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Trivia Quiz Week 6 2013

Trivia Quiz Week 6 2013

1. What 2 colours are used to describe bruising ? (BLACK & BLUE)

2. The name of what biscuit is a slang term for a redhead ? (GINGER NUT)

3. In some UK prisons, traces of what meat were recently found in halal pies ? (PORK)

4. What was the name of the vacuum cleaner in Teletubbies ? (NOO NOO)

5. Elvis Presley is buried in the grounds of which mansion ? (GRACELAND)

6. Black, White & Indian are 3 types of which mammal ? (RHINO)

7. In 2012, singer Chesney Hawkes was forced to pull out of which TV show due to injury ?
8. In which season does the common snowdrop usually bloom ? (SPRING)

9. How many properties on a Monopoly board begin with the letter ‘P’ ? (4)
[Pall Mall, Pentonville Road, Piccadilly, Park Lane]
10. What 2 colours make up the road sign for ‘clearway (no stopping)’ ? (RED & BLUE)
[a red cross in a circle with a blue background]
11. With which ‘pop group’ was TV presenter Bill Oddie a member ? (THE GOODIES)

12. Which famous playwright wrote the recent BBC comedy series ‘Blandings’ ? (PG WODEHOUSE)

13. Which 2 counties are connected by the Humber Bridge ? (YORKSHIRE & LINCOLNSHIRE)
[East Riding of Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire both of which were previously in the non-metropolitan county of Humberside]
14. What foodstuff is used to make polenta ? (CORN) ground.

15. What is the largest cat native to the Americas ? (JAGUAR)

16. The American brothers Taylor, Isaac & Zak form which band ? (HANSON)

17. Which monarch was on the throne at the very beginning of the 20th century ? (VICTORIA)
[1876 – 1901]
18. Which Scottish city is known as the Athens of the north ? (EDINBURGH)

19. Which famous 17th century diarist was also a naval administrator ? (SAMUEL PEPYS)

20. Ecchymoses is the medical term for what skin condition ? (BRUISING)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Which singer has a tattoo that says ‘Elvis grant me serenity’ ?, Ozzy Osbourne, Robbie Williams or
Mel C (Melanie Chisholm ?) (ROBBIE WILLIAMS) on his right arm.
2. In 2011, the standard rate of V.A.T. rose from 17½% to 20%, true or false ? (TRUE) Jan 2011.

3. In American football, how many points are awarded for a field goal ? (3)

4. What started in London first ?, the great fire or the bubonic plague ? (BUBONIC PLAGUE)
[plague-1665, great fire-1666]
5. One of David Bowie’s pupils is dilated due to being punched in the eye as a schoolboy by his friend,
true or false ? (TRUE)
6. What type of creature is the African jacana ?, is it a bird or a fish ? (BIRD)

7. According to a scientific American study, mice enjoy being massaged, true or false ? (TRUE)

8. Which country was the first to launch the jet ski ?, was it Japan, USA or Germany ?
(JAPAN) Kawasaki.
9. The Addams Family TV series was created by a man whose real name was Addams, true or false ? (TRUE) Charles Addams.
10. A listeners’ poll to find BBC Radio 6 Music’s top 100 tracks of the past 10 years voted which
song the number 1 ?, was it Arctic Monkeys’ I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, Elbow’s
One Day Like This or Clocks by Coldplay ? (CLOCKS – COLDPLAY)

Tie-Break:- Jane Austen was paid by her publisher an advance of how much for her book Pride and
Prejudice ? (£110)

Soul Night Friday 8th March

Northern Soul 3Hiya everyone
February’s Soul Night here was a success so let’s all make it another good one…….
Little Hulton Conservative Club
1 Armatage Avenue
Little Hulton
M38 0EH
Friday 8th March
Classic soul & Motown with stompers, floorfillers, oldies and modern
DJ’s Mike Prince & DJ Trev
7.30 till midnight
door entry £3, free raffle
contact me
or 07774 941293
see you there and KTF

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