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Trivia Quiz Week 18 2013

1. ‘The Thatcher Years’ was mainly in which decade of the 20th century ? (1980s) 79-90.

2. According to the old WWII posters, what did walls have ? (EARS)

3. ‘Spud the scarecrow’ is a character in which children’s animated TV show ? (BOB THE BUILDER)

4. What word connects a law-abiding American and a chocolate bar ? (BOUNTY)
[Dog the bounty hunter]
5. Which farm animal can be trained to find truffles ? (PIGS)

6. Which actor connects the films, Educating Rita, The Dark Knight & The Italian Job ?
7. The central nervous system connects the spinal column to which organ ? (BRAIN)

8. The American spelling of ‘plough’ ends with which letter ? (W) plow.

9. Which member of the royal family claims they woke up with a black eye recently ?
10. According to the pirate song, how many men were on a dead man’s chest ? (15)

11. ‘The Old Possums Book Of Practical Cats’ is a book of poems by TS Eliot that was made into
which stage musical ? (CATS) Andrew Lloyd Webber.
12. Which musical instrument did professor Brian Cox play when he was in the 90s band, D-Ream ?
13. In senior competitions of judo, what colour belt is the grade immediately below black belt ?
14. Which current Radio 2 DJ was the very first Radio 1 DJ ? (TONY BLACKBURN)

15. What 6-letter word is the name of beautiful Roman mythical creatures and something the
police may have ? (SIRENS)
16. I was born in Edinburgh, I am a 58 yr old ex-leader of the conservative party and I was once a
lieutenant in the Royal Scots Guards, who am I ? (IAIN DUNCAN-SMITH)
17. Lemon, tiger & bull are 3 types of which sea creature ? (SHARK)

18. “Hey baby, come over here and shut them tight” are lyrics from which 1990 No1 single ?
19. Phobos & Deimos are 2 moons that orbit which planet in our solar system ? (MARS)
brain teaser
20. In a small cabin in the woods, two men lay dead, the cabin itself is not burned, but the forest all
around is burned to cinders, how did the men die ?

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. How many letter ‘I’ s are in the American spelling of Aluminium ? (1) aluminum.

2. Who invented the ladies ‘bra’ ?, was it a man or a woman ? (WOMAN)
[American, Mary Phelps in 1913]
3. What was introduced as an Olympic sport in 2000 ?, was it BMX or the trampoline ?
(TRAMPOLINE) BMX was 2008.
4. ‘Bluebottle’ was an old slang term used for sailors of the first world war, true or false ? (FALSE)
[bluebottle was used for policemen]
5. In which decade did David Bowie release the most albums ? 70s, 80s, or 90s ? (70s) 9.
[5 in 80s & 5 in 90s]
6. Who is currently No1 on the top 10 rich list of Premiership footballers ?, is it Louis Suarez,
Ryan Giggs or Wayne Rooney ? (WAYNE ROONEY) £50 million.
7. In classical music, a piano trio consists of 3 pianos, true or false ? (FALSE)
[it consists of a piano, a violin & a cello]
8. In old money before decimalisation, how many shillings were in 1 guinea ?, 21, 25 or 30 ? (21)

9. Who holds the record for the most consecutive weeks in the UK’s Official Albums Chart
Top 10 of any debut album ?, Adele, Emeli Sande or the Beatles ? (EMELI SANDE)
10. The aeroplane was the first human invention to break the sound barrier, true or false ? (FALSE)
[it was the whip]

Tie-Break:- A cat has how many muscles in both its ears ? (64) 32 in each.

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  1. Michael Callighan said:

    Mike these quizzes are a god send, many thanks for the work you put in. Regards Mick

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