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Trivia Quiz Week 36 2013

Trivia Quiz Week 36 2013

1. What 4-letter slang name do the English sometimes give to natives of Scotland ? (JOCK)

2. What is the name given to a rider of horse racing called ? (JOCKEY)

3. What 9-letter word is given for the undergarment worn by male sportsmen ? (JOCKSTRAP)

4. In the film ‘Babe’, what farm animal was Babe ? (A PIG)

5. What 3-letter word goes before plant & after boiled ? (EGG) egg plant (aubergine)

6. In a library, what is often shortened to O.E.D. ? (OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY)

7. Actor John Malkovich played himself in which 1999 film ? (BEING JOHN MALKOVICH)

8. What type of cars were predominately used in the Michael Caine film the Italian Job ? (MINI’S)
[Mini Cooper ‘S’]
9. In the new BBC programme, ‘That Puppet Gameshow’, what type of creature is Clyde the score
keeper ? (CRAB)
10. Which English king had the nickname the Lionheart ? (RICHARD I)
[he went over to the Middle-East to fight the Muslims]
11. What mammal found in Scotland is also known as the Highland Tiger ? (SCOTTISH WILD CAT)

12. In which decade did Pete Sampras win his first Wimbledon singles title ? (1990s) 1993.

13. According to the 1978 song, what was the name of Jilted John’s ex girlfriend ? (JULIE)
[real name-Graham Fellows]
14. Which country’s flag displays an eagle eating a snake ? (MEXICO)

15. Which actress plays Molly Weasley in the Harry Potter films ? (JULIE WALTERS)

16. How many pawns does each player have at the start of a game of chess? (8) 8 on each side.

17. Leinster Rugby Club plays out of which Irish city ? (DUBLIN)

18. In 2006, which Aussie naturalist was famously killed while filming a stingray ? (STEVE IRWIN)

19. Which ocean borders Western Australia ? (INDIAN OCEAN)

20. ‘I don’t want to two time you, so it’s the end for you and me’, is a line from which song from the
1970s ? (JILTED JOHN)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Manyana means ‘next week’ in Spanish, true or false ? (FALSE) means tomorrow.

2. How many times has actress Julie Walters been nominated for an Academy Award (Oscar) ?,
is it 2, 4 or 6 times ? (2 TIMES) Billy Elliot & Educating Rita.
3. A bush tit is a type of British bird, true or false ? (TRUE)
[it’s another name for the long-tailed tit]
4. When they are both in London, how often does the prime minister have an audience with the
Queen ?, is it once a week, once a month or once a year ? (ONCE A WEEK)
5. Imports of traditional Scottish Haggis is banned in the USA, true or false ? (TRUE)

6. How many US states make up New England ? (6)
[Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont]
7. Eastenders actress Rita Simons who plays Roxy Mitchell is the niece of businessman Alan Sugar,
true or false ? (TRUE)
8. The oldest public library in the English speaking world is where ?, Liverpool or Manchester ?
(MANCHESTER) Long Millgate nr M/CR cathedral. founded in 1653, 360 years old
9. Which singer replaced Jennifer Lopez as judge on American Idol in 2012 ?, was it Mariah Carey
or Diana Ross ? (MARIAH CAREY)
10. Which songwriter has topped the Sunday times music rich list since the birth of the list 24 years
ago ?, is it Elton John, Paul McCartney or Andrew Lloyd Webber ? (PAUL McCARTNEY)£680m

Tie-Break:- A 63yr old woman trying to become the first person to swim from the Cuba, to Florida,
what is the distance (in miles) ? (103 MILES)

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