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The first record I ever played was ‘You’ve lost that loving feeling’ by the Righteous Brothers in 1965, which was at All Saints junior school youth club in Wardley, Swinton when I was 13 years old. (the school has now closed down), my sister Christina was the youth club committee treasurer and came home to ask if the club could borrow my records because the girl that usually played them was poorly so I said yes but only if I could play them myself, that’s how it started.

In 1969 I went on to Cromwell Road youth club in Salford from an invite by Gary Jackson who I became friends with while we both worked at Pilkington’s Tiles factory in Swinton.
All the equipment he used at the youth club was a real eye-opener for me because Gary worked with twin decks and a microphone, I learned a lot from Gary in the early days, which song I should play after another and timing had to be perfect.

As a professional DJ, I started in 1973 at the Wishing Well Club in Swinton (now closed but not my fault) and was resident DJ there for almost 8 years. punk, rock & roll, Bowie/Roxy, Northern Soul, funk and disco were regular weekly nights there, the Change, the Fast Cars and the Salford Jets (Mike Sweeney). which were top local punk/new wave bands at the time, and with which I still work occasionally.

While I was at the club I broke the existing record of 74 hours for playing music non-stop held by Piccadilly Radio’s Roger Day by almost 30 hours, (I think that record still stands) I started the DJ marathon on Wednesday night at 7pm and finished it at midnight on Sunday, a total of 101 hours – 4 ½ days. (knackering) but with the help of some of the regulars Bryan Jary and Colin Meek somehow I managed it, raising money for a local school for for kids with special needs.

When I left the Wishing Well the natural step was to go mobile and do weddings, birthdays etc I bought my own very basic disco equipment which consisted of a set of twin decks (BSR turntables, they were better than Garrard), a pair of speakers, and a box of coloured light bulbs that looked like traffic lights, again with the help of Gary Jackson then with Colin Meek we made the grade and I started to make a name for myself.
I travelled mainly around the local area starting with the Bull’s Head in Walkden (closed down then turned into JD Wetherspoon) but still not my fault !!).
That was my first pub residency.

But my sights were set on doing private functions like weddings, birthdays etc. So I bought an old Transit van from fellow DJ Paul King (RIP) and had to hire a couple of roadies as I was buying more equipment.

I have worked in the most glamorous places in the North West, the best hotels and the poshest houses working regularly for the ‘Cheshire Set’ and even a mansion but I’ve also worked in the worst places too but I won’t name any, it was all a learning curve.

When I get asked “what is your favourite type of music” ? I usually reply with… “anything that’s good”, but I’m partial to 60’s/70’s music,
soul/northern, Motown, Beatles, Steely Dan, and the Eagles with some 70s/80s rock thrown in.

The Beatles are my favourite band of all time followed closely by Steely Dan but as far as mobile work is concerned, I wouldn’t be able to play them so I leave that music for my home and my car.

When Freddie Garrity (Freddie & The Dreamers) died, a benefit was organised for his widow Christine and I was asked by my good friend Diccon Hubbard to DJ and co-compere for the evening with another good friend of mine Fred Fielder, again at the Willows Variety Centre in Salford (now closed but not my fault !)

I was also a regular guest on Piccadilly Radio 261 with Roger Day and the odd time with Mike Shaft, also a guest on Kiss FM in the 90s with David Dunne and more recently with Fred Fielder on Manchester Radio. I tried my hand with my own show on hospital Radio Metro at Leigh Infirmary for a few years but didn’t like it much. I always liked the interaction with people, you don’t get that on radio and anyway you have to be very careful what type of songs you play to the patients depending on why they are in there in the first place, for instance songs like ‘Stairway To Heaven’ and Frank Sinatra’s song ‘My Way’ was banned (the fist line is….’and now the end is near’) so I didn’t last long doing that.

During this time, I started as DJ & compere for City Venues in Salford working at Buille Hill Park Salford, Lancastrian Halls Swinton (closed, not my fault), Worsley Court House and as the regular DJ/compere at the Pembroke Halls Walkden (closed, not my fault…..honest) with the likes of Mike Sweeney & the Thunderbyrds, Stax of Soul, Edwin Starr and great local bands like Souled as Seen featuring Larry Edwards (RIP) and his Daughter Lareena, Jazz Amiga plus loads of other top acts like the Searchers, The Love Affair, Tremeloes and The Bay City Rollers, Sweet Chariot, Reg Coates Experience, Sweet Sensation & Odyssey.

I was happy with these venues and was making quite a big name for myself and the phone calls kept coming in, I was so busy that I asked a few of my DJ friends to help out with the work, I then decided to form my own entertainments agency Celebration Disco’s (closed…….now that WAS my fault !) at it’s height the business had about 70 DJs and Karaoke Presenters on my books which I supplied to pubs, clubs and private functions all around the North West and even further afield like Leeds, Birmingham, Blackpool and I even sent a DJ to France every Christmas & New Year’s Eve.

Celebration Disco’s lasted about 5 years up to 2000 and after a lot of hard work and a little help from Fellow DJ’s and good friends Tony Thomas (RIP) and Steve Sale, the business was beginning to bare fruit when everything went pear-shaped and I was diagnosed with bowel cancer, that’s when my future was temporarily put on hold and had to stop working.
While I was in hospital my sister Mona closed the business as she didn’t think I would be able to work again for a while, she was right.

I think the pressure and stress would have been too great at the time, I wasn’t mentally or physically in the best of health.

I was also financially in a mess with bills and growing debt and because I was self employed I couldn’t get any sick pay or benefits, so in 2001 my good friends Diccon Hubbard (Bullet Management) and Steve James (Shout Promotions) stepped in and organised a benefit concert for me at the Willows Variety Centre in Salford,(now closed) it was fantastic, the entertainment line up for the night was….

Boy to One (local boyband)
Herman’s Hermits
Mike Sweeney & the Thunderbyrds
Johnny Logan (3 times Eurovision Song Contest winner)
Souled as Seen with Larry Edwards and his daughter Lareena from TV’s ‘The Voice’
Stax of Soul
Siouxie Dee (DJ & good friend)

and Mike Sherrard (compere)

None of the acts would accept any money and with the profits of the concert all my bills were paid off…..I cannot thank everyone that was involved enough.

16 years on, I’ve fought the disease and after being given the all-clear 6 years after the original diagnosis and a couple of operations I feel very luck to be still here.

Now I’m doing pub quizzes and the odd soul, Motown and 70s nights (for free beer of course!).

So if any manager or licensee wants me to do a disco or quiz for them, BE CAREFUL, COS I MIGHT CLOSE YOU DOWN !!!!!!!!

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  1. Capt David Mark Arends said:

    Hello Mike I think I know you i used to work at the Cattle Market in Salford it was called the Scene disco in them days I did bar work and the DJ when the regular didn’t turn up i was sometimes drafted in to the Wishing well on busy nights the guy who owned em was called Ken Leary I used to drive him round in his Rolls Royce my mum owned the sweet shop next door to the wishing well,memory a bit sketchy now they were good times though regards David

  2. Robert Barry Newton said:

    Brings back memory’s of the late 70’s, great days to be had by many.I regularly frequented the Wishing Well, Lancastrian Hall,and up to the Duke of Wellington on the top Road.I had the pleasure of knowing personally one of your friends Fred Fielder alias Chunky, he was Dj at my Wedding of which I’m now divorced of which is not his fault.When we went up to the welly Mike Sweeter was Dj there and also performed as the Salford Jets best wishes a fan of the good days

  3. William Ainsworth said:

    Mike Prince and The Wishing Well were a big part of my teenage years. Just hearing the name brings back so many memories. I even met my first wife there (now that was your fault Mike).

  4. David Dunne said:

    Mike, you were the reason I became a DJ – simple as that. Your Under 18’s nights at the Wishing Well were the first club nights I ever went to and I still love many of the songs I heard you play there for the first time. I was an absolute spod and used to spend most of the night stood next to the DJ Box watching you work and trying to figure out how you did it. I’d also spend most of my pocket money on records that you had played there.
    Myself and Dave Booth – an esteemed Manchester DJ – were both huge fans and I still remember the day we got you to come into my daytime show on Kiss 102 to surprise him. I’ve only just come across this blog and I’m very sorry to hear you were ill. I hope all is well with you and I still owe you a huge debt of gratitude for inspiring me all those years ago.

    David Dunne

    • Thanks for your really nice comments Dave I’m really touched, I didn’t realise I had that much influence on peoples lives.
      By the way I still buy records and play them at my soul nights, I’m sure you agree that vinyl is much superior than other formats.
      I hope you are ok and still working as a DJ ?

  5. Robert Hodgson said:

    Mike, Tuesday nights in WH are great, but play more Northern Soul. RH

  6. Danny Watt said:

    Coming to Walkden again tomorrow (Friday 6th May). Last time we were there we asked for Mario Biondi – “This is what you are”.
    Either you or Trevor said you’d try and get it for this next gig. Hope you managed to find it for us. Hope you see this in time.
    See you tomorrow.

  7. Danny Watt said:

    Soul night at Walkden Labour club Friday 1st April was brilliant..
    For a first night it attracted a pretty good crowd as well.
    Hope it goes from strength to strength.
    DJ’s Mike, Trevor & Dave put on a great set of choons.
    All the best


  8. sharon mason said:

    great to see that the rumours i heard that you were well again and back working are true
    you were dj at my wedding (in preston,june 94) and at my best friends wedding (worsley court house july 93)
    you were the best

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