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Trivia Quiz Week 24 2013

1. What type of fish can be red, pink or sockeye ? (SALMON)

2. What 3-letter word describes an animal on Sesame Street and a Tom Hanks film ? (BIG) Big Bird.

3. German car manufacturer, Bavarian Motor Works is better known by what initials ? (BMW)

4. What can be a type of bread or old fashioned ladies underwear ? (BLOOMER)

5. In which European country is the Black Forest ? (GERMANY)

6. What do the Americans call what we call a post code ? (ZIP CODE)

7. Equal amounts of yellow & blue make up which colour ? (GREEN)

8. What was the title of the first ever chart entry by the Spice Girls ? (WANNABE) 1996.

9. Who preceded Alex Ferguson as manager of Man Utd ? (RON ATKINSON)

10. Which group did 37yr old pop singer Ian Watkins leave 2001 ? (STEPS) ‘H’

11. The popular island of Lesbos is a group of islands belonging to which country ? (GREECE)

12. Which couple lives at No3 Coronation Street ? (EMILY BISHOP & NORRIS COLE)

13. What animals are you afraid of if you suffer from hippophobia ? (HORSES)

14. Highgrove is the home of which member of the royal family ? (PRINCE CHARLES)

15. Which musical instrument did Phil Collins play when he performed with Genesis ? (DRUMS)

16. Which children’s character lives at 32 Windsor Gardens ? (PADDINGTON BEAR)

17. What can be a high ranking official of the Chinese Empire or a type of fruit ? (MANDARIN)

18. Which world famous brewery launched Harp lager in 1960 ? (GUINNESS)

19. Peter, Meg, Chris & Lois are characters in which US cartoon show ? (FAMILY GUY)

20. ‘Satisfaction when we’re done, Satisfaction of what’s to come’ is a line from which 1990
No2 UK hit ? (GROOVE IS IN THE HEART) Deee Lite.

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. What did Michael Douglas & Katherine Zeta Jones name their son ?, was it Dylan or Donovan ?
2. The first man to commercially pickle vegetables was called Richard Branston, true or false ?
(FALSE) Pickling began 4000 years ago India using cucumbers.
3. What occurred in the Kalahari desert in 1981 for the first time since records began?………
did it snow or rain ? (IT SNOWED)
4. In Texas, anyone caught more than twice drinking alcohol under the age of 21 can be fined
$1,000 and jailed for 30 days, true or false ? (FALSE) it’s £500, no jail term.
5. Which famous bear celebrates his 65th birthday this year (2013) ?, Paddington, Sooty or Yogi ?
(SOOTY) purchased by Harry Corbett from a gift shop on Blackpool North Pier 19th July 1948.
6. The Australian koala bear eats exclusively the leaves of the eucalyptus tree, true or false ?
(FALSE) they also eat Acacia, Allocasuarina, Callitris, Leptospermum & Melaleuca.
7. What would you do with a ‘glass harp’ ?, drink it, play it or wear it ? (PLAY IT)
[played by running moistened fingers around the rim of the glasses]
8. A Nottinghamshire village has eight different speed limits in just over one mile of road,
true or false ? (TRUE) Zouch.
9. What is the currency of Bolivia ?, is it the peso, dollar or the Boliviano ? (BOLIVIANO)

10. The word galaxy derives from the Greek word for milk, true or false ? (TRUE)
[galaktikos means milky]

Tie-Break:- The longest continuous border between 2 countries is between the USA & Canada,
how long is it ? (in miles) (3,987 miles)

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