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Trivia Quiz Week 17 2015

1. In the film 101 Dalmatians, what type of creature was Sgt Tibbs ? (A CAT)

2. How many members were in the 80s pop group the Thompson Twins ? (3)

3. Alex Polizzi has which specific TV title ? (HOTEL INSPECTOR)

4. The name of which of the Marx brothers is the name of a US daytime talk show host, spelt
backwards ? (HARPO) Oprah.
5. Which actress played the love interest opposite Toby Maguire in the Spiderman films ?
6. Which mythical form of communication is used by both the Star Wars Jedi & the Star Trek
Vulcans ? (TELEPATHY)
7. With regards to the signs of the zodiac, what is the Latin translation of ‘the Maiden’ ? (VIRGO)

8. What letter is represented by 3 dashes in Morse code ? (O)

9. What PC is a blind taste-test that has served as a very successful marketing campaign since its
conception in 1975 by an American fizzy drinks company ? (THE PEPSI CHALLENGE)
10. Gopher wood is said to have been used to make which famous boat ? (NOAH’S ARK)

11. Dick Chaney served as Vice President under which president ? (GEORGE W. BUSH)

12. By what name does the tattooed villain go by in the Simpsons ? (SNAKE)
13. What 6-letter word is the Italian for disaster ? (FIASCO)
[Pelligrini has too many letters]
14. In an old TV ad, which lager were we urged to ‘follow the bear’ ? (HOFMEISTER)

15. Actor George Wendt plays Macaulay Culkin’s dad in which Michael Jackson music video ?
16. ‘Australia’s top magician’ is a cryptic alternative name for what classic film ? (WIZARD OF OZ)

17. Who is the only post-war player to have won a major trophy with both Manchester United AND
Manchester City ? (CARLOS TEVEZ)
18. In which film does Curt Russell play a former Special Forces soldier turned criminal, and is
recruited to retrieve the president in exchange for his own freedom ? (ESCAPE FROM N.Y.)
19. What is the name of the spice used to colour curry yellow ? (TURMERIC)

20. What was the name of the children’s comedy drama that ran from 1989 – 93 & followed the
everyday life of a bunch of kids who ran the school newspaper ? (PRESS GANG)
[Julia Sawalha & Dexter Fletcher]

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. The Da Vinci Code was the first Dan Brown novel to be published, true or false ? (FALSE)
[it was the Digital Fortress]
2. What type of creature is a shearwater ?, is it a bird, fish or butterfly ? (BIRD)

3. The Japanese firm Honda started making cars in the 1960s, true or false ? (TRUE)

4. Which of these 3 countries did women last win the vote on equal terms to men ? (A)-Australia,
(B)-Great Britain or (C)-Germany ? (B-GREAT BRITAIN)
5. Who is the youngest of these 3 people ?, the Queen, David Attenborough or Tony Bennett ?
(TONY BENNETT) they were all born in 1926. Queen-April, Attenborough-May, Bennett-August.
6. Which UK reality TV show was the most watched in 2014 ?, was it (A)-Great British Bake-Off,
(B)-I’m A Celebrity or (C)-X Factor ? (A-GREAT BRITISH BAKE-OFF)
7. George Michael had a cameo appearance in the film High Fidelity, true or false ? (FALSE)
[it was Bruce Springsteen]
8. 18th century artist George Stubbs is best known for his many paintings of which creatures ?, is it..
birds of paradise, race horses or British butterflies ? (HORSES)
9. The Australian name ‘Kylie’ is said to mean in Aboriginal language, ‘boomerang’, true or false ?
10. What came first, diet Coke or diet Pepsi ? (DIET PEPSI)
[diet Coke-1982. diet Pepsi-1964]

Tie-Break:- According to a National Geographic TV programme, what is the highest measured speed
of a peregrine falcon ? (in mph) (242 MPH)

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