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Trivia Quiz Week 29

Trivia Quiz Week 29 2013

1. In the children’s story, which animal is beaten in a race by a tortoise ? (HARE) not rabbit.

2. In darts, what is the maximum score with 2 arrows ? (120) 2 x treble 20.

3. Which 76 yr old actress is set to return to Eastenders in the Autumn for a one-off appearance ?
4. What 6-letter word connects Frankie Valli, the Bee Gees & John Travolta ? (GREASE)

5. In cafes & restaurants, ‘afternoon’ and ‘high’ are names of which meal ? (TEA)

6. Lana Lang was the first girlfriend of which superhero ? (SUPERMAN)

7. ‘Because you’re worth it’ is the advertising slogan of which company brand ? (L’OREAL)

8. In poker, a hand containing any 5 cards of the same suit is called what ? (FLUSH) not royal flush.

9. British businessman Charles Saatchi married which TV chef in 2003 ? (NIGELLA LAWSON)

10. In mythology what type of animal was the winged Pegasus ? (HORSE)

11. What does the modern day acronym ‘MAMIL’ stand for ? (MIDDLE AGED MEN IN LYCRA)

12. Who connects the TV comedy series The Young Ones, Blackadder & the Queen musical We Will
Rock You ? (BEN ELTON) he wrote them.
13. What do the French call what the English call a motorway ? (AUTOROUTE)

14. In which decade of the 20th century did Albert Einstein die ? (1950s) April 1955.
[my grandma told me that she gave a handjob to Einstein……what a stroke of genius that was !]
15. Before decimalization, how many old pennies made up £1 ? (240)
[one shilling was the same as 12p and there were 20 shillings to the pound, so that made £1 = 240d.]
16. Which scouse actor played the new regenerated doctor in the 1996 TV film of Dr Who ?
17. In a protest over oil drilling in the arctic, Greenpeace activists recently climbed which tall
building in London ? (THE SHARD)
18. What is the underwater equivalent of radar ? (SONAR)

19. Which footballer left Man Utd in 1999 then joined Man City in 2002 ? (PETER SCHMEICHEL)

20. ‘A smell of wine and cheap perfume for a smile they can share the night’ is a line from which 1981
US top 10 hit ? (DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’) Journey.

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. The Canary Islands is named after what type of creature ?, a bird or a mammal ? (MAMMAL)
[The name Islas Canarias is likely derived from the Latin name Canariae Insulae, meaning “Island of the Dogs”,]
2. Derby council has officially named a road in the town as Lara Croft Way, true or false ? (TRUE)
[it’s part of Mercian Way ring road]
3. What would you do with a ‘deer’s tongue’ ? (which is not actually the tongue of a deer), would you
eat it smoke it or wear it ? (EAT IT) it’s a variety of lettuce.
4. In the late 1990s Actor Heath Ledger was a member of the cast in the Aussie soap Home & Away,
true or false ? (TRUE) as Scott Irwin.
5. Roquefort cheese is made from the milk of what animal ?, goat, cow or sheep ? (SHEEP) French.

6. During WWII, eating carrots was promoted as improving night vision, true or false ? (TRUE)

7. In Australia, what type of creature is a boomer ?, is it a snake or a kangaroo ? (KANGAROO)
[name given to a mature male]
8. Chef Gorgon Ramsay’s favourite meal is a full English breakfast, true or false ? (FALSE) curry.

9. Steven Harper is the current prime minister of which part of the Commonwealth ?, New Zealand,
Canada or the Falkland Islands ? (CANADA)
10. Members of the official Clair Balding fan club call themselves ‘baldy’s’, true or false ? (FALSE)

Tie-Break:- Not including cities, how many towns are there in England ? (936)


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