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Trivia Quiz week 2 2013

Trivia Quiz (new year quiz) Week 2 2013

1. Who was the last British prime minister not to have a wife ? (MARGARET THATCHER)

2. Which letter of the alphabet can also be the name of a garden vegetable ? (P)

3. In January 2012, which ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ judge quit the show ? (ALISHA DIXON)

4. How many actors have played Batman in feature films ? (5)
[Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale]
5. What Disney film is about the daughter of Triton, king of the sea ? (THE LITTLE MERMAID)

6. Which comedian apologized via Twitter in June for making a “terrible error of judgment” over
using a tax avoidance scheme ? (JIMMY CARR)
7. In the 1950s, what type of clothing were drainpipes ? (TROUSERS)

8. What fruit packed with vitamin-C is named after a bird ? (KIWI)

9. Who became the highest paid British actor after a signing a deal worth £31m in November ?
10. To the nearest mile, how high was Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner when he jumped out of
a balloon on 14th October ? (24 MILES)
11. What 7-letter word is the medical name for your windpipe ? (TRACHEA)

12. Whose supposed remains were discovered in September beneath a car park in Leicester more
than 500 years after his death ? (KING RICHARD III)
13. In which sport must the ball weigh no lighter than 2.7g. ? (TABLE TENNIS)
14. Which Conservative MP was suspended from the political party after deciding to participate in
I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here ? (NADINE DORRES)
15. What was the name of the royal barge, which carried the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh
during her Diamond Jubilee celebrations ? (THE SPIRIT OF CHARTWELL)
16. What type of mammal is a proboscis ? (MONKEY)

17. The Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange was granted political asylum by which South American
country in August ? (ECUADOR)
18. Which major supermarket was founded in 1869 by John & his wife Mary Ann in London ?
19. This century’s second & last solar transit of which planet occurred between the 5th & 6th June ?
20. Which 20th century prime minister was famous for smoking a pipe ? (HAROLD WILSON)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Danny Boyle was originally chosen to direct The Hobbit trilogy, but declined due to other
work commitments, true or false ? (FALSE)
2. On the final day of the Ryder Cup in September, how did a rather late-running Rory McIlroy
travel to the course ?, was it by fire engine, police car or ambulance ? (POLICE CAR) unmarked.
3. At the Eurovision Song Contest, staged in Azerbaijan, UK entry Engelbert Humperdinck scored
how many points ?, was it 6, 9 or 12 ? (12 POINTS)
4. In which European country is New Year celebrated by eating 12 grapes at midnight ?, is it…….
Spain, Hungary or Cyprus ? (SPAIN)
5. John Lennon officially opened the very first Virgin record shop in Liverpool, true or false ?
6. What is the name of the Mars Science Laboratory’s robotic rover, which successfully landed on
Mars in August ?, was it called Discovery or Curiosity ? (CURIOSITY)
7. Which sweet consists of just 3 ingredients,…… cane sugar, oil of peppermint & cream of tartar ?,
is it Uncle Joe’s mint balls, cough candy or Fisherman’s Friends ? (UNCLE JOE’S)
8. In the longest grand slam final in tennis history at the Australian Open in January, how many
points were won in total between Novak Djokovic & Rafael Nadal ? , was it 288, 314 or 369 ? (369)
9. Comedian Lee Mack was once the stable boy for Red Rum, true or false ? (TRUE)

10. Which actor tragically lost his 36-year-old son Sage in July ?, was it John Travolta or
Sylvester Stallone ? (SYLVESTER STALLONE)

Tie-Break:- What was the total number of medals won at the London Olympics ? (962)

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