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Trivia Quiz Week 31 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 31 2015

1. What group of girls had the names Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup ? (POWERPUFF GIRLS)

2. How many animals are featured in the phonetic alphabet ? (1) fox (in foxtrot)

3. Who is the 1st character to speak in the film Star Wars, A New Hope ? (C3PO)

4. How many permanent members were in the original TV series of the A Team ? (4)
[Hannibal Smith, BA Baracus, Templeton Peck, Howling Mad Murdock ]
5. The first own goal of the current Premiership season was scored by Kyle Walker of Spurs against
which club ? (MANCHESTER UNITED)
6. From which language does the word ‘alphabet’ originate ? (GREEK) alpha, beta.

7. Which American place is known as ‘the windy city’ ? (CHICAGO)

8. According to the UK Wildlife Trust, how many legs does a Daddy Long Legs have ? (6)
[in the UK a daddy long legs is known as a crane fly…..the other has 8 legs & is known as a harvestman]
9. Which children’s character has a wife called Sara & a son called Julian ? (POSTMAN PAT)

10. Which actress connects James Bond, the Avengers & Game of Thrones ? (DIANA RIGG)
[Tracy Bond-On Hers Majesty’s Secret Service, Emma Peel-Avengers, Olenna Tyrell-Game of Thrones]
11. Which vehicle manufacturer makes specific luxury cars for export to the USA ? (TOYOTA)
Luxury EXport for the USA. meaning Lexus.
12. ‘Put On Your Red Shoes And Dance The Blues’ is a lyric from which song title ? (LET’S DANCE)
[David Bowie]
13. What are the 2 official languages of the Olympic Games ? (ENGLISH & FRENCH)

14. What is the Italian word for motorway ? (AUTOSTRADE)

15. In terms of water that flows down it, which is the biggest river in the world ? (THE AMAZON)

16. What mythical group of women were thought to have lived in a part of modern-day Turkey near
the Black Sea & would have sex with men only once a year ? (AMAZONS)
17. What term describes the metabolic process which converts sugar to acids, gases or alcohol ?
18. What word prefixes the following to make 4 different words….habit, jury, stance & tense ? (IN)

19. What is the only place is it claimed that the Queen is prohibited by law from entering ?
20. In which film, set in the early 1900s does miss Gale run away from home with her pet dog and
meet up with a phoney fortune teller named Professor Marvel ? (WIZARD OF OZ)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Who released a single first ?, Elton John or Rod Stewart ? (ELTON JOHN)
[I’ve been loving you-1968, Rod’s 1st was reason to believe-1971]
2. In 2014, a bus in Bath is the 1st to be powered by human poo, true or false ? (TRUE)

3. A ‘Moscow mule’ cocktail contains the juice of which fresh fruit ?, is it lemon, lime or pineapple ?
4. Havana cigars are made in Cuba, true or false ? (TRUE)

5. Which of these 5 surnames are currently the most common in the UK ?, Black, Brown, Green,
White or Patel ? (BROWN) then Black, White, Green & way down the list at No 45 is Patel.
6. What has more calories, a large glass of white wine, a pint of lager or a chocolate covered custard
donut ? (WINE)-185. lager-180, donut-143.
7. Built in the 1930s, which city’s Metro system is famous for its stations decorated with fresco’s
& chandeliers ?, is it Moscow, Tokyo or Budapest ? (MOSCOW)
8. Which band spent more weeks in the UK singles chart than any other during the 1980s ?, was it
Madness, Spandau Ballet or Status Quo ? (MADNESS)
9. Gillingham is the most northerly town in Dorset, true or false ? (TRUE)
[there are 2 Gillingham’s, the one in Dorset is 5 miles north of Shaftsbury. the other is in Kent]
10. How many actors have played the spy character Jack Ryan ?, 2, 3 or 4 ? (4)
[Harrison Ford (clear & present danger), Alec Baldwin (hunt for red October), Ben Affleck
(sum of all fears), Chris Pine (shadow recruit)]

Tie-Break:- How many Lego bricks were produced in 2013 ? (560 BILLION)

Trivia Quiz Week 30 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 30 2015

1. 27yr old Kim Sears married which sportsman in April this year ? (ANDY MURRAY)

2. What TV drama features the character Jack Bauer ? (24)

3. How many seconds in quarter of an hour ? (900)

4. Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Johnny & Susan Storm are collectively known as which superheroes ?
5. J. Wellington were the first names of which cartoon character in Popeye the Sailorman ?
6. Who had a hit in 2013 with a song called ‘One Way Or Another’ ? (ONE DIRECTION)

7. If there are 7 songs on each side of a standard long playing vinyl album, how many grooves will it
have ? (2) one spiral groove on either side.
8. In the Edward Lear poem, the owl & the pussycat took what foodstuff with them on their boat ?
9. How many letters do contestants pick in a single game of Countdown ? (9)

10. In which James Bond film did actor Christopher Walken play the evil Max Zorin ?
11. Havana Club is a popular brand of which alcoholic drink ? (RUM)

12. Which Championship division football club’s crest features the face of an orange tiger ? (HULL CITY)
13. On American road signs, what word is usually used instead of ‘give way’ ? (YEALD)

14. Who was the lead guitarist in the rock band Led Zeppelin ? (JIMMY PAGE)

15. On a standard computer keyboard. which 2 keypads can you feel a raised line under the letter ?
(F & J)
16. S.B.U. are the initials used for what unusual type of transport ? (SELF BALANCING UNICYLE)

17. From which spy film does this famous line come, “I’m a bomb technician, if you see me running,
try to keep up” ? (THE SUM OF ALL FEARS)
18. By what name is political novelist Eric Blair better known ? (GEORGE ORWELL)

19. What recording medium, invented by Sony was thought to be set to replace the CD until the iPod
came along ? (MINIDISC)
20. If you add together the amount of letters in the modern Greek alphabet to 5 baker’s dozen then
deduct the toes on a camel, what is the total ? (81)
[alphabet-24, baker’s dozen-65 = 89 minus 8 (camel toes) = 81]

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. The dance ‘Salsa’ comes from the Spanish word for what ?, is it dance, sauce, sex or spice ?
2. The D river in Oregon, USA is the shortest river in the world at just 61 metres long, true or
false ? (FALSE) it’s the Roe river in Montana.
3. The Sheffield Shield is competed for in which sport ?, is it baseball, cricket, darts or hockey ?
(CRICKET) in Australia.
4. Before he became a Hollywood actor, Christopher Walken was once a circus lion tamer, true or
false ? (TRUE)
5. How many of these soft drinks are NOT made by Coca Cola ?, 7-Up, Fanta, Lilt, Sprite ? (1)
[7-Up, is made by Pepsi]
6. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page played guitar on the Petula Clark 60s No1 ‘Downtown’, true or
false ? (TRUE)
7. Who was the 1992/93 PFA Player of the Year, was it Alan shearer or Paul McGrath ?
(PAUL McGRATH) then with Aston Villa….Shearer was 94/95.
8. How many English clubs are listed in the Forbes top 20 richest football clubs in the world ?, is it
4, 6 or 8 ? (8) see list below.
9. Which 80s pop star wrote the 1991 Chesney Hawkes No1 hit, ‘The One & Only’ ?, was it Cyndi
Lauper, Midge Ure or Nik Kershaw ? (NIK KERSHAW)
10. The colour of the feathers on a robin’s breast is red, true or false ? (FALSE) orange.
[the word ‘orange’ as a colour was unknown in England until the 16th century, by which time the
fruit (orange) had been introduced]

Tie-Break:- In what year did the 5p coin shrink from 23mm in diameter to 18mm ? (1990)

Real Madrid
Manchester United
Bayern Munich
Man City
AC Milan
Inter Milan
Atletico Madrid
West Ham

Trivia Quiz Week 29 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 29 2015

1. What type of bird is Tweety Pie ? (CANARY)

2. What is advertised with the slogan ‘you either love it or hate it’ ? (MARMITE)

3. What 3-letter word connects Kilmer, McDermid & Doonican ? (VAL)

4. How many bails are on the pitch at the start of a game of cricket ? (4)

5. Who was recently criticised after singing the national anthem in a fake American accent at the
British F1 Grand Prix ? (ALISHA DIXON)
6. In the film Grease, what is the name of the car driven by the T-Birds ?
7. What was the title of the first James Bond film made ? (DR NO) 1962.

8. What colour is on the left of the French national flag ? (BLUE) blue, white, red.

9. What is the German word for motorway ? (AUTOBAHN)

10. How many different animals are mentioned in the Sound Of Music song ‘My Favourite Things’ ?
(5) kittens, ponies, geese, dog, bee, [but 6 if you include ‘geese that ‘FLY’ with the moon on their wings]
11. What is the last letter on the bottom row of letters on a standard computer keyboard ? (M)

12. Which Game of Thrones character is played by actress Maisie Williams ? (ARYA STARK)

13. In which decade of the 20th century was the first mobile phone call made ? (70s) 1973.
[3rd April, by Martin Cooper, by a senior engineer at Motorola, you got 30 minutes of talk-time & it took around 10 hours to charge]
14. What bird is the symbol of the RSPB ? (AVOCET)

15. Which of the dragons from dragons den moved to Italy to set up a glass & ceramics export
agency at the age of 19 ? (DEBORAH MEADEN)
16. What was the name of the ship that Captain Cook sailed from England to Australia ?
17. From which country did the children’s entertainers ‘The Wiggles’ originate ? (AUSTRALIA)

18. Which 6-letter word is often used in computing but is also used in science fiction as a technical
doorway that connects locations separated in space time ? (PORTAL)
19. What can be half of a particular vintage comedy duo, as well as a term used to describe a plant
that can remain outdoors all year round ? (HARDY)
20. In which film is a young solicitor named Arthur Kipps assigned a job sorting out the estate of
Alice Drablow, who owned Eel Marsh House in the North East of England ?
(THE WOMAN IN BLACK) 2012 Danielle Radcliffe.

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Which former Wimbledon tennis champion once said “my mum & dad were pretty lenient, probably
why my language is so bad on court”, was it Andy Murray or John McEnroe ? (ANDY MURRAY)
2. Who or what is Cassiel ?, is an alcoholic drink from Italy, a Dutch pop singer from the 80s or an
archangel from the Hebrew religion ? (ARCHANGEL)
3. The 70s dance classic ‘Band of Gold’ by Freda Payne, is it about a marriage, a divorce or a death ?
4. In 1996, a 23 yr old student called Melissa Johnson did a streak at the Wimbledon men’s singles
final, true or false ? (TRUE)
5. Which is the only UK No1 single from Michael Jackson’s Thriller album ?, was it Billie Jean,
Beat It or Thriller ? (BILLIE JEAN)
6. The singing duo Sonny & Cher were originally called Caesar & Cleo, true or false ? (TRUE)

7. According to figures in the Manchester Evening News, in Greater Manchester, you are more likely
to fail your driving test in Failsworth, true or false ? (TRUE)
8. How many legs does a lobster have ?, 6, 8 or 10 ? (10)
[8 walking legs & 2 claws which are true legs, that’s why they are called decapods]
9. According to the Australians, the collective name for a group of kangaroos is a mob, true or
false ? (TRUE)
10. Which Motown singer played drums on the Marvelettes original song ‘Please Mister Postman’ ?,
was it Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross or Jermaine Jackson ? (MARVIN GAYE)

Tie-Break:- Approximately how many miles long is the Khyber Pass ? (33) 53k
(is a route between Afghanistan & Pakistan)

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