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Trivia Quiz Week 18 2015

1. Which classic song opens with the line….’Never Can Say Goodbye’ ? (NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE)
[Jackson 5-1971, Gloria Gaynor-1974, Communards-1987]
2. Which London-born solo singer shares his name with a Yorkshire brewery ? (SAM SMITH)

3. What is the stage name of Paul & Barry Elliott ? (CHUCKLE BROTHERS)

4. How many children does Katie Price have ? (5)
[Harvey, Junior, Princess, Jett & Bunny]
5. In which 1990 film does Julia Roberts play the prostitute Vivian Ward ? (PRETTY WOMAN)

6. Which Liverpudlian group took their name from a story about a singer from the 50s going into
acting ? (FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD) Frank Sinatra.
7. Which office item is featured on the Pixar films logo ? (DESK LAMP)

8. Founded in 1968 in the USA, which company specialises in outdoor clothing & equipment such as
jackets, boots, tents & sleeping bags ? (THE NORTH FACE)
9. What was the name of the ranch in the TV series Dallas ? (SOUTHFORK)

10. What is the name of the award-winning chain of restaurants owned by the Raja brothers of
Bradford ? (EAST IS EAST)
11. In the 1999 film Wild Wild West, what was the surname of Will Smith’s character ? (WEST)
[Capt. James West]
12. Which 2 countries share the longest border in the world ? (CANADA & USA) [5,525 miles long]
13. What alcoholic drink had the advertising slogan…’anytime, anyplace, anywhere’ ? (MARTINI)

14. Keyboard player of the Klaxons James Righton is married to which famous actress ?
15. John Cusack, Jack Black, Tim Robbins, Catherine Zeta-Jones & Bruce Springsteen all appeared
in which 2000 film ? (HIGH FIDELITY)
16. What ‘ology’ is the scientific study of insects ? (ENTOMOLOGY)

17. Which 2 people have been announced as the new presenters of the X-Factor ?
18. Who won the ‘battle for No1’, when Oasis & Blur released singles at the same time in 1995 ?
(BLUR) [Country House–Blur. Roll With It-Oasis]
19. Running down the lower back through the buttock down to the lower limb, what is the longest
single nerve in the human body ? (SCIATIC NERVE)
20. Which British banknote featured Florence Nightingale for almost 20 years ? (£10)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. The German scientist who invented the mercury thermometer was called Thermos, true or false ?
(FALSE) it was Daniel Fahrenheit.
2. How many cities are there in Wales ? 2, 4 or 6 ? (6)
[Bangor, Cardiff, Newport, St Davids, St Asaph, Swansea]
3. John is the most popular name for Popes, true or false ? (TRUE) 23 so far.

4. How many planets in our solar system do not have moons ? 2, 4 or 6 ? (2) Mercury & Venus.

5. In Portugal you can be fined if caught driving whilst wearing flip-flops or not wearing a shirt, true
or false ? (TRUE) the motoring laws can fine drivers wearing flip-flops in excess of €200 (£160)
6. Which currency denomination was 1st introduced in February 1983 ?, was it £1 coin, £2 coin or
£50 note ? (£1) £2-1997, £50 note-1981.
7. After a petition gathered almost 17,000 signatures in March, what did Facebook remove from its
list of ‘feelings’ on status updates ?, was it (A)-fat, (B)-frigid or (C)-flabby ? (A-FAT)
8. Which music legend organised the ‘Concert for Bangladesh’ in 1971 ?, was it Bob Dylan, George
Harrison or Eric Clapton ? (GEORGE HARRISON)
9. First broadcast in 1953, the world’s longest running current affairs programme is Panorama, true
or false ? (TRUE)
10. When travelling to the UK from a country outside of the EU you can bring in any meat product
just as long as the item has been vacuum-packed & either cooked, cured or dried true or false ?


Tie-Break:- How many points did Nigel Mansell score during his F1 career ? (482)

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