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Trivia Quiz Week 31 2014

Trivia Quiz Week 31 2014

1. The Spanish football club Real Madrid play their home games in which city ? (MADRID)
[Santiago Bernabéu Stadium]
2. What is the main vegetable ingredient of a traditional meat & potato pie ? (POTATOES)

3. What are the starting gates called in a greyhound race ? (TRAPS)

4. Port, sherry & claret are types of which chewy sweets ? (WINE GUMS)

5. Alf, Audrey & Billy are the 1st names of which fictional family from the North West of England ?
6. What charity was launched by Richard Curtis & Lenny Henry in 1985 ? (COMIC RELIEF)
[red nose day]
7. What name connects an old Dr Who actor, a very camp singer from the 70s & a black & white cat?
8. Hanukkah is a festival celebrated by which religion ? (JEWISH)

9. What 8-letter word connects a European city & a green vegetable ? (BRUSSELS) (Belgium)

10. In which decade did Woody Allen direct his first film ? (60s) 1966.
[what’s up Tiger Lily]
11. King James I of England was King James the what, of Scotland ? (KING JAMES VI) 6th.

12. What 2 creatures are featured on the Australian coat of arms ? (KANGAROO & EMU)
13. What 10-letter word is a name that describes the following…..kayak, rotavator & sexes ?
14. What type of creature (precise answer) is a Camberwell Beauty ? (BUTTERFLY)

15. What dessert sauce made from raspberries is named after an opera singer ? (MELBA SAUCE)
[Australian, Dame Nelly Melba]
16. If 6 countries competed at the Olympics in the 4x400m relay, how many metres will be run in
total ? (9,600m)
17. Oprah Winfrey is named after which of the old Marx Brothers comedians ? (HARPO)
[Oprah is Harpo backwards]
18. In the Daniel Defoe novel, for how many years was Robinson Crusoe a castaway ? (28 YRS)

19. According to the Virgin Book of British Hit Singles (not including mixes), how many hits has actor
John Travolta had ? (4)
[1, Sandy, 2, Greased Lightning, 3, You’re The One That I Want, 4, Summer Nights]
20. World record holder Usain Bolt has asked on several occasions for a trial with which football

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. 60s rock & roll singer, the late Billy Fury came from which city ?, Los Angeles or Liverpool ?
2. The 80s group Level 42 originally called themselves the Mars Bars, until the chocolate company
threatened legal action, true or false ? (FALSE) it was Gerry & the Pacemakers.
3. How many European countries took part in the recent Commonwealth Games in Glasgow ?, 5, 8 or
10 ? (10) England, Scotland, Wales, N/Ireland, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle Of Man, Jersey, Malta.
4. Comedian Jim Moir is better known as who ?, is it Jim Davidson, Vic Reeves or Jasper Carrott ?
(VIC REEVES) Jasper Carrott’s real name is Robert Davis.
5. In Greek mythology, the god of thunder was called Thor, true or false ? (FALSE)
[Norse mythology]
6. Which native American chief lends his name to an American car company ?, is it Buick, Cadillac or
Pontiac ? (PONTIAC) Ottawa war chief.
7. The Bugatti car company was founded in Italy, true or false ? (FALSE) founded in France.

8. ‘Just Getting Started’ is the title of an autobiography by whom ?, Justin Bieber or Bob Dylan ?
9. How many first team players from outside Europe signed for Liverpool FC in the 1980s ?,
2, 3 or 4 ? (2) Bruce Grobbelaar (Zimbabwe 81), Craig Johnson (Australia 81)
10. A man from Kenya won a gold medal at the recent Commonwealth Games for the javelin………
he learned the technique of how to throw it on YouTube, true or false ? (TRUE)
[Julius Kiplangat Yego]

Tie-Break – In which year was the Salvation Army founded ? (1865)

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