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Trivia Quiz Week 31 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 31 2015

1. What group of girls had the names Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup ? (POWERPUFF GIRLS)

2. How many animals are featured in the phonetic alphabet ? (1) fox (in foxtrot)

3. Who is the 1st character to speak in the film Star Wars, A New Hope ? (C3PO)

4. How many permanent members were in the original TV series of the A Team ? (4)
[Hannibal Smith, BA Baracus, Templeton Peck, Howling Mad Murdock ]
5. The first own goal of the current Premiership season was scored by Kyle Walker of Spurs against
which club ? (MANCHESTER UNITED)
6. From which language does the word ‘alphabet’ originate ? (GREEK) alpha, beta.

7. Which American place is known as ‘the windy city’ ? (CHICAGO)

8. According to the UK Wildlife Trust, how many legs does a Daddy Long Legs have ? (6)
[in the UK a daddy long legs is known as a crane fly…..the other has 8 legs & is known as a harvestman]
9. Which children’s character has a wife called Sara & a son called Julian ? (POSTMAN PAT)

10. Which actress connects James Bond, the Avengers & Game of Thrones ? (DIANA RIGG)
[Tracy Bond-On Hers Majesty’s Secret Service, Emma Peel-Avengers, Olenna Tyrell-Game of Thrones]
11. Which vehicle manufacturer makes specific luxury cars for export to the USA ? (TOYOTA)
Luxury EXport for the USA. meaning Lexus.
12. ‘Put On Your Red Shoes And Dance The Blues’ is a lyric from which song title ? (LET’S DANCE)
[David Bowie]
13. What are the 2 official languages of the Olympic Games ? (ENGLISH & FRENCH)

14. What is the Italian word for motorway ? (AUTOSTRADE)

15. In terms of water that flows down it, which is the biggest river in the world ? (THE AMAZON)

16. What mythical group of women were thought to have lived in a part of modern-day Turkey near
the Black Sea & would have sex with men only once a year ? (AMAZONS)
17. What term describes the metabolic process which converts sugar to acids, gases or alcohol ?
18. What word prefixes the following to make 4 different words….habit, jury, stance & tense ? (IN)

19. What is the only place is it claimed that the Queen is prohibited by law from entering ?
20. In which film, set in the early 1900s does miss Gale run away from home with her pet dog and
meet up with a phoney fortune teller named Professor Marvel ? (WIZARD OF OZ)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Who released a single first ?, Elton John or Rod Stewart ? (ELTON JOHN)
[I’ve been loving you-1968, Rod’s 1st was reason to believe-1971]
2. In 2014, a bus in Bath is the 1st to be powered by human poo, true or false ? (TRUE)

3. A ‘Moscow mule’ cocktail contains the juice of which fresh fruit ?, is it lemon, lime or pineapple ?
4. Havana cigars are made in Cuba, true or false ? (TRUE)

5. Which of these 5 surnames are currently the most common in the UK ?, Black, Brown, Green,
White or Patel ? (BROWN) then Black, White, Green & way down the list at No 45 is Patel.
6. What has more calories, a large glass of white wine, a pint of lager or a chocolate covered custard
donut ? (WINE)-185. lager-180, donut-143.
7. Built in the 1930s, which city’s Metro system is famous for its stations decorated with fresco’s
& chandeliers ?, is it Moscow, Tokyo or Budapest ? (MOSCOW)
8. Which band spent more weeks in the UK singles chart than any other during the 1980s ?, was it
Madness, Spandau Ballet or Status Quo ? (MADNESS)
9. Gillingham is the most northerly town in Dorset, true or false ? (TRUE)
[there are 2 Gillingham’s, the one in Dorset is 5 miles north of Shaftsbury. the other is in Kent]
10. How many actors have played the spy character Jack Ryan ?, 2, 3 or 4 ? (4)
[Harrison Ford (clear & present danger), Alec Baldwin (hunt for red October), Ben Affleck
(sum of all fears), Chris Pine (shadow recruit)]

Tie-Break:- How many Lego bricks were produced in 2013 ? (560 BILLION)

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