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Trivia Quiz Week 40 2013

Trivia Quiz Week 40 2013

1. Dennis the Menace is a character that features in which kids comic ? (BEANO)

2. What colour of Blue Peter badge is the most prestigious ? (GOLD)

3. X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger has recently split up from which F1 driver ?
4. What word goes before ‘stream’ and after ‘turbo’ ? (JET)

5. What type of animal is a ‘small tortoiseshell’ ? (BUTTERFLY)

6. Who was British Prime Minister in 2009 ? (GORDON BROWN)
7. Elephants from which continent have the smaller ears ? (ASIA)

8. ‘Otto’ is the Italian for which number ? (8)

9. In which sport was Stephen Lee recently banned for 12 years & ordered to pay £40,000 costs
after being found guilty of match-fixing ? (SNOOKER)
10. What do the Americans call what we Brits call a jam sandwich ? (JELLY SANDWICH)

11. 23 yr old Megan Young, from the island of Bali recently won which competition ?
12. On a standard Monopoly board, what railway station comes last alphabetically ? (MARYLEBONE)
[Fenchurch Street, King’s Cross, Liverpool Street, Marylebone]
13. Which singer from the 1950s is mentioned in the song, ‘Come On Eileen’ ? (JOHNNY RAY)

14. The Peterloo massacre of 1819 took place in which English city ? (MANCHESTER)
[it happened in what is now St Peter’s Square]
15. In darts, what word refers to a check out using the treble, single & then double of the same
number ? (SHANGHAI)
16. Which punk band consisted of Paul Cook, Steve Jones, John Lydon & Glen Matlock ?
(SEX PISTOLS) Glen Matlock was later replaced by Sid Vicious (John Simon Ritchie)
17. Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights was mainly filmed in which small town ? (FARNWORTH)
[It was set in Bolton but filmed in St Gregory’s & the Old Vets club, both in Farnworth]
18. ‘Bright blessed days….dark sacred nights’ is a line from which massive 1968 UK number 1 ?
19. Which character has been played by Gene Hackman in 1976, Kevin Spacey in 2006 & Michael
Rosenbaum until 2011 ? (LEX LUTHER) Superman.
20. Which comic character owns a breed of dog that is an Abyssinian wire haired tripehound ?

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Before going into politics, Tony Blair played guitar in a rock group called Ugly Rumours, true or
false ? (TRUE)
2. In the circus, what was Charlie Cairoli’s occupation ?, a juggler, a clown or a trapeze artist ?
3. Writing paper was invented by the Egyptians, true or false ? (FALSE) was China.

4. What is the name given to the resident cat that lives at number 10 Downing Street ?, is it Curly,
Larry or Mo ? (LARRY)
5. The new mobile network company initials EE means ‘Everyone Else’ , true or false ? (FALSE)
[Everything Everywhere]
6. Which is the world’s oldest underground railway system ?, is it Paris, London or New York ?
(LONDON) 1863. [Paris-1900, New York-1868]
7. In 2012, what website valued its shares at 104 billion dollars before going public ?, was it Twitter
or Facebook ? (FACEBOOK)
8. How many of the 11 England players of the 1966 World Cup Final are still alive ?, 7, 8 or 9 ? (9)
[Bobby Moore & Alan Ball]
9. The Duke & Duchess of Bedford recently had their baby boy christened ‘Hazard James’,
true or false ? (FALSE)
10. Which musical instrument did jazz musician Louis Armstrong play ?, saxophone, piano or trumpet?

Tie-Break:- How many stations are there on the London Underground ? (270)

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