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Quiz Week 28 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 28 2015

1. The police recently found the body of a man floating in which Hollywood actresses swimming pool ?
2. Which surname is combined with ‘Whyte’ in the name of a Scottish whisky ? (MACKAY)

3. What word connects the 1st name of an old singer, the last name of a character in Friends and the
name of a search engine ? (BING)
4. What is the only digit in which the number of letters in its name matches the numbers value ?
(4) four.
5. What type of nuts are used to flavour marzipan ? (ALMOND)

6. In which James Bond film does Halle Berry emerge from the sea wearing an orange bikini ?
7. What word connects one of the Muppets, a posh hotel & the name of a salad ? (WALDORF)

8. What ‘chees’ is often used as a Chinese dessert ? (LYCHEES)
[it’s a fruit]
9. At which specific event did Essex-born Sally Gunnell win Olympic gold in 1992 ? (400m HURDLES)

10. Which wrestler played the part of ‘Thunderlips’ in Rocky III ? (HULK HOGAN)
[Terry Bollea]
11. With the mind-set that there are 7 continents, which is the world’s smallest continent ?
(AUSTRALIA) Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America.
12. What Kellogg’s cereal, still popular today, came with a free knitting pattern in the box in the
early 80s ? (SPECIAL K)
13. Which is the only foodstuff that doesn’t go off ? (HONEY)

14. Joseph Cyril Bamford is the founder of which heavy plant equipment manufacturing company,
specialising in excavators & diggers ? (JCB)
15. Which retail chain was founded as a penny bazaar in Leeds in 1884 ? (MARKS & SPENCER)

16. Nermal is a cat from which cartoon comic strip ? (GARFIELD)

17. Which artist painted the 1893 masterpiece ‘the Scream’ ? (EDVARD MUNCH)

18. Which kitchen appliance is always supplied with an item fitted called a magnetron ?
19. Pitchblende is an ore which is a source of radium and which other radioactive element ?
20. What is the only town in England with an exclamation mark after its name ? (WESTWARD HO!)
[it comes from Charles Kingsley’s 1855 novel Westward Ho!]

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. A chip shop in Scotland has been ordered by the local council to remove a banner which hails it as
the birthplace of the deep fried Mars bar, true or false ? (TRUE)
2. Who once famously said “beer is proof that god loves us & wants us to be happy”, was it Al Murray
Benjamin Franklin or Nigel Farage ? (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN)
3. In 1997 ‘Life Through A Lens’ was the debut solo album by Robbie Williams, true or false ? (TRUE)

4. The Morris Minor car, designed by Sir Alec Issigonis was launched in which decade of the 20th
century ?, was it the 40s, 50s or 60s ? (40s) 1948.
5. The Welsh equivalent of Leprechauns are called ‘Knackers’, true or false ? (TRUE)
[Also called Knockers, in Scotland they are Brownies & the USA they are called Tommyknockers]
6. The famous Prado museum is situated in which European city ?, is it Madrid, Rome or Prague ?
(MADRID) Spain.
7. The man credited with inventing the X-Ray machine was actually called Wilhelm Rontgen-Ray, true
or false ? (FALSE) it’s just Wilhelm Rontgen.
8. Which singer recently applied to trademark the lyrics ‘Party Like It’s 1989’ ?, was it Prince or
Taylor Swift ? (TAYLOR SWIFT)
9. In his career, actor Ian McShane has performed in every Shakespeare stage play, true or false ?
(FALSE) [only two]
10. NASA’s Space Shuttle programme has seen hundreds of flights by just 5 different shuttles,
what is the most recent shuttle name ?, A-Atlantis, B-Challenger, C-Colombia, D-Discovery or….
E-Endeavour ? (E-ENDEAVOUR) 2011.

Tie-Break:- In minutes, how long is the official running time of the film Avatar ? (162)

Trivia Quiz Week 27 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 27 2015

1. What colour is the lid on a Marmite jar ? (YELLOW)

2. How many permanent members were in the 80s band Tears For Fears ? (2)
[Roland Orzabal & Curt Smith]
3. What type of waves are used in microwave ovens ? (MICROWAVES)

4. What is the official bottled water of Wimbledon 2015 ? (EVIAN)

5. If your birthday is 21st July, what star sign do you have ? (CANCER)
[21st June – 22nd July]
6. How many legs do most caterpillars have ? (6)
[the others a called prolegs]
7. Other than humans, how many animals are represented in the signs of the zodiac ? (7)
[ram (Aries), bull (Taurus), crab (Scorpio), lion (Leo), scorpion (Scorpio), goat (Capricorn), fish (Pisces) ]
8. Since 1977, what fictional weapon has a blade that consists of pure plasma ? (LIGHTSABER)

9. What are Take That performing, on the front cover of the 2008 album Circus ?
10. How many pairs of ribs are in a normal human body ? (12)
[The terms true & false rib describe rib pairs that are directly or indirectly attached to the sternum]
11. What device produces the mix of petrol & air in an internal combustion engine ? (CARBURETTOR)

12. “Do you expect me to talk” ?, “no Mr Bond, I expect you to die” is a question & answer from
which film ? (GOLDFINGER)
13. What style of music was popularised by Glasgow-born singer Lonnie Donegan ? (SKIFFLE)

14. How many successive pots must a snooker player make to make a 147 break ? (36)
[15 reds, 15 blacks then the six colours]
15. In an orchestra, what is the smallest member of the flute family ? (PICCOLO)

16. In which English county is Windsor Castle ? (BERKSHIRE)

17. Which actor connects the films Spy Kids, Philadelphia, Shrek, Evita & SpongeBob ?
18. 2 days after they invaded Poland, Britain & which other country declared war on Germany ?
19. Which organ is attached to the first part of your large intestine, a narrow, muscular, worm-like
pouch, usually around nine centimetres long & has no known function ? (APPENDIX)
20. What name is given to a table of subsidiary matter at the end of a book or document ?

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. There are more doors than windows at Buckingham Palace, true or false ? (TRUE)
[1,514 doors, 760 windows]
2. In Celsius, what is the normal human body temperature ?, is it 37, 47 or 57 degrees ? (37)
[98.6 f]
3. Mars has 3 moons, true or false ? (FALSE) it has 2.
[Phobos & Deimos]
4. In the film E.T., which character was the first to say “ET phone home” ?, was it Gertie, Elliot or
the alien ? (GERTIE) Drew Barrymore.
5. Drinking a standard 330ml can of Coca Cola is the equivalent of eating 9 teaspoons of sugar, true
or false ? (TRUE)
6. How many times did Jimmy White get to the final of the Snooker World Championship ?, was it
4, 5 or 6 ? (6) 84, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94.
7. Actor Ian McShane’s father Harry was a professional footballer who played for Manchester Utd,
true or false ? (TRUE) he also played for Oldham A., Bolton W. & Blackburn R. in the 1950s.
8. How much is the Mercury Music Prize worth ?, is it £20,000, £40,000 or £60,000 ? (£20,000)

9. In Taoism, what is the name given to the spiritual leader ?, is it (A)-pope, (B)-sage, (C)-preacher
or (D)-monk ? (B-SAGE)
10. Which Monarch was the first to use Buckingham Palace as their home ?, was it Henry VIII,
Edward VIII or Queen Victoria ? (QUEEN VICTORIA) 1837.

Tie-Break:- How many places in Great Britain are called Newport ? (11)

Trivia Quiz Week 25 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 25 2015

1. Who has left the One Show to be the new presenter of Top Gear ? (CHRIS EVANS)

2. What month of the year is St George’s Day celebrated ? (APRIL)

3. What 3-letter word can mean a type of sleep or a fabric with texture ? (NAP)

4. A Jaeger bomb is typically made with a shot of Jagermeister dropped into a glass of what ?
(RED BULL) or any energy drink.
5. What 11-letter word can be a French dish and also the name of a Disney character ?
6. How many kings of England have been named George as their first name ? (6)

7. According to the proverb, what… a virtue ? (PATIENCE)

8. What was the first song released by Take That when they reformed in 2006 ? (PATIENCE)

9. What is the first name of the princess in the Disney film Beauty & the Beast ? (BELLE)

10. In what year did Ricky Hatton return to the ring after announcing his retirement 3 yrs earlier ?
11. How many times are netball players allowed to bounce the ball ? (ONCE)

12. On which side of the road do they drive in Japan ? (LEFT)

13. If you don’t believe in the conspiracy theory, how many astronauts have walked on the moon ?
(12) see list below.
14. What 8-letter word is often used to describe luxurious camping ? (GLAMPING)

15. From which children’s song would you hear the places Bombay, Hindustan & Mandalay ?
16. Which singer or group holds the record for the longest continual No1 single in the UK charts ?
(BRYAN ADAMS) everything I do.
17. According to the old gospel song about bones, ‘your head bone is connected to your neck bone,
what is your neck bone connected to ? (YOUR SHOULDER BONE)
18. The urethra [pronounced yooreetherer] connects the kidneys to which other organ ? (BLADDER)

19. Which TV comedy would you have seen the actors Christopher Biggins, David Jason, Patricia
Brake & Ronnie Barker ? (PORRIDGE)
20. How many UK cities begin with the letter ‘S’ ? (10)
[Salford, Salisbury, Sheffield, Southampton, St Albans, Stoke On Trent, Sunderland (England),
St Davids (Wales), Swansea (Wales), Sterling (Scotland]

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. The only anagram of the word graphically is calligraphy, true or false ? (TRUE)

2. In what decade did Marathon chocolate bar become Snickers ? was it 70s, 80s or 90s ? (90s)
3. The song ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana was inspired by a deodorant called ‘Teen Spirit’,
true or false ? (TRUE)
4. In the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan & South Korea, where was the final ?, Japan or S Korea ?
(JAPAN) Yokohama.
5. Of all the astronauts that landed on the moon, how many of them are still alive ?, is it 4, 6 or 8 ?
(8) see list below
6. The ‘paper’ currently used for Euro banknotes is in fact 100% pure cotton fibre, true or false ?
7. When was the dog license abolished in the UK ?, was it 70s, 80s or 90s ? (80s) 1987.

8. Meerkats are renowned for their ability to fight & kill venomous snakes, particularly the cobra,
true or false ? (FALSE) mongooses do that.
9. Which gas features predominantly in the Earth’s atmosphere, making up roughly 78% of dry air ?,
is it hydrogen, methane or nitrogen ? (NITROGEN)
10. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page played lead guitar on the Tom Jones No1 song ‘It’s Not
Unusual’, true or false ? (TRUE)

Tie-Break:- In the song ‘Vogue’ by Madonna, how many times is the word ‘Vogue’ used in the song ?

Astronauts – Walked on the Moon

Name Born Status Died Age
Neil Armstrong
8/5/1930 dead 8/25/2012 (82)
Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin
1/20/1930 alive 85
Charles “Pete” Conrad
6/2/1930 dead 7/8/1999 (69)
Alan Bean
3/15/1932 alive 83
Alan Shepard
11/18/1923 dead 7/21/1998 (74)
Edgar Mitchell
9/17/1930 alive 84
David Scott
6/6/1932 alive 83
James Irwin
3/17/1930 dead 8/8/1991 (61)
John Young
9/24/1930 alive 84
Charles Duke
10/3/1935 alive 79
Gene Cernan
3/14/1934 alive 81
Harrison Schmidtt
7/3/1935 alive 79

Trivia Quiz Week 26 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 26 2015

1. Who is the lead singer of the pop/rock band The Machine ? (FLORENCE) Welch.

2. Justin Fletcher, the star of children’s TV shows Something Special & Gigglebiz is better known
as who ? (MR TUMBLE)
3. The name of which traditional breakfast can also be used for serving a prison sentence ?
4. New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn were the follow-ups to what successful 2008 film ?
5. With a play on the word ‘Jaguar’, what nickname did Austen Powers use for the cars in his films ?
6. How many legs has a glow-worm ? (6)
[glow-worms are actually bioluminescent beetles]
7. How many times did actress Elizabeth Taylor get married ? (8)
[Conrad Hilton, Michael Wilding, Mike Todd, Eddie Fisher, Richard Burton (2) John Warner, Larry Fortensky]
8. In which story would you get to know Wendy, John & Michael Darling ? (PETER PAN)

9. Which BBC drama series follows the work of 3 previously retired policemen & their tough
female boss ? (NEW TRICKS)
10. Who plays mystery writer Jessica Fletcher in the TV series ‘Murder She Wrote’ ?
11. Which Swedish ‘Doctor’ had a UK top 10 hit single in 1992 ? (DR ALBAN)
[it’s my life]
12. Which type of shop had a sign outside displaying a brass ball at the top to show it had in stock
leeches for bloodletting and below, a sign displaying bloodied & clean bandages ? (BARBERS)
13. Which Hollywood sex symbol did RAF pilots get into, during World War II ? (MAE WEST)
[life jacket – vest]
14. What 6-letter word describes an elected governmental council in a communist country ?
15. Who did Annie Mac succeed as presenter of Radio 1s weekday evening show ? (ZANE LOWE)

16. Which spicy name connects an ex-Blue Peter presenter, an ex-politician, an English actor &
an ex-Olympic & World champion ? (CURRY) Mark, Edwina, Tim, John.
17. Which country did England knock out to reach the Women’s World Cup semi-final recently ?
18. In the cartoon ‘Rugrats’, what is the first name of the only character who is able to communicate
fluently with all the characters in the show ? (ANGELICA)
19. What is the minimum AND maximum age for jury service in the UK ? (18 & 70)

20. On his egg deliveries, farmer Sam sets off with 400 eggs, at his 1st delivery he drops off 5 doz,
at the 2nd, 12 doz & at the last one he delivers 15 doz, how many eggs does he take home ? (16)
[400 minus 384 = 16]

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. The first idea of a Parachute was created by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1515, true or false ? (TRUE)
[though credit for the invention of the 1st practical parachute usually goes to Sebastian Lenormand in 1783, da Vinci actually
conceived the idea a few hundred years earlier]
2. Ellison’s orange is a variety of which fruit ? an apple, a pear or an orange ? (APPLE)

3. Samuel L Jackson has starred in 7 of Quentin Tarantino directed films, true or false ? (FALSE)
[True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Django Unchained, Hateful Eight. he was only the narrator in Inglorious Basterds]
4. How many US Presidents have been assassinated whilst ‘in office’ (while president) ?, 2, 3 or 4 ?
(4) Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, Bill McKinley & JF Kennedy.
5. Which world famous music studio was given a grade 2 listed status in 2010 ?, was it Abbey Road,
Motown or Sun ? (ABBEY ROAD)
6. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page played guitar on the Kinks UK No1 ‘You Really Got Me’, true or
false ? (TRUE)
7. In the film Gremlins, what type of building do the heroes explode, killing off the majority of the
Gremlins ?, is it a cinema, a department store or a school ? (CINEMA)
8. In 1961, Vostok 1 was the first manned Soviet spacecraft to leave Earth, true or false ? (TRUE) [Yuri A. Gagarin, cosmonaut]
9. Which English nobleman founded the British Union of Fascists in 1932 ?, was it the Earl of
Stafford, Oswald Moseley or William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw) ? (OSWALD MOSELEY)
10. Adrian IV (4th) has been the only English Pope in history, true or false ? (TRUE)
[Pope Adrian IV, born Nicholas Breakspear, was Pope from 4 December 1154 to his death in 1159.
Adrian IV is the only Englishman to have occupied the papal throne]

Tie-Break:- How many people in England & Wales take part in jury service each year ? (178,000)

Trivia quiz Week 24 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 24 2015

1. Until March 2015, Zayn Malik was a member of which boyband ? (ONE DIRECTION)

2. In Batman, what was the villainous name of the district attorney Harvey Dent ? (2 FACE)

3. How many films were made of the Lord of the Rings trilogy ? (3)
[Fellowship of the rings, two Towers, Return of the King]
4. How many faces does the Big Ben clock tower have ? (4)

5. How many US presidents past & present are still alive ? (5)
[Obama, Bush Jr, Clinton, Bush Snr, Carter]
6. How many legs does a hummingbird hawk moth have ? (6)

7. How many sides has a heptagon ? (7)

8. In the world of fantasy/adventure, who is Prince Adam more commonly known ? (HE-MAN)

9. How many kings of England have been named Henry as their first name ? (9) see list below.

10. According to the proverb, what….favours the bold ? (FORTUNE)

11. In which cartoon series was there a bulldog called Spike & his son Tyke ? (TOM & JERRY)

12. Although spelled differently, what Chuck Berry song share’s it’s name with a current leading
cosmetics brand ? (MAYBELLINE)
13. What was the title of the film where Jamie Foxx played the part of a blind musician ? (RAY)

14. In what section of a symphony orchestra does the double bass fit ? (STRING SECTION)

15. In the Royal Navy, what rank comes between commodore & commander ? (CAPTAIN)

16. What French phrase has been adopted to describe something or someone who is radically
original or cutting edge ? (AVANTE GARDE)
17. What was the name of the woman who ran a flying school for women in the James Bond film
Goldfinger ? (PUSSY GALORE)
18. Formed in 2007, which folk-rock band, based in London features members Marcus, Ben,
Winston & Ted ? (MUMFORD & SONS)
19. What is the common name for a beer cocktail made from stout beer & white, sparkling wine,
traditionally champagne ? (BLACK VELVET)
20. ‘Mississippi In The Middle Of A Dry Spell’ is the opening line for which song from the 90s ?
(BLACK VELVET) Alannah Myles 1990.

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Who once famously said “The thing that’s wrong with the French is that they don’t have a word
for entrepreneur” was it Duncan Bannatyne, George Bush or Prince Phillip ? (GEORGE BUSH)
2. Which is largest, Anglesey, Isle of Man or Isle of Wight ? (ANGLESEY) 714 sq m
[Isle of Man-572 sq m. Isle of Wight-380 sq m]
3. Ants have the smallest brains amongst all 6-legged insects, true or false ? (FALSE) they have the largest
[Megaphragma mymaripenne is a microscopically sized wasp. At 200 micrometers in length, it is the 3rd smallest
insect comparable in size to single celled organisms]
4. Who died the youngest, Elvis Presley or Freddie Mercury ? (ELVIS) 42. Fred-45.

5. Mr Chicken was the last private resident of number 10 Downing Street, true or false ? (TRUE)
[He moved out in 1732, after King George II presented both houses to Sir Robert Walpole]
6. In history, what religion was first to use the yin-yang symbol, Buddhism or Taoism ? (TAOISM)

7. A mountaineer from the Netherlands once got to the summit of K2 then choked to death on a
lump of ice whilst trying to drink, true or false ? (FALSE)
8. In the human body, the juices secreted by the pancreas are what ?, (A)-acids or (B)-alkali’s ?
9. Astronaut Buzz Aldrins’ mother’s maiden name was Marion Moon, true or false ? (TRUE)

10. What is the collective name given for a group of beavers ?, is it a family, a colony or a fantasy ?
(FAMILY) or colony. both names are used.

Tie-Break:- Sir Bradley Wiggins recently broke the iconic hour record by completing a distance of
how many kilometres ? (54.526km) (33.88 miles).

Henry I of England r. (1100–1135)
Henry II Plantagenet of England r. (1154–1189)
Henry the Young King, junior king to Henry II, r. (1170-1183)
(Henry the Young King was the only crowned associate King in the history of England following the Norman conquest)
Henry III of England r. (1216–1272)
Henry IV of England r. (1399–1413)
Henry V of England r. (1413–1422)
Henry VI of England r. (1422 – 1461,1470–1471)
Henry VII of England r. (1485–1509)
Henry VIII of England r. (1509–1547)

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