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Trivia Quiz Week 51 2014

Trivia Quiz Week 51 (END OF YEAR) 2014

1. Who won this year’s X-Factor ? (full name) (BEN HAENOW)

2. What was revealed this year as the new James Bond film title ? (SPECTRE)

3. Which country won the 2014 FIFA World Cup ? (GERMANY)

4. Which team became 2014 FA Cup Champions ? (ARSENAL)

5. Who signed off from BBC’s “Newsnight” for the last time this year ? (JEREMY PAXMAN)

6. What was revealed as “The Force Awakens” in November ? (THE NEW STAR WARS FILM)

7. Which singer was announced as the new women’s creative director of the sports firm, Puma ?
8. What was the name of the Paralympic style games launched by Prince Harry for wounded soldiers?
9. In which controversial TV cartoon does Kurt Cobain, Tupac & Michael Jackson all come back from
the dead, not to mention an appearance by Bill Cosby ? (SOUTH PARK)
10. Who was voted the BBC Sports Personality of the year ? (LEWIS HAMILTON)

11. How many Grand Prix did Lewis Hamilton win to secure this year’s Formula 1 Drivers
Championship ? (11)
12. Which film was awarded 3 Oscars, including the Best Picture Award, at the 86th Academy
Awards ? (12 YEARS A SLAVE)
13. Who took over as interim manager of Manchester United after the sacking of David Moyes ?
14. Which great work of civil engineering celebrated its centenary in August of this year ?
15. What was the name given to the baby of Zara Phillips & Mike Tindall born in January this year ?
16. Which UK city hosted a two day NATO conference in September ? (NEWPORT) South Wales.

17. Who announced his retirement after losing the Scottish Independence vote ?
18. How many countries are members of the ‘Euro Zone’ ? (18)
[Latvia officially adopted the Euro on January 1st this year]
19. Which city hosted this year’s Winter Olympics ? (SOCHI) Russia.

20. Who did Phillip Hammond replace as Foreign Secretary in July ? (WILLIAM HAGUE)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. What name did Simon Cowell & his wife give to their son born on St Valentine’s Day this year ?…
was it Eric or Ernie ? (ERIC)
2. In June this year, Prince Charles refused to sit on The Iron Throne from the set of “Game of
Thrones”, true or false ? (FALSE) it was the Queen that refused.
3. Vietnam had its first MacDonald’s restaurant opened in February this year, true or false ?
(TRUE) Ho Chi Minh City
4. Which country hosted the 2014 Asian Games in October ?, was it South Korea or Vietnam ?
5. Which country won tennis’ Davis Cup for the first time in their history in 2014 ?, was it Vietnam
or Switzerland ? (SWITZERLAND)
6. The World’s largest cruise ship, ‘MS Oasis of the Seas’ docked in Southampton in October this
year, true or false ? (TRUE)
7. Which female TV presenter won the coveted “Rear of the Year” in 2014 ?, was it Amanda Holden
or Carol Vorderman ? (CAROL VORDERMAN)
8. Ed Sheeran won the Best Solo Male Artist category at the 2014 Brits, true or false ? (FALSE)
[it was David Bowie]
9. What part of the UK was granted minority status under European rules in 2014 ?, was it……
Cornwall or Scotland ? (CORNWALL)
10. Microsoft finally retired their software ‘EXCEL’ in April 2014 after 12 years of support, true or
false ? (FALSE) they retired XP.


Tie-Break:- How much was ‘Rick’s piano’ from the classic film ‘Casablanca’ sold for, earlier this
year ? (in dollars) ($3.4 million)

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