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Trivia quiz Week 24 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 24 2015

1. Until March 2015, Zayn Malik was a member of which boyband ? (ONE DIRECTION)

2. In Batman, what was the villainous name of the district attorney Harvey Dent ? (2 FACE)

3. How many films were made of the Lord of the Rings trilogy ? (3)
[Fellowship of the rings, two Towers, Return of the King]
4. How many faces does the Big Ben clock tower have ? (4)

5. How many US presidents past & present are still alive ? (5)
[Obama, Bush Jr, Clinton, Bush Snr, Carter]
6. How many legs does a hummingbird hawk moth have ? (6)

7. How many sides has a heptagon ? (7)

8. In the world of fantasy/adventure, who is Prince Adam more commonly known ? (HE-MAN)

9. How many kings of England have been named Henry as their first name ? (9) see list below.

10. According to the proverb, what….favours the bold ? (FORTUNE)

11. In which cartoon series was there a bulldog called Spike & his son Tyke ? (TOM & JERRY)

12. Although spelled differently, what Chuck Berry song share’s it’s name with a current leading
cosmetics brand ? (MAYBELLINE)
13. What was the title of the film where Jamie Foxx played the part of a blind musician ? (RAY)

14. In what section of a symphony orchestra does the double bass fit ? (STRING SECTION)

15. In the Royal Navy, what rank comes between commodore & commander ? (CAPTAIN)

16. What French phrase has been adopted to describe something or someone who is radically
original or cutting edge ? (AVANTE GARDE)
17. What was the name of the woman who ran a flying school for women in the James Bond film
Goldfinger ? (PUSSY GALORE)
18. Formed in 2007, which folk-rock band, based in London features members Marcus, Ben,
Winston & Ted ? (MUMFORD & SONS)
19. What is the common name for a beer cocktail made from stout beer & white, sparkling wine,
traditionally champagne ? (BLACK VELVET)
20. ‘Mississippi In The Middle Of A Dry Spell’ is the opening line for which song from the 90s ?
(BLACK VELVET) Alannah Myles 1990.

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Who once famously said “The thing that’s wrong with the French is that they don’t have a word
for entrepreneur” was it Duncan Bannatyne, George Bush or Prince Phillip ? (GEORGE BUSH)
2. Which is largest, Anglesey, Isle of Man or Isle of Wight ? (ANGLESEY) 714 sq m
[Isle of Man-572 sq m. Isle of Wight-380 sq m]
3. Ants have the smallest brains amongst all 6-legged insects, true or false ? (FALSE) they have the largest
[Megaphragma mymaripenne is a microscopically sized wasp. At 200 micrometers in length, it is the 3rd smallest
insect comparable in size to single celled organisms]
4. Who died the youngest, Elvis Presley or Freddie Mercury ? (ELVIS) 42. Fred-45.

5. Mr Chicken was the last private resident of number 10 Downing Street, true or false ? (TRUE)
[He moved out in 1732, after King George II presented both houses to Sir Robert Walpole]
6. In history, what religion was first to use the yin-yang symbol, Buddhism or Taoism ? (TAOISM)

7. A mountaineer from the Netherlands once got to the summit of K2 then choked to death on a
lump of ice whilst trying to drink, true or false ? (FALSE)
8. In the human body, the juices secreted by the pancreas are what ?, (A)-acids or (B)-alkali’s ?
9. Astronaut Buzz Aldrins’ mother’s maiden name was Marion Moon, true or false ? (TRUE)

10. What is the collective name given for a group of beavers ?, is it a family, a colony or a fantasy ?
(FAMILY) or colony. both names are used.

Tie-Break:- Sir Bradley Wiggins recently broke the iconic hour record by completing a distance of
how many kilometres ? (54.526km) (33.88 miles).

Henry I of England r. (1100–1135)
Henry II Plantagenet of England r. (1154–1189)
Henry the Young King, junior king to Henry II, r. (1170-1183)
(Henry the Young King was the only crowned associate King in the history of England following the Norman conquest)
Henry III of England r. (1216–1272)
Henry IV of England r. (1399–1413)
Henry V of England r. (1413–1422)
Henry VI of England r. (1422 – 1461,1470–1471)
Henry VII of England r. (1485–1509)
Henry VIII of England r. (1509–1547)

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