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Trivia Quiz Week 30 2014

Trivia Quiz Week 30 2014

1. ‘Oh Yes’ is the current advertising slogan of which insurance company ? (CHURCHILL)

2. On the TV adverts, what breed of dog is the Churchill dog ? (BULLDOG)

3. Which genre of music is often shortened to ‘D & B’ ? (DRUM & BASS)

4. What type of vehicle could surprisingly fly in the film E.T. ? (BICYCLE)

5. In the TV quiz show ‘The Chase’, what is the most used word by the team when Bradley Walsh
asks how they feel after they have been caught by the chaser ? (GUTTED)
6. What is the nearest town to the Grand National horse racing track ? (AINTREE)

7. The song ‘American Pie’ was about which rock & roll singer ? (BUDDY HOLLY)

8. Which is the only natural, unprocessed foodstuff that never goes off ? (HONEY)

9. What 8-letter name is used for a scientist that studies the life of plants ? (BOTANIST)

10. What do we call what the Americans call suspenders ? (BRACES)

11. In what decade was the Queen’s second son born ? (1960s) 19th Feb 1960.
[Prince Andrew]
12. Who sang the theme tune to the 1978 film ‘Grease’ ? (FRANKIE VALLI)
13. In Olympic swimming, what is the second discipline in the 400 metres individual medley ?
(BACKSTROKE) butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle.
14. In the Bible, who had the golden calf melted down after coming down from Mount Sinai ?
15. Who comes first under the letter ‘U’ in the Virgin Book Of British Hit Singles ? (UB40)

16. What 2 precious stones are the most commonly used on a record player stylus ?
17. Red, Blue, White, Black, Orange, what 2 colours comes next in sequence ? (BLACK & WHITE)
[they are the jacket colours of greyhound racing]
18. What are the first 4 words of the song, ‘Barbie Girl’ ? (HIYA BARBIE, HI KEN)

19. What letter of the alphabet is used for the Spanish word ‘AND’ ? (Y)

20. A pair of what, connects a part of a train station, a long thin knife & a type of flatfish ?
(SHOES) platform, stiletto, sole.

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. In 2012, who bought the famous Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car for £500,000 ?, was it Chris Moyles,
Chris Evans or Dick Van Dyke ? (CHRIS EVANS)
2. Which pop singing duo has made a musical tribute to wartime code breaker Alan Turing, at the
first of this year’s Late Night Proms ?, is it Erasure or the Pet Shop Boys ? (PET SHOP BOYS)
3. The name of what semi-precious stone comes from the Greek for fingernails ?, is it
Amethyst, Onyx or Topaz ? (ONYX)
4. To further his career in the WWE, American wrestler Sting has changed his name by deed poll to
John Elton, true or false ? (FALSE)
5. What Apple product was first launched in 2007 ?, was it the iPod, iPhone or iPad ? (iPhone)
[iPod-2001. iPad-2010 ]
6. Former Radio 1 DJ Kenny Everett once played the part of a punk rocker called ‘Gizzard Puke’,
true or false ? (TRUE)
7. What type of creature is a gadwall ?, is it a bird, a reptile or a fish ? (BIRD) duck.

8. In the ‘Carry On’ film, ‘Carry On Girls’ was set in the holiday resort of ‘Tossem’, true or false ?
(FALSE) it was ‘Firkham’.
9. The mother of which former Beatle was run down & killed in a motor accident ?, was it George
Harrison or John Lennon ? (JOHN LENNON)
10. It’s possible to charge a mobile phone using 800 apples & potatoes connected with copper wire &
nails, true or false ? (TRUE) see below
By stringing 800 pieces of fruit and vegetables together with galvanized nails and wire, artist Caleb Charland was able to scale-up the power output so much that it could charge a mobile phone – in this case a Nokia Lumia 930, charged via a wireless mat. The hand-built circuit created an electrical current of an average 20mA and around six volts.


Tie-Break:- How many countries competed in the recent Glasgow Commonwealth Games ? (71)

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