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Trivia Quiz Week 7 2013

Trivia Quiz Week 7 2013

1. What weather condition is sometimes called a ‘pea souper’ ? (FOG)

2. Monopoly have replaced the iron with the shape of which popular pet as a playing piece on all their
new games ? (CAT)
3. Which king was found under a car park in Leicester last week ? (Feb 2013) (RICHARD III)

4. Botulinum toxin is better known by what other name ? (BOTOX)

5. Which group of Pacific holiday islands is famous for growing pineapples ? (HAWAIAN ISLANDS)

6. Professional singer Wynn Evans sells what product on TV ? (brand name) (GO COMPARE)
[Gio Compario]
7. Which Hollywood actor is currently in a TV ad trying to sell us EE 4G smart phones ?
8. Specifically what type of creature is a gila monster ? (LIZARD)

9. Apart from being ex-footballers, what is the professional connection between Mark Hughes,
Stuart Pierce & Kevin Keegan ? (EX-MANAGERS OF MAN CITY)
10. What name is given to a cow that has not yet calved ? (HEIFER)

11. Who was the original presenter of ‘Hole In The Wall’ ? (DALE WINTON)

12. What has recently become the UK’s second language ? (POLISH)

13. At the age of just 23, which Olympic gold medallist recently retired (Feb 2013) ?
14. Every year, freshwater eels migrate to which sea to breed ? (SARGASSO SEA)
[in the Atlantic ocean]
15. ‘The art of civilized bushwhacking’ is a term sometimes used for which card game ? (POKER)

16. At which sport do women compete in the World Cup Super Six tournament ? (CRICKET)

17. The Sartorius muscle is the longest muscle of the human body, where is it found ? (LEG)
[long thin muscle that runs down the length of the thigh]
18. The maximum penalty for drink-driving in England & Wales is a £5,000 fine, a 3 year ban and
how long in jail ? (6 MONTHS)
19. The name of what brand of office equipment is used as a verb meaning to photocopy ? (ZEROX)

20. How many No1 singles in the UK charts were there during the 1970s with a city (or town) in
the song title ? (3) or (4) if you accept Babylon as a city.
[Woodstock (Matthew’s Southern Comfort), Long Haired Lover From Liverpool (Little Jimmy Osmond),
Waterloo (ABBA) and Rivers Of Babylon (Boney M)]

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. In the USA, what sport do the Colorado Rapids play ?, football or soccer ? (SOCCER)

2. The official address for Buckingham Palace is No1, London, true or false ? (FALSE)
[No1, London is the address of the home of the Duke of Wellington, Apsley House, Hyde Park Corner]
3. Which creature is celebrated for the 2013 Chinese New Year ?, the snake or the dragon ?
4. Who is the owner of the Ritz hotel in Paris ?, is it Roman Abramovich or Mohamed Al-Fayed ?
5. David Jones adopted the name ‘David Bowie’ after learning about the 19th century American slave
trader Jim Bowie, true or false ? (TRUE)
6. There is a sea in the south-western Pacific ocean named after which famous German ?, is it
Becker, Bismarck or Handel ? (BISMARCK)
7. Comedian David Walliams’ real name is David Williams, true or false ? (TRUE)

8. From which country did bacon originate ?, Canada, England or France ? (FRANCE) 11th century.

9. Irishman Louis Walsh is the cousin of TV host Bradley Walsh, true or false ? (FALSE)

10. Which was the first European country to host the Football World Cup ? was it France, Italy or
Switzerland ? (ITALY) 1934.


Tie-Break:- A 200lb pig will produce approximately how many pounds of bacon ? (20lbs)

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