachs]
6. In slang, if you were going ‘commando’ what would you not be wearing ? (UNDERWEAR)

7. What is the name of the only son in the TV & radio comedy series the Bradshaw’s ? (BILLY)

8. Which film director connects Edward Scissorhands, Mars Attacks & Batman ? (TIM BURTON)

9. Which TV series had a robot dog called K9 ? (DR WHO)

10. What type of drink is brewed from Arabica beans ? (COFFEE)

11. What does the ‘S’ represent in the High St bank HBOS ? (SCOTLAND)
[Halifax Bank Of Scotland]
12. In Eastenders, who ran over & killed Tiffany Mitchell ? (FRANK BUTCHER) 1998.

13. In computer printing, what do the initials ‘DPI’ stand for ? (DOTS PER INCH)

14. How many American states start and end with the same letter ? (4)
[Alaska, Arizona, Alabama, Ohio]
15. AM, PM times….what word does the ‘P’ in PM represent ? (POST)
[AM-Anti Meridian meaning before the middle and PM-post meridian meaning past middle]
16. What 12-letter word is given to a student who does further education after a first degree ?
17. In 2011 Ben Cooper was appointed controller of which BBC Radio station ? (RADIO 1)

18. What small bone in the human body gets its name from the Greek for Cuckoo ? (COCCYX)

19. In 2008, who became the first British swimmer to win two Olympic gold medals since 1908 ?
20. Sweden, Finland & Russia have a land border with which other country ? (NORWAY)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. What nationality was Cleopatra ?, Greek or Roman ? (GREEK) born 51 BC

2. ‘Stinking rose’ is a nickname for garlic, true or false ? (TRUE)

3. Which chef wrote his memoir called ‘the devil in the kitchen’ ?, was it Marco Pierre-White or
Gordon Ramsay ? (MARCO PIERRE-WHITE)
4. At the start of a game of chess, how many pieces are depicted by animals ? (4) the 4 knights.

5. The first solo song by Cher was called ‘Ringo I Love You’, true or false ? (TRUE)
[recorded under the pseudonym Bonnie Jo Mason]
6. The people in Philadelphia celebrate Groundhog Day on 2nd February every year, true or false ?
7. What is the highest value euro banknote in circulation ?, is it 500 or 1,000 ? (500 EURO)

8. Prince, Woodstock, Bent & Bulldog are early versions what ?, smoking pipes or ladies vibrators ?
9. What did Henry Rowntree start making in 1862 in York ?, house bricks or chocolate ?
10. Which children’s writer refused an OBE from the queen ?, was it Roald Dahl or JK Rowling ?
[because he wanted a knighthood so his wife would be titled Lady Dahl]


Tie-Break:- What is the combined age of the Rolling Stones ? (273)

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