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Week 50 2014

Trivia Quiz Week 50 2014

1. Which of Santa’s reindeer shares its name with a mythical god of love? (CUPID)

2. In the Christmas carol, which town is known as Royal David’s City ? (BETHLEHEM)

3. On what date in December does the 12 Days Of Christmas officially begin ? (25th DEC)

4. Which magician shares his name with a Charles Dickens character ? (DAVID COPPERFIELD)

5. What name is given to the sausages traditionally used to make ‘Pigs in Blankets’ ? (CHIPOLATA)
[wrapped in bacon]
6. What bone is located between the femur & tibia ? (PATELLA) knee bone.

7. What is the only nationality mentioned in the 12 Days Of Christmas ? (FRENCH) hens.

8. ‘Gluhwein’ [pronounced glue-vine) is the name given to which traditional Christmas drink in
Germany ? (MULLED WINE)
9. Which former cabinet minister hit the headlines recently after arguing with a taxi driver over
directions ? (DAVID MELLOR)
10. Nakatomi, the multi-story business tower was raided by terrorists in which classic Christmas
film ? (DIE HARD) 1988.
11. What is the main alcoholic ingredient added to Advocaat to make a snowball cocktail ? (BRANDY) or cognac.
12. What was Mr Bean searching for when he got his head stuck in a turkey ? (HIS WRISTWATCH)
13. In the rhyme Christmas is coming, what coin was put in the old man’s hat ? (PENNY)

14. In the children’s story, who is Princess Marcella ? (SLEEPING BEAUTY)

15. Feliz Navidad is Happy Christmas in which language ? (SPANISH)

16. What was the name of the world’s first credit card ? (DINERS CLUB) 1950.

17. In cockney rhyming slang what are ‘eyes’ called ? (MINCE PIES)

18. ‘Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents’ is the opening line from which classic novel?
19. At which of her homes does the Queen traditionally spend Christmas ? (SANDRINGHAM)

20. If you added together the number of blackbirds baked in a pie, the number of men the Grand old
Duke of York had and the bags of wool Baa Baa Black Sheep had, what number should you have ?
blackbirds – 24
Duke of York men – 10,000
bags of wool – 3
Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. The character Wishee Washee first appeared in the pantomime Aladdin, true or false ? (TRUE)

2. Who, once famously said “before Elvis there was nothing”, was it John Lennon, Shakin’ Stevens or
Elvis Costello ? (JOHN LENNON)
3. In the film ‘Jingle All The Way’ the toy Arnold Schwarzenegger was hunting for was called
‘Action Man’, true or false ? (FALSE) was Turbo Man.
4. How many countries border Luxembourg ?, 3, 4 or 5 ? (3)
[Belgium, France, Germany]
5. The very first advert on Channel 5 in 1997 was Chanel No5, true or false ? (TRUE)

6. Which writer died in the 20th century in Redding?, was it Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde or
Charles Dickens ? (MARK TWAIN) Redding, Connecticut, USA.
7. The woollen clothing known as a Jersey originates from the island of Jersey, true or false ?
(TRUE) there is also an item called a Guernsey.
8. In 1535, King Henry VIII imposed a tax on what ? was it (A)-growing a beard, (B)-attending a
Catholic church on Christmas Day or (C)-owning a dog ? (A)-GROWING A BEARD)
9. The actress & singer, Eartha Kitt who hit the charts with the original ‘Santa Baby’ & starred as
Batman’s enemy Catwoman died on Christmas Day 2008, true or false ? (TRUE)
10. ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’ first appeared on which David Bowie album ?, was it Pin-Ups or
Aladdin Sane ? (ALADDIN SANE)

Tie-Break:- The fastest wind ever recorded on land was in 1934 in the USA,
how fast was it ? in [in mph] (231mph)

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