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Trivia Quiz Week 39 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 39 2015

1. What colour trousers do the Smurfs wear ? (WHITE)

2. In the Bible, how many of each kind of animal is Moses said to have taken onto the Ark ? (0)
[it was Noah, not Moses]
3. Which chocolate confectionary is advertised as ‘full of eastern promise’ ? (TURKISH DELIGHT)

4. What 4-letter word is used for the device that protects an electric circuit from becoming
overloaded ? (FUSE)
5. In cricket, how many runs are scored when the ball hits a helmet left on the ground by a fielder ?
6. Which great traveller connects the films the Life Of Brian & Around the World in 80 Days ?
7. Which 1970s Scottish band have announced a comeback Christmas tour & album after a 40 year
8. Which company uses an American song from the 1st World War in their adverts ? (GO COMPARE)
[‘Over There’ by George M. Cohan]
9. In geometry, what name is given to a shape with 4 sides of equal length & with 4 equal angles ?
10. What word connects a form of dance with an item for what the Americans call a faucet ?
11. In what popular BBC TV series does actor Larry Lamb play a character called Ted Case ?
12. In the Pentagon & the White House, the initials NSA are used for which organisation ?
13. What is the one-word title of the Beatles’ 1996 music collection ? (ANTHOLOGY)

14. In 2005, who became Arsenal’s top goal scorer ? (THIERRY HENRY)

15. Mark Sampson is the head coach of which national football team ? (ENGLAND LADIES)

16. Which holiday island got its independence from Great Britain in August 1960 ? (CYPRUS)

17. One of the most popular books of its type, ‘Windows for Dummies’ was first published in what
decade ? (2000s) 2001.
18. Which foodstuff has varieties called beef, cherry & plum ? (TOMATO)

19. What crystalline organic substance with local anaesthetic qualities is, in its natural form
extracted from peppermint oil ? (MENTHOL)
20. Which 1975 Broadway musical was set in Chicago ? (CHICAGO)

Killer Round
1. Dr Simon Campbell oversaw the development of which drug ?, was it the birth pill or Viagra ?
2. The pop group Hot Chocolate is the only English band that had a song in the charts in every
year of the 70s, true or false ? (TRUE)
3. Sun Records, that discovered Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison & Johnny Cash was originally based in
which Tennessee city ?, Memphis or Nashville ? (MEMPHIS) now in Nashville.
4. Up until 2003, the Archbishop of Manila in the Philippines was called ‘Cardinal Sin’, true or false ? (TRUE) Jaime Lachica Sin
5. ‘Viva Glam’ is a new range of cosmetics promoted by which singer ?, is it Christina Aguilera, Miley
Cyrus or Shakira ? (MILEY CYRUS)
6. Kite-flying is a professional sport in Thailand, true or false ? (TRUE)

7. What is the most popular name for a bitch dog in the UK ?, is it Bella, Poppy or Ruby ? (BELLA)

8. In Australia there is a deadly stinging plant that goes by the name ‘gympie-gympie’, true or false ?
9. Which of these actors did NOT appear in the 2010 film adaption of Alice in Wonderland ? was it…
(A-Stephen Fry, (B)-Ralph Fiennes, (C)-Matt Lucas or (D)-Johnny Depp ? (B-RALPH FIENNES)
10. The 1st ever televised interracial kiss was in Star Trek between Captain Kirk & Uhura, true or
false ? (FALSE) it’s a popular myth.
[it was between Nancy Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jr, just a few months earlier]

Tie-Break:- to the nearest thousand, how many sets of twins are born in the UK every year ?

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