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Trivia Quiz Week 26 2014

Trivia Quiz Week 26 2014

1. Which female country singer recently performed at Glastonbury ? (DOLLY PARTON)

2. Which female character has a new film released called ‘D’Movie’ ? (MRS BROWN)
[Brendon O’Carroll]
3. In the Disney film Finding Nemo, what type of fish is Nemo ? (CLOWN FISH)

4. How many Giant Pandas live in British zoos ?, 2, 4 or 6 ? (2) both in Edinburgh zoo.

5. Which muscle in the upper arm pulls the forearm closer to the shoulder ? (BICEP)

6. Which ‘girl group’ danced with Diversity as guests in the final of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent ?
7. Which author wrote the Miss Marple mysteries ?, Agatha Christie or Jessica Fletcher ? (AGATHA CHRISTIE)
8. In which city was Lord Of The Rings & Riverdance creator Michael Flatley born ?, was it
Chicago or Cork ? (CHICAGO)
9. In golf, a double bogey is a score of how many strokes over par ? (2)

10. In what decade were yellow tennis balls first used at Wimbledon ?, 1960s, 70s or 80s ? (1980s)
11. Which is the only UK top 20 hit single by Abba that features a male lead vocalist ?
12. A rat named Splinter was the trainer & father figure of which group of superheroes ?
13. The Cochlea is situated specifically where on the human body ? (EAR) inner ear

14. The Zambezi River in Africa flows into what ocean ? (INDIAN OCEAN)

15. What is the official title for the senior judge in the UK ? (LORD CHANCELLOR)

16. Which famous Scotsman owns the luxury hotel, the Cromlix in Stirling ?, is it Andy Murray,
Sean Connery or Calvin Harris ? (ANDY MURRAY)
17. In what state of the American New England states comes last alphabetically ? (VERMONT)
[Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, & Vermont]
18. What group did John Lydon form after leaving the Sex Pistols ? (PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED)

19. What 2 letters can you put in front of a European country to make a F1 racing team ? (M & A)
20. What is the connection between Bryan Ferry, Yoko Ono, Fatboy Slim, Blondie & Dolly Parton ?

Family Fortunes type questions
(5 points for top answer, 4 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd, 2 points for 4th, 1 point for 5th)
teams are only allowed 1 answer for each question
1. Name a famous TV chef ? (1 point) GINO DeCAMPO, (2) DELIA SMITH,
2. Where would most women want to lose weight ? (1) FACE, (2) THIGHS, (3) BOTTOM, (4) HIPS
top answer for (5 points) WAIST
3. Name something you might find in a trunk in the attic ? DOLL (1), LETTERS (2), BOOKS/DIARY
(3),PICTURES/PHOTOS (4), top answer for (5 points) CLOTHES
4. Name a liquid you put in your car ? BRAKE FLUID (1), ANTI-FREEZE (2), WATER (3), OIL (4)
top answer PETROL/DIESEL (5 points)
5. Name a place where people hide things ? BEHIND PICTURES (1 point), BISCUIT TIN (2),
6. Name a well known brand of cider (1) RED ROCK, (2) K, (3) WOODPECKER, (4) MAGNERS,
top answer (5 points) STRONGBOW.
7. Name something you put on a hamburger ? (1 point) CHEESE, (2) PICKLE, (3) MUSTARD,
(4) ONION, (5 points) top answer KETCHUP.
8. Name an occupation associated with cars ? (1point) TRAFFIC WARDEN, (2) RACING DRIVER,
(3) CAR SALESMAN, (4) TAXI DRIVER, (5 points) top answer MECHANIC.
9. Name something you are sure to turn off before leaving the house ? TV (1), LIGHTS (2),
HEATER (3), IRON (4) top answer for COOKER/OVEN (5)
10. Name a reason people give for not leaving a tip ?
TOO POOR (1), LOUSY FOOD (2), NO CHANGE (3), RUDENESS (4) top answer BAD SERVICE (5)

Tie-Break:- How many different species of butterflies breed in Britain ? (59)

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