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Trivia Quiz Week 29 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 29 2015

1. What type of bird is Tweety Pie ? (CANARY)

2. What is advertised with the slogan ‘you either love it or hate it’ ? (MARMITE)

3. What 3-letter word connects Kilmer, McDermid & Doonican ? (VAL)

4. How many bails are on the pitch at the start of a game of cricket ? (4)

5. Who was recently criticised after singing the national anthem in a fake American accent at the
British F1 Grand Prix ? (ALISHA DIXON)
6. In the film Grease, what is the name of the car driven by the T-Birds ?
7. What was the title of the first James Bond film made ? (DR NO) 1962.

8. What colour is on the left of the French national flag ? (BLUE) blue, white, red.

9. What is the German word for motorway ? (AUTOBAHN)

10. How many different animals are mentioned in the Sound Of Music song ‘My Favourite Things’ ?
(5) kittens, ponies, geese, dog, bee, [but 6 if you include ‘geese that ‘FLY’ with the moon on their wings]
11. What is the last letter on the bottom row of letters on a standard computer keyboard ? (M)

12. Which Game of Thrones character is played by actress Maisie Williams ? (ARYA STARK)

13. In which decade of the 20th century was the first mobile phone call made ? (70s) 1973.
[3rd April, by Martin Cooper, by a senior engineer at Motorola, you got 30 minutes of talk-time & it took around 10 hours to charge]
14. What bird is the symbol of the RSPB ? (AVOCET)

15. Which of the dragons from dragons den moved to Italy to set up a glass & ceramics export
agency at the age of 19 ? (DEBORAH MEADEN)
16. What was the name of the ship that Captain Cook sailed from England to Australia ?
17. From which country did the children’s entertainers ‘The Wiggles’ originate ? (AUSTRALIA)

18. Which 6-letter word is often used in computing but is also used in science fiction as a technical
doorway that connects locations separated in space time ? (PORTAL)
19. What can be half of a particular vintage comedy duo, as well as a term used to describe a plant
that can remain outdoors all year round ? (HARDY)
20. In which film is a young solicitor named Arthur Kipps assigned a job sorting out the estate of
Alice Drablow, who owned Eel Marsh House in the North East of England ?
(THE WOMAN IN BLACK) 2012 Danielle Radcliffe.

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Which former Wimbledon tennis champion once said “my mum & dad were pretty lenient, probably
why my language is so bad on court”, was it Andy Murray or John McEnroe ? (ANDY MURRAY)
2. Who or what is Cassiel ?, is an alcoholic drink from Italy, a Dutch pop singer from the 80s or an
archangel from the Hebrew religion ? (ARCHANGEL)
3. The 70s dance classic ‘Band of Gold’ by Freda Payne, is it about a marriage, a divorce or a death ?
4. In 1996, a 23 yr old student called Melissa Johnson did a streak at the Wimbledon men’s singles
final, true or false ? (TRUE)
5. Which is the only UK No1 single from Michael Jackson’s Thriller album ?, was it Billie Jean,
Beat It or Thriller ? (BILLIE JEAN)
6. The singing duo Sonny & Cher were originally called Caesar & Cleo, true or false ? (TRUE)

7. According to figures in the Manchester Evening News, in Greater Manchester, you are more likely
to fail your driving test in Failsworth, true or false ? (TRUE)
8. How many legs does a lobster have ?, 6, 8 or 10 ? (10)
[8 walking legs & 2 claws which are true legs, that’s why they are called decapods]
9. According to the Australians, the collective name for a group of kangaroos is a mob, true or
false ? (TRUE)
10. Which Motown singer played drums on the Marvelettes original song ‘Please Mister Postman’ ?,
was it Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross or Jermaine Jackson ? (MARVIN GAYE)

Tie-Break:- Approximately how many miles long is the Khyber Pass ? (33) 53k
(is a route between Afghanistan & Pakistan)

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