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Trivia Quiz Week 33 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 33 2015

1. What type of plant is the main ingredient in the use of making rice pudding ? (RICE)

2. What word connects a dog and the outer layer of a tree ? (BARK)

3. Which planet in our solar system is known as the blue planet ? (EARTH)

4. Which Disney film is based on the Hans Christian Andersen story ‘The Snow Queen’ ? (FROZEN)

5. Which Jamaican recently won the 100m sprint at the Beijing World Athletics ? (USAIN BOLT)

6. How many legs does a competition snooker table stand on ? (8)

7. In which English county would you visit Oulton Park ? (CHESHIRE)
[Little Budworth]
8. Which character from the Muppet Show shares his name with a glass or plastic measuring cup ?
9. John Wilkes Booth assassinated which political leader ? (ABRAHAM LINCOLN)

10. If a snail climbed up a wall at a steady rate of 3 feet per day but slipped down 2 feet every
night, how many days would it take him to reach the top ? (10 DAYS)
11. Which singer’s 1971 album entitled ‘What’s Going On’ is rarely omitted from any serious list of
top 10 best albums of all time ? (MARVIN GAYE)
12. Which Mediterranean island was awarded the George Cross in 1942 ? (MALTA)

13. According to the pirate song, how many men were on a dead man’s chest ? (15)

14. Which London borough is famous for the Jack the Ripper murders ? (WHITECHAPEL)

15. What cinema chain was named after the Greek word for theatre ? (ODEON)

16. Which famous wrestler was sacked in July from the WWE for allegedly using racist comments ?
(HULK HOGAN) Terry Bollea.
17. Bill, Pat, Jon, Thomas, Pete, Colin, which name comes next in sequence ? (SYLVESTER) McCoy.
[William, Patrick, Jon, Tom, Peter, Colin are 1st names of the 1st names of Dr Who actors]
18. The term….‘Whatever Can Happen, Will Happen’ is related to who’s law ? (MURPHY’S LAW)

19. Made between 1972 & 1994, which model of car made by Ford shares it’s name with a Spanish
city ? (GRANADA)
20. What 5-letter word would score 14 points in Scrabble, and might mean ‘well-informed’ and also
‘to posses common sense’ ? (SAVVY)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. The vehicle number plate VIP 1 is owned by the Vatican for the Popemobile, true or false
(FALSE) it is now owned by Roman Abramovich.
2. What is found on the flag of Rwanda ? is it the letter ‘R’, an assault rifle or the sun ? (SUN)
[the letter R was until 2001]
3. Paul McCartney offered the song ‘Yesterday’ to Cilla Black but she turned it down because she
didn’t like it, true or false ? (FALSE)
4. What is the German word for lightening ? is it Blitz or lightening ? (BLITZ)

5. At which historic event did Mount Vesuvius last erupt ? Battle of Waterloo, WW II or the 1966
World Cup ? (WORLD WAR II) 1944.
6. Giraffes can swim, true or false ? (FALSE)

7. King James, Bishops & Great are just 3 different types of what ?, beers, bibles or potatoes ?
8. What do the English use for the Portuguese name Raul ? is it Paul or Ralph ? (RALPH)
[Paul is Pablo]
9. McFly singer Tom Fletcher is the grandson of Herman’s Hermits singer Peter Noone, true or
false ? (FALSE)
10. Which Roman Emperor had the original St Valentine put to death for defying the rule forbidding
young soldiers from marrying ?, A-Claudius I, B-Claudius II, C-Claudius III or Claudius IV ?

Tie-Break:- According to statistics, of the 2.4 million deaths in the US each year,
to the nearest number, how many are credited to nosebleeds ?

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