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Trivia Quiz Week 28 2013

Trivia Quiz Week 28 2013

1. Which juicy green fruit is named after a New Zealand bird ? (KIWI)

2. Where did Wallace & Gromit visit in their 1989 film ‘A Grand Day Out’ ? (THE MOON)

3. Singer Colleen Nolan married which Eastenders actor in 1990 ? (SHANE RICHIE)
4. How many different cities host the tennis Grand Slam tournament ? (4)
[Melbourne, Paris, London, New York]
5. The wife of which footballer says that her husband could play the next James Bond ?
6. How many states/territories are there on mainland Australia ? (6)
[Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria ]
7. Which ex Motown recording star was once the lead singer of the Commodores ?
8. What relation is James Middleton to Prince William ? (BROTHER-IN-LAW)

9. Which actress famously has the co-ordinates of her children’s birthplaces on her arm ?
10. The Gruesome Twosome & the Slag Brothers are characters in which children’s TV cartoon ?
11. Which 2 cities were linked by the M1 when it first opened ? (BIRMINGHAM & LONDON)

12. How many sides are there on a pair of hexagons ? (12) hexagon has sides.

13. Which actor directed and starred in the film ‘Dances With Wolves’ ? (KEVIN COSTNER)

14. The River Nile flows into which sea ? (MEDITERRANEAN)

15. Before it was shortened, what two words were given to ongoing episodes of any TV drama ? (SOAP OPERA)
16. In 2011, the producers announced that which TV soap was going to be turned into a stage
musical ? (CORONATION ST)
17. What thick cream is also known as Devonshire cream ? (CLOTTED CREAM)

18. Which retail tycoon’s daughter Chloe, has launched a range of shoes for Topshop ?
19. What are you wearing if you are called hirsute ? (A BEARD)

20. According to MUTV (Man Utd television), who is the only footballer to have played for Man Utd,
Man City, Liverpool & Everton ? (PETER BEARDSLEY)
[he played for Man U for half a game, on loan in 1982]

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Wimbledon is the only tennis Grand Slam event played on grass, true or false ? (TRUE)

2. Of the 4 strokes in competition swimming, which is the slowest ?, breaststroke or butterfly ?
3. What would you do with a black trumpet ?, eat it, drink it or play it ? (EAT IT)
[it’s a type of mushroom]
4. In which British city was the birth of Balti curry ?, was it Birmingham, Glasgow or Manchester ?
5. The Calcutta Cup is contested for in Rugby Union, true or false ? (TRUE)

6. What is a ‘haandi’ ?, is it a Dutch wild bird or a Pakistani cooking pot ? (PAKISTANI POT)

7. The world’s largest carnivore is the polar bear, true or false ? (FALSE)
[it’s the sperm whale, they eat squid]
8. Football, with 144 caps between them, who are England’s most capped brothers ?, the Charlton’s
or the Neville’s ? (NEVILLES) Gary (85) & Phil (59)
9. There is a village in Turkey that that changed its name and is now called ‘Delight’, true or false ? (FALSE)
10. DJ Kenny Everett was sacked from Radio 1 because he said the transport ministers wife had
probably passed her driving test by slipping the examiner a fiver, true or false ? (TRUE)

Tie-Break:- At the Kellogg’s factory in Trafford Park (Manchester), on average how many boxes of
cereals are produced every day ? (750,000)


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