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Trivia Quiz Week 48 2012

Trivia Quiz Week 48 2012

1. What type of creature is Bilbo Baggins ? (HOBBIT)

2. Which pop group from the X-Factor entered the US album chart at No1 ? (ONE DIRECTION)

3. Which former James Bond actor starred in the film Mamma Mia ? (PIERCE BROSNAN)

4. In the Olympics, how many athletes does each team race in the final of a 400m relay ? (4)
5. Which cheese spread has a red cow displayed on its packet ? (LAUGHING COW)

6. What type of creature is a leatherback ? (TURTLE)

7. What word can go before chest, English & hole ? (PIDGEON)

8. Until he died recently aged 89, who was the longest-running host of the same television show
9. Which European country is famous for its carved wooden love spoons ? (WALES)

10. Which male singer wore a palm-leaf bikini while judging the X-Factor in 2011 ?
11. How old was Harry Potter when he first went to Hogwarts ? (11)

12. In winter sports, powder is a nickname for what ? (SNOW)

13. If you have a full car licence, you can ride a motorcycle as a learner up to what size engine ?
14. What was the title of the first of the Star Wars trilogy ? (A NEW HOPE) 1977.
[Empire Strikes Back-1980, Return of the Jedi-1983]
15. What drinks company was first to use a ‘widget’ in cans to produce foam ? (GUINNESS)

16. What gas does the widget release that produces the foam ? (NITROGEN)
17. What root vegetable do the Americans call ‘rutabaga’ ? (SWEDE)

18. In fashion what are palazzos ? (TROUSERS)

19. What modern convenient foodstuff takes its name from the Latin meaning ‘salted & preserved
meat’ ? (SAUSAGE) [originally via French, saussiche, from Latin salcicius/salsicia, from salsus, salt]
20. At the recent Manchester derby, which City player was first to go to Rio Ferdinand’s aid when
he was hit by a coin then grab a pitch invader ? (JOE HART)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. The common frog is the most common of all frogs in Britain, true or false ? (TRUE)

2. On what part of the body are babushkas worn ?, head, hands or feet ? (HEAD) hat.

3. Swatch watches were originally made in Germany by a plastics company, true or false ? (FALSE)
[first made in Switzerland in 1985]
4. In 1908 Coco Chanel set up a business in what fashion item, perfume, hats or shoes ? (HATS)

5. Former Genesis lead singer & drummer Phil Collins was an extra in the 1964 Beatles film ‘A Hard
Day’s Night’, true or false ? (TRUE) he was a 13 yr old in the audience.
6. The Ancient Olympics were in honour of which of the gods ?, Adidas, Jupiter or Zeus ? (ZEUS)

7. To help absorb light, solar panels are normally coloured black, true or false ? (TRUE)

8. The first ever film shown on YouTube was called what ?, was it ‘my brother Charlie’, ‘me at the
zoo’ or ‘baby’s first steps’ ? (ME AT THE ZOO) 2005.
9. The Australian name for platypus when translated literally means poisonous duck, true or false ?
(FALSE) platypus means ‘flat footed’.
10. How many oceans are there in the world ?, 3, 4 or 5 ? (not including Billy !!!!) (5)
[Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic & Southern]

Tie-Break:- How much has the government awarded to build the Royal Navy’s new attack submarine
Audacious ? (£1.2bn)

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