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Quiz Week 7 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 7 2015

1. A road splitting in two shares it’s name with which item of cutlery ? (FORK)

2. On TV, how is parental advisor Jo Frost better known ? (SUPERNANNY)

3. In the classic Johnny Cash song, how old was the boy named Sue when his Daddy left home ?
4. How many presidents are carved into Mount Rushmore ? (4)
[Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln]
5. In a court of law, the accused sits or stands in what enclosed space ? (THE DOCK)

6. First televised in the 60s, what TV programme started with the words ‘Ready, Steady’ …..?
7. Which female American singer sang the theme tune to the Bond film Goldeneye ?
8. How many human passengers are generally said to have been aboard Noah’s Ark ? (8)

9. Leerdammer is a semi-hard cheese from which country ? (NETHERLANDS)

10. In which country was the Muhammad Ali v George Foreman fight known as the ‘rumble in the
jungle’ ? (ZAIRE) Kinshasa [now the Democratic Republic of the Congo]
11. On a standard computer keyboard, the exclamation mark shares a key with what number ? (1)

12. Boxed, Kent Island, & Dorset are names given to what type of salt water creature ? (OYSTER)
13. In Scotland, the name of what type of knife can also refer to a person of loose morals, such as a
prostitute ? (DAGGER)
14. After leaving Eastenders, Barbara Windsor reinvented herself as the ‘Queen of Bingo’ for
which company ? (JACKPOT JOY)
15. What Elvis song has been an anthem for both Port Vale & Arsenal FC ? (THE WONDER OF YOU)

16. Which former model & TV presenter has announced she is moving into acting in Albert Square ?
17. The use of the generic terms such as VS and XO are used on bottles of which alcoholic spirit ?
(BRANDY or COGNAC) VSOP is also used.
18. Which TV chef married the American former model Juliette Norton in 2000 ?
19. According to the World Countries website, alphabetically, which country comes penultimate last
in Europe ? (UNITED KINGDOM) see list below.
20. What is the name of the system for finding things, by sending out pulses of radio waves which
are reflected off the object back to the source ? (RADAR)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. At the worldwide box office, what was the highest-grossing film of 2014 ? was it (A)-Lego the
Movie, (B)-Guardians of the Galaxy or (C)-Transformers, age of extinction ? (B) Guardians.
2. The main diet of the wild beaver is fish, true or false ? (FALSE)
[their main diet is trees]
3. Where was Mark Carney, the head of the Bank of England born ?, was it Australia, Canada, or
USA ? (CANADA) Fort Smith.
4. Southend pier in Essex is the longest pleasure pier in the world, true or false ? (TRUE)
[1.34 miles (2.16 km)]
5. In Morocco, Harira is usually eaten during dinner in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan to break
the fasting day, what is Harira ?, is it bread, fish or soup ? (SOUP)
6. The very first group to appear on Top Of The Pops 51 yrs ago (1964) was the Rolling Stones and
introduced by Jimmy Saville, true or false ? (TRUE)
7. Heavy metal singer Ian Kilmister is better known by what other name ?, is it Alice Cooper,
Axl Rose (Guns & Roses) or Lemmy (Motorhead) ? (LEMMY)
8. One of the key fruit ingredients in traditional Worcestershire Sauce are mangos, true or false ?
(FALSE) it’s tamarind.
9. Which country won the cricket World Cup for the first time in 1983 ?, was it India or Sri Lanka ?
10. Which of these people are characters in a Charles Dickens novel ?, is it Rosie Redbreast,
Fanny Schmeller or Dick Swiveller ? (DICK SWIVELLER)
[The Old Curiosity Shop]

Tie-Break:- Approx how many different known species of beetles are there in the world ?

last 4 European countries in alphabetical order…………….

United Kingdom
Vatican City

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