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Trivia Quiz Week 4 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 4 2015

1. Hot cross buns are traditionally eaten on what day ? (GOOD FRIDAY)
[the last Friday before Easter]
2. Kenickie, Sandy & Danny are all characters from which 70s film ? (GREASE)

3. In which TV drama would you find the Adensfield Arms ? (HEARTBEAT)

4. Which Scottish group is named after an American state ? (TEXAS)

5. ‘One Night In Bangkok’ & ‘I Know Him So Well’ both come from which musical ? (CHESS)

6. What does the acronym ‘NATO’ stand for ? (NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION)

7. According to the advert, how many Pringles make up a full-size stack ? (90)

8. What old board game has issued a new version which features characters & places from the film
Frozen ? (MONOPOLY)
9. Which musical features the character Alfred P. Doolittle ? (MY FAIR LADY)

10. What was John Lennon’s middle name after he changed it from Winston ? (ONO)

11. Which politician did Timothy Spall play in the 2011 film ‘The King’s Speech’ ? (CHURCHILL)

12. What type of computer ‘malware’ gets its name from an ancient Greek legend ? (TROJAN)
13. Named after an area of Yorkshire, which breed of terrier has a saddle-shaped black patch ?
14. Which 1990 film did Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon & Keifer Sutherland play medical students ?
15. What 10-letter word is used to describe a rendered image showing the features of its subject
in a simplified or exaggerated way ? (CARICATURE)
16. What gland controls the body’s metabolism ? (THYROID)

17. In 1957, Marilyn Monroe was the first woman to appear on the cover of which magazine ?
18. If you phoned up Mr Warburton for 31 baker’s dozen large sliced loaves, how many would you
get ? (403)
19. What US rock band takes its name from a specific amount of industrial pin-shaped fastenings of
a specific imperial length ? (NINE INCH NAILS)
20. If you work out the difference in score between the highest attainable single dart treble and
the lowest attainable single dart treble, then add the combined age of Ant & Dec, what is the
total ? (134)
Ant 38, Dec 39 = 77, plus the difference between highest single dart treble 60 and
lowest 3 = 57.
so therefore 77 + 57 = 134

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Which Hollywood actor was recently seen at an Italian Restaurant in Swinton (Salford) ?, was it
Bruce Willis, Robert Di Niro or Sylvester Stallone ? (SYLVESTER STALLONE)
2. Comedian, pub landlord Al Murray recently revealed plans to stand at this year’s General Election,
true or false ? (TRUE) ‘Free United Kingdom Party’ (FUKP)
3. Stevie Wonder played harmonica on the Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson song ‘Say Say Say’,
true or false ? (FALSE)
4. There are only 4 Butlin’s holiday parks still open in the UK, true or false ? (FALSE) only 3.
[Bognor Regis, Minehead, Skegness]
5. What thoroughfare in London’s West End is famous for computer & hi-fi retail outlets ?, is it…
Bond Street, Denmark Street or Tottenham Court Road ? (TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD)
6. Who was recently quoted as saying “I can’t live in a world where Ed Sheeran sells out Wembley
Stadium”, was it Liam or Noel Gallagher ? (NOEL)
7. Doctors recently discovered that singer Katie Melua had an insect lava living in her ear, true or
false ? (FALSE) it was a spider.
8. What board game originated in India and had the title ‘the ladder to salvation’ ?, was it Ludo,
Scrabble or Snakes & Ladders ? (SNAKES & LADDERS)
9. Tom Jones’s first US top 10 was a song called ‘What’s New Pussycat’, true or false ? (TRUE)
[according to US Billboard Book of Top 40 hits]
10. Only one footballer has scored a hat-trick in all 4 divisions of the English football league, the
F.A. Cup, League Cup and for his country, true or false ? (TRUE) Robert Earnshaw…see below
[in 2014 he moved from Blackpool FC to Chicago Fire in USA]
Premiership, West Brom vs Charlton, 19 March 2005
Division 1, Cardiff vs Gillingham (13 September 2003) and Nottingham Forest v Leicester City (5 December 2009)
Division 2, Cardiff vs QPR (29 November 2002) and Tranmere Rovers (14 March 2003)
Division 3, Cardiff vs Torquay United (2 December 2000)
FA Cup, Cardiff vs Bristol Rovers (19 November 2000)
League Cup, Cardiff vs Boston United (11 September 2002) and Leyton Orient (12 August 2003)
International, Wales vs Scotland (18 February 2004


Tie-Break:- How many brothers did the recently deceased Saudi King Abdulla have ? (45)

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