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Trivia quiz Week 22 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 23 2015

1. Which country are the hosts of the 2015 FIFA Women’s Football World Cup ? (CANADA)

2. The ‘Smiler’ is a roller coaster ride at which English theme park ? (ALTON TOWERS)

3. What is the name given to a ripple effect caused by spectators standing up successively &
raising their arms ? (WAVE) Mexican.
4. Dr Who actress Jenna Coleman was recently seen at a polo game with which member of the
Royal family ? (PRINCE HARRY)
5. Which TV theme tune starts with the opening line ‘sunny days, sweeping the clouds away’ ?
6. How many legs does an ant have ? (6)

7. The island called the Azores is part of which country ? (PORTUGAL)

8. What is the highest mountain of the Himalayas ? (EVEREST)

9. According to an old Frank Sinatra song, what ‘goes together like a horse & carriage’ ?
10. Jarvis cocker sang ‘that she was born within an hour of him’, what was her name ? (DEBORAH)
[Disco 2000 – Pulp]
11. In Game of Thrones, what is the name of the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, located in the
Crownlands on the east coast of Westeros ? (KINGS LANDING)
12. What is the common brand name for the drug Diazepam ? (VALIUM)

13. Actress Dakota Johnson played the part of Anastasia Steele in which 2015 film ?
14. Leftover potato fried with cabbage & other veg is affectionately known as what ?
15. The Lakeland town of Bowness stands on which lake ? (WINDERMERE)

16. Which TV programme connects Robert De Niro, Vinnie Jones, David Bowie & Ben Stiller ?
(EXTRAS) Ricky Gervais.
17. In the USA, what is celebrated on the 2nd Feb and is also the title of a 1990s film ?
18. What is the Royal Air Force equivalent of the Royal Navy’s Commodore ? (AIR COMMODORE)

19. The music to the song ‘Barbara Streisand’ by Duck Sauce is based primarily on the sample of a
song called ‘Gotta Go Home’, who is this song by ? (BONEY M)
20. Money slang – If you were handed 3 individual payments of a ‘monkey’, a ‘pony’ & a ‘sov’, what
would the total amount be in normal UK ? (£526)
[monkey-£500, pony-£25, sov-£1]

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. In ancient Greek the word “idiot” meant anyone who wasn’t a god, true or false ? (FALSE)
[‘idiot’ meant anyone who wasn’t a politician]
2. In what decade was Abba the movie given a world premier ?, 70s, 80s or 90s ? (70s) 1977.

3. Nelson Mandela was not removed from the US terror watch list until he died, true or false ?
(FALSE) it was 2008.
4. In South Park, although rarely seen, what colour hair does Kenny have ?, blonde, brown or ginger ?
(BLONDE) according to the official South Park website.
5. All 4 members of the boyband Blue have now been declared bankrupt, true or false ? (TRUE)

6. In the world of wrestling, how is Terry Bollea better known ?, Hulk Hogan, Triple H or the
Undertaker ? (HULK HOGAN)
7. The UK hip-hop band, N-Dubz were originally going to be called ‘Hakuna Matata, true or false ?
(TRUE) the reason they didn’t was due to Disney’s copyright laws.
8. The line ‘Honey I shrunk the kids’ is never used in the film Honey I shrunk the kids, true or
false ? (TRUE)
9. In 1987, a heat wave killed over 1,000 people in Greece, true or false ? (TRUE)

10. New NHS figures reveal that which city is the UK’s booze capital ?, is it Lincoln, Newcastle or
Salford ? (SALFORD)
[the hospital admission rate for alcohol related disease or injuries per 100,000 population in the city was 1,754]

Tie-Break:- To the nearest million, how many cats are eaten in Asia every year ? (4 MILLION)

Trivia Quiz Week 22 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 22 2015

1. Which Animal-loving comedian, chat show host & ex drag queen has just turned 60 ?
2. Which old Disney film featured Fifer Pig, Fiddler Pig & Practical Pig ? (3 LITTLE PIGS) 1933

3. What 2004 TV comedy starring Matt Le Blanc was a spin-off of Friends ? (JOEY)

4. [FULL NAME] Who was the lead singer of the 60s pop group Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich ?
5. What footwear brand is also another name for a mountain lion ? (PUMA)

6. How many legs does a dragonfly have ? (6)

7. Which musician connects Nirvana, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers & the Foo Fighters ?
8. What French phrase do we use to describe a dish that is on the menu & priced individually ?
9. Who beat Susan Boyle in the Britain’s Got Talent final in 2009 ? (DIVERSITY)

10. During the 21st century, how many times has Arsenal played in the FA Cup Final ? (5)
see list below.
11. In which series of films did Bert Young play the part of Adrian Pennino’s brother Pauli ?
12. With a planet named after him, who was the Roman god of agriculture ? (SATURN)

13. The crest of which football club appears to be a tree standing in what looks like a river ?
14. What number would you have to multiply by itself to make 196 ? (14)

15. What name is given to the layer between the shell & the albumen of a hen’s egg ? (MEMBRANE)

16. In what country might you put your dong in your pocket for safekeeping ? (VIETNAM)

17. According to one of their advertising slogans, a dash of what brand name ‘makes all the
difference’ ? (LEA & PERRINS)
18. Which seaside resort is 20 miles west of Bodmin & 12 miles north of Truro in Cornwall ?
19. Where in the human body would you find the malleus, incus & stapes [pronounced stay-peas] ?
(EAR) they’re bones.
20. How many keys do most modern pianos have ? (88) 52 white, 36 black

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. The biggest-selling album of 2013 was by One Direction called, Midnight Memories true or false ?
2. Actor Johnny Depp recently got into trouble by not declaring his dogs at customs when he flew
into which country ?, was it Australia, Canada or China ? (AUSTRALIA)
3. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page played guitar on the 1981 Eurovision song winner ‘Making Your
Mind Up’ for Bucks Fizz, true or false ? (FALSE)
4. In 2006, the Chinese government introduced a tax on what ?, bicycles, chopsticks or teapots ?
5. Humans have only 5 senses, true or false ? (FALSE)
[balance, hunger, thirst, a sense that you are being watched]
6. Which is the largest British owned chocolate manufacturer in the country ?, is it Cadbury’s, Mars
or Thornton’s ? (THORNTON’S)
7. Jackie Chan was a stuntman in 3 of Bruce Lee’s films, true or false ? (TRUE)
[Fist Of Fury, Game Of Death, Enter The Dragon]
8. According to the Bible, the giant warrior Goliath was a member of which people ? was it the Jews,
the Philistines or the Samaritans ? (PHILISTINES)
9. The remains of a new species of dinosaur has been discovered in Mexico and has been named by
the scientists that discovered it as ‘Nigellasaurus’, true or false ? (FALSE)
10. In 2012, Rolling Stone magazine released a list of the top 500 albums of all time, how many
albums by the Beatles are in the top 10 ?, is it 2, 3 or 4 ? (4)
[White Album-10, Rubber Soul-5, Revolver—3, Sgt Peppers-1 ]


Tie-Break:- To the nearest thousand, how many crimes were committed & reported to the police
in London last year ? (700,000)



Manchester United

†0–0 Manchester United

†3–3 West Ham United

†1–0 *
Manchester United

Cardiff City



Manchester City
Stoke City


Wigan Athletic
Manchester City

†3–2 *
Hull City

Aston Villa

Trivia Quiz Week 21 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 21 2015

1. What word can go before time, coat, cast & the rainbow ? (OVER)

2. From what film were the characters Andy, Sid & Bullseye ? (TOY STORY)

3. How many letters appear twice in the word ‘millennium’ ? (4) M. I. L. N.

4. The US sit-com Frazier was a spin-off of which other TV US sit-com ? (CHEERS)

5. In what TV show did Essex-born actress Jane Leeves play the part of Mancunian Daphne Moon ?
6. How many legs does a ladybird have ? (6)

7. Which 1974 song by Terry Jacks was also a hit in 1999 for Westlife ?
8. Which of the Canary Islands are closest to the African continent ? (FUERTEVENTURA)

9. What do we call what the Americans call a morgue ? (MORTUARY)

10. Which toy, popular with adults & children shares its name with a brand of potato-based snack,
also popular with adults & children ? (HULA HOOPS)
11. Which author wrote the Jack Ryan series of spy novels ? (TOM CLANCY)

12. Which world leader did Prince Charles compare to Adolf Hitler earlier this year ?
13. Vodka, Galliano & orange juice are used to make up which classic cocktail ?
14. In the UK, which police rank is immediately above assistant chief constable ?
15. On which TV programme did Daphne Fowler appear from 2003 to 2014 ? (EGGHEADS)

16. An olfactometer is used to test which of the human senses ? (SMELL)

17. Which popular singer in the 50s & 60s was known as ‘the king of calypso’ ? (HARRY BELAFONTE)

18. The name of what rum shares its name with a mythical sea monster ? (KRAKEN)

19. Alan Sugar recently announced he is quitting which political party after 18yrs ? (LABOUR)
[due to its negative stance on business]
20. In Harry Potter, Garrick Ollivander owned a shop that sold what ? (WANDS)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. How many different species of ladybird are resident in the UK ?, 4, 6 or 46 ? (46)

2. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page played guitar on the Eurovision song, ‘Congratulations’ for Cliff
Richard, true or false ? (TRUE)
3. In which country was the Women’s Institute founded in 1897 ? was it Australia, Canada or
England ? (CANADA)
4. How many players made their Manchester United debut for the 1st team in the 2014-15 season ?,
was it 7, 14 or 21 ? (14)
5. In which decade did Sunderland become a city ?, was it 80s, 90s or 00s ? (1990s) 1992.

6. The 3 official languages of Haiti are Haitian, Creole & French, true or false ? (TRUE)

7. When it was launched in 1935, which chocolate bar was originally called Rowntree’s chocolate
crisp ?, was it Caramac, Kit Kat or Toffee Crisp ? (KIT KAT)
8. In the UK, a policeman’s warrant card number must coincide with the number on their shoulder,
true or false ? (FALSE)
9. The winter war from 1939 to 1940 was a military conflict between Russia & which other country ?
A-Germany, B-Finland, C-Poland, D-Sweden ? (B-FINLAND)
10. A 5-a-side football team that consists of staff from a restaurant in Rusholme has adopted the
name Real Madras, true or false ? (FALSE)

Tie-Break:- How much money did Gillette reportedly pay to be the official sponsor of the first
London Marathon in 1981 ? (£75,000)

Trivia Quiz Week 20 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 20 2015

1. Which river runs through the North-East city of Newcastle upon Tyne ? (RIVER TYNE)

2. How many sides of equal length has an Isosceles triangle ? (2)

3. Which Top Gear presenter hosts Blast Lab & Total Wipeout ? (RICHARD HAMMOND)

4. Which Blackpool Pleasure Beach ride shares its name with a large annual sporting event ?
5. What is believed to be the most common type of plant in the world ? (GRASS)

6. Which TV panel show captain and magazine editor is reputedly the most sued man in English legal
history ? (IAN HISLOP) editor of Private Eye.
7. How many novels make up the Harry Potter series ? (7)

8. Launched in 1999, what is the spin-off from Casualty ? (HOLBY CITY)

9. Which modern-day country was once known as Persia ? (IRAN)

10. How many cents in a dime ? (10)
[a dime is a 10 cent coin]
11. Biennial means every 2 years, how many years is ‘novennial’ ? (9)
[from late Latin novennis ‘nine years old’]
12. Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Hor-hey Mario Bergoleo) is better known by what title ? (THE POPE)
13. What US landmark would you find on Mount Lee ? (HOLLYWOOD SIGN)

14. In Greek mythology who fell from the sky due to the wax that bound the feathers on his false
wings had melted because he flew too close to the Sun ? (ICARUS)
15. Which famous theme park has been situated on the island of Isla Nubla since 1993 ?
16. In children’s TV, how are Tommy, Chucky & Angelica collectively known ? (RUGRATS)

17. The story of which King is the inspiration for the film ‘The King’s Speech’ ? (GEORGE VI) 6th.

18. Formula 1 Red Bull boss Christian Horner recently married which Spice Girl ?
19. On UK roads what colour are the rectangle signs that are used for directions on primary routes ?
20. On a standard dartboard, what is the lowest number that cannot be scored with a single dart ?
[treble 7 = 21. double 11 = 22]

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Who’s famous quote was ‘you’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.’, was it
Dean Martin, Keith Moon or Paul Gascoigne ? (DEAN MARTIN)
2. The upcoming film ‘Rogue One’ is a spin-off from what series of sci-fi films ?, Star Trek or Star
Wars ? (STAR WARS)
3. Which of your 5 fingernails grows fastest ?, is it A-thumb, B-index, C-middle, D-ring or E-little ?
4. Green party leader Natalie Bennett was born in which country ?, was it Australia, Canada or
5. The Shard in London is taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris, true or false ? (TRUE) by 7 m.
[Shard-308 m. Eiffel Tower-301 m]
6. Which comedy actor wrote the children’s book ‘Flanimals’ ?, was it David Walliams or Ricky
7. Which comedy actor was once in an 80s new romantic band called Seona Dancing ?, was it David
Walliams or Ricky Gervais ? (RICKY GERVAIS)
8. When Ben E King finished writing the classic song ‘Stand By Me’, he had only one group in mind to
record it but they refused, was it The Beatles, Drifters, or 4 Seasons ? (DRIFTERS)
9. Which football ground is situated nearest to the river Mersey ? is it Everton or Stockport
County ? (STOCKPORT)
10. Pigs are the only animal other than humans that can get sunburned, true or false ? (FALSE)
[Hippo’s, cats, dogs, horses even fish can get sunburned too]

Tie-Break:- Canadian Thomas Ahearn invented the first electric car (tram) heater in what year ? (1890)

Week 19 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 19 2015

1. What is the maiden name of the Duchess of Cambridge ? (MIDDLETON)

2. What colour is the children’s character Ivor the Engine ? (GREEN)

3. How many of Henry 8VIII’s wives did he divorce ? (2)
[Catherine of Aragon & Anne of Cleves]
4. In the Gloria Gaynor song ‘I Will Survive’, what 3 words follow the first 4 words ?
5. ‘The pride of Wales’ & ‘the Italian dragon’ are both nicknames associated with whom ?
6. Which comic character is always seen wearing a black & red striped jumper ?
7. “Are you staring at me ass, Jon Snow ?” is a famous line from which TV series ?
8. Which city is home the the football club Crystal Palace ? (LONDON) Selhurst Park.

9. What name connects a well known choreographer to Garfield the Cat’s girlfriend ? (ARLENE)

10. The name of which cocktail shares its name with a 1997 hit song ? (SEX ON THE BEACH)

11. Which North African country borders Algeria & Libya ? (TUNISIA)

12. What was the name of Dr Frankenstein’s hunchbacked assistant ? (IGOR) or Ygor.

13. In forensic science, what are characterised by patterns such as loops whorls & arches ?
14. What does sugar turn into at a temperature of 115 degrees Centigrade ? (CARAMEL)

15. In US politics, who was the 1st wife of the ‘President in office’ to appear before a Grand Jury ?
16. Sharing its name with a festive film, what is the lightest and possibly the smallest species of
owl ? (ELF OWL) weighs 1 ½ ozs.
17. Collectively who are Jayde, Meygan, Sasha & Yasmin ? (BRATZ) dolls.

18. If you are watching the Highlanders play in New Zealand, what team sport are you watching ?
(RUGBY) Union.
19. A laparotomy is a surgical procedure involving a large incision through which part of the body ?
(ABDOMEN) abdominal wall.
20. What 11-letter word is used when given to the transitional stage of physical & psychological
human development around the teenage years ? (ADOLESCENCE)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Oswald Copplepot is the real name of which Batman villain ?, is it the Joker, Penguin or the
Riddler ? (PENGUIN)
2. The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum was first of the Bourne series of books and was first
published in 1980, true or false ? (TRUE)
3. In which decade did the Russian unmanned spaceship ‘Luna 20’ land on the Moon ?, was it 60s,
70s or 80s ? (70s) 1972.
4. The egg, oil & lemon juice mixture called Mayonnaise originated in Spain, true or false ? (TRUE)

5. For how long did the Romans remain in England ?, (A)-267, (B)-367 or (C)-467 years ?
(B-367 YRS)
6. Dr Alzheimer of Germany first identified the disease Alzheimer’s, true or false ? (TRUE) 1906.

7. London born actor Peter Mayhew played which character in Star Wars ?, was it (A)-Chewbacca,
(B)-the Emperor or (C)-C-3PO ? (CHEWBACCA)
8. Most body heat is lost through the head, true or false ? (FALSE)
[only about 10% is lost through the head.]
9. Which name overtook Coca Cola in the mid-nineties as the most widely recognised brand in the
world ? was it McDonald’s or Manchester United ? (McDONALD’S)
10. Eating carrots regularly, can help some people see in the dark, true or false ? (FALSE)


Tie-Break:- How much money did Gillette reportedly pay to be the sponsor of the very first
London Marathon in 1981 ? (£75,000)

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